STMC Compliant


Before a cartridge earns its LMI packaging, we perform 25 steps to make sure it's "LMI Certified".

   1. Inspect all incoming cores looking for damaged plastic, leaks and general conditions.
   2. Separate by type and recycle out any cores with signs of damage.
   3. Completely disassemble cartridge down to individual component level.
   4. Remove all remaining supply side toner and waste toner using dried and highly filtered compressed air.
   5. Toner is collected into 12,000cfm Torit dust collector and invincible high flow vacuum system.
   6. Gears and contacts cleaned in ultrasonic bath cleaners.
   7. PCRs, doctor blades & magnetic rollers checked & cleaned/recoated or replaced.
   8. Check alignment of all retention blades and replace if necessary.
   9. Replace sealing felts for magnetic developer roller.
10. Check all shims, gear posts, shutter tabs, shutter arms, alignment pins, etc. for damage or wear.
11. Split cartridge and install seal. Replace and/or add extra foams to provide additional leak protection and improve cartridge integrity. Verify the hopper and mag roller section is properly aligned.
12. Fill with appropriate type and gram load of toner to achieve OEM yield.
13. Install doctor blades & developer rollers. Prime developer roller for test pages using the same lot of toner being used in the cartridge.
14. Replace drum, PCR and wiper blade. Lubricate drum and blade with appropriate semi - conductive dry powder lubricant.
15. Add individual barcode to each cartridge to track build team and components used.
16. Clean and lubricate drum axles.
17. Reassemble cartridge.
18. Inspect all screws, alignment, shutter operation, springs and spring tension.
19. Run 5-20 test pages in laser printer. Every cartridge tested for density, grayscale reproductions,
       back-grounding and adherence to overall print quality standards.
20. Final wipe down and application of additional powder lubricate on drum.
21. Final check of all tabs, shutters, screws, labels and seal tabs, etc.
22. Bag in light proof, static resistant, moisture proof foil bag.
23. Package with appropriate inserts and wands.
24. Cartridge is suspended in box to protect during shipping.
25. Finish product logged in to tracking system with components used and technicians information.