MPS Business Preparation

MPS Business Preparation

• Executive Strategy & Goal Setting Session
• Software Training
• Supplies Management
• Service Management
Target Market Analysis

Selling MPS

• Target Market Analysis
• Sales Training
• Marketing
• Compensation
Fulfilling MPS Contracts

Fulfilling MPS Contracts

• Contract Options
• Print Assessment Training
• Program Launch/Relaunch
Sustaining Dealer Performance

Sustaining Dealer Performance

• Ongoing Dealer Services & Support
• Dedicated LMI MPS Specialist
• Measurement vs. Critical KPIs

If you are like most of our clients joining the gold rush for Managed Print profits, we strongly suggest you include a strong business plan in your suitcase. You know there is more to building a strong MPS business than just buying some software, attending a training event, then launching it at a sales meetings. A solid plan will help you avoid costly mistakes with a proven process that elevates your MPS program's visibility and sustainable profitability.

By partnering with LMI, your business will be able to leverage our extensive industry specific knowledge  and have access to people, processes and technology to help your organization implement a sustainable MPS revenue stream.  At LMI you have access to industry professionals who have run some of the biggest MPS programs in the country as a dealer, as a VAR, and as an Office Supply Retailer. People who can help you win in Managed Print.

Contact us for a no obligation conversation about combining your talents and resources with our experience to help take your business to the next level.