Our technical training programs are designed to ensure your printer service technicians are knowledgeable, efficient and cost effective in the field. Program graduates will be able to avoid common guesswork when servicing printers allowing them to save you and your customers time and money.

Graduates will be able to:

  • Diagnose printer issues
  • Reduce service call times
  • Order the appropriate parts (if/when needed)
  • Reduce repeat service calls
  • Improve customer satisfaction


Training Schedule At-A-Glance

Aug Printer Service dates
* designates new models 

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Monday, Lexmark:
MS810/MS811/MS812, MS710 & MS711 with a newer design and technology are the replacements for the older T650/T652/T654.

Tuesday, HP: M607/M608/M609 are current models and a very different unit from their predecessors the M604/M604/M606.

The LMI training program is delivered by Parts Now service professionals with a hands-on approach ( 1 printer per every two students), so your people can truly understand each device. Upon completion, techs will be able to service 95% of the problems they encounter in the field.

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Stop your techs from guessing at printer repairs that cost you time and money.

Monday & Tuesday Classes are standard courses designed for newer techs focusing on fundamentals and trouble-shooting, common break fix info. Two students, hands-on per printer. Experienced techs welcome.

Advanced Level Monochrome Course is designed for seasoned, trained techs with 3 plus years field experience Models include: HP P3015/P3005, LJ4250/4350, P4015/P4014/P4515 and M601/M602/M603, M604/M605/M606

Advanced Level Color Course - this 2 day course is designed for techs with 3 plus years field experience Models include: HP CLJ4700/CP4005, CP4025/CP4525/M651, CP3525/M551

Training held by LMI Solutions at Parts Now in Madison,WI. Travel info such as hotels, start times, along with online prerequisites provided after the completion of the order.