Quality Laser Cartridges


Thanks to state of the art factory facilities, industry leading R&D and ongoing employee training, LMI’s more than 350 laser toner cartridges consistently deliver the highest quality copies throughout the life of the cartridge. Independent ASTM testing certifies that LMI quality meets the highest standards and routinely exceeds OEM page yields and print quality. With an astounding return rate of less than 3 in 1000 cartridges, LMI promises happier customers, fewer service calls and higher margins, making LMI the cornerstone of your profitable print management program. Dealers coast to coast rely on LMI for a full line of black & white and color laser cartridges for more than 500 printers, copiers and fax machines for almost every brand.

LMI’s premium quality compatible laser cartridges are the first choice for reliability, selection and valued with an unconditional guarantee on cartridge and printer. A huge selection of OEM and compatible maintenance kits mean you will always have the right solution for your customer at the right price.

Step 1

Incoming Raw Materials Inspection: All materials, drums, toner, blades, PCRs, magnetic rollers etc. are verified against stringent standards before they reach the production floor.

Step 2

Sort and Grade: All empty cartridges are sorted and graded. Only premium empty cartridges are used. This assures optimum quality of the finished product.

Step 3

Recycle: All used packaging materials, used hopper and non-conforming components are disassembled and recycled to help protect our environment.

Step 4

Split and Clean: Premium empty cartridges are carefully disassembled and cleaned with our unique state-of-the-art process. Highly trained equipment prepares them for the sealing phase.

Step 5

Sealing: Each toner hopper is sealed with an OEM style seal. Our quality sealing process ensures a leak-proof cartridge and ease of installation.

Step 6

Digital Auto Filling: State-of-the-art automated filling equipment is used to ensure precise fill weights for each cartridge. Toner hoppers are filled with premium toners, which are technically matched to the OPC (drum) for optimum yields and print performance.

Step 7

Assembly: Our factory-trained technicians assemble all cartridges with (up to 90% new components). The assembly process includes installation of a pre-qualified drum, wiper blade, doctor blade, PCR and magnetic roller.

Step 8

100% Post Testing: Each and every cartridge is post tested utilizing industry standard print tests to ensure outstanding performance and quality.

Step 9

Packaging: All cartridges receive a final inspection to assure they conform with our quality standards. Cartridges are cleaned, polished and heat-sealed in a static resistant bag then boxed. LMI uses only foam in place inserts to ensure stability in transit. A full set of instructions and warranty information is included in each box.

Step 10

Quality Control: Each step in our production process is monitored by dedicated Quality Control experts. Our production will meet your expectations.