All LMI Solutions remanufactured printers carry a One Year Warranty on the printer and all non-consumable printer parts. Consumable items such as fusers, rollers, etc., are covered for 12 months or one duty cycle of that part, whichever is first. Electronic Transfer Belts (ETB) on color models are only covered for a 90-day warranty.

Warranty covers defects in product & workmanship only. This warranty does not include network support, computer support, or compatibility issues. This is not a service contract, on-site service reimbursement is not included.


In the event a warranty claim is necessary, all claims must be approved by calling 800-588-3554 and choose the technical support option. Once approved, an RMA (Return Material Authorization) will be generated for the repair part (or printer), and then shipped as a replacement. The RMA # will be provided, and must be referenced with the part (or printer) that is to be returned to LMI.

Warranty part(s)/printer(s) will be billed to the party responsible for returning the part(s)/printer(s). If an existing customer, it will be billed to their account. If not a current customer, a credit card will be required. Credit will then be applied to the warranty invoice or credit card upon the return and inspection of the part(s)/printer(s). In the event a printer issue cannot be resolved with warranty parts, a replacement printer may be issued.


Ground shipping is included for replacement part/printer shipments. If customer requests overnight shipping, this additional charge will be their responsibility. A pre-paid shipping label will be provided for the return of any parts or printers.