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Extending Your Services Offering with Managed Print Services

At LMI, we understand the complexities that printing, document management and work flow solutions have created in the IT environment. Along with these complexities, opportunities have been created to offer additional high value managed services to your clients. Based on our experience we have developed a proven business methodology, processes and technologies that provide everything needed to achieve immediate long term success in launching, building and evolving a Managed Print Services offering to your business.

LMI's consultative team is ready to support your technical resources address: reducing output, secure print, increase printer uptime, monitor supplies and maintenance issues process simplification, applications and device consolidation. We are there with you from current state assessments through future state deployment bringing your vision to life. LMI's technical resources work with you to solve the challenges of business output and work flow and will be there to support your future technical requirements.

LMI's Methodology:

LMI's assessment is an in-depth analytical consulting engagement focusing on your customers' organizational output. The assessment includes technology usage, selection, placement, service and support. Its overall objective is to optimize end-user productivity, minimize any environmental impact, and minimize Total Cost of Ownership in order to maximize the Return On Investment.

The key objective of LMI's assessment is to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your device infrastructure operations and management – printing, scanning, copying, and faxing capabilities – to better align the capabilities with your customers' organizational needs.

This consultative engagement is designed to deliver in-depth analysis of multiple areas in the office print environment. Among the issues examined are the number of devices, their location and their associated costs, including acquisition, installation, color usage, support, utilization, maintenance, consumables expenses and environmental impact. Both the present state and desired future state of the output environment are explored in detail.

LMI's consultants can support you by:

• Translating the value of managed print services, processes and technology
• Serving as an IT liaison to your IT resources
• Optimizing the use of print and output solution technologies
• Supporting the use and management of print solutions with end user training & support, help desk, and operations support
MPS Cost Reduction