LMI backs its products with exceptional warranties. Because our products are subjected to rigorous testing in LMI’s state-of-the-art R&D laboratory, you can be confident in our product quality and reliability. Every new LMI product must pass a full battery of tests to evaluate its life/yield, compatibility with OEM products, and overall performance under a wide range of environmental and machine usage conditions. Extensively trained quality assurance inspectors maintain samples and thorough specification documentation for every product we offer.

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2011 field performance

• 80% new components in every cartridge
• Yield testing to ensure real world performance
• Quality assurance includes “test prints” on each cartridge before shipping
• Safety packaging suspends cartridge in box for protection during shipping
• Product tracking provides advanced visibility, speed and accuracy

  "With LMI, we've had a 0% defect rate"

-Greg Martin, President Ray Morgan Company