Are you ready to grow your color revenues and profits?

Recent studies show that over 90% of customers continue to buy premium priced OEM color toner cartridges. This presents a HUGE opportunity for dealers like you to convert your customers' OEM spend into a quality alternative you can both count on.

To help you win more color pages under contract LMI has invested over $1,000,000 in R&D, sourced the world's top minds in the toner industry, and deployed new color matching technology to deliver results that really do rival OEM quality & performance.

Rather than tell you how great we think our new LMI color toner is, over 500 dealers recently participated in our COLOR TONER CHALLENGE where they were given the chance to select between 2 printed pages. One page was printed with OEM toner and the other with our new LMI color toner technology.

THE RESULT: Almost 50% of the people selected the page printed with LMI color toner quality versus OEM color toner. Download the report for full survey results.


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Join hundreds of dealers who have already taken the challenge to determine whether or not you can tell the difference between traditional OEM color toner versus NEW LMI color toner technology!

Delta E Color Technology

  • OEM color toner has a DELTA - E rating of ZERO which sets the benchmark standard for color match, saturation, lightness, darkness and hue
  • Most aftermarket color toner ranges well beyond the OEM DELTA-E benchmark with particle ratings up to DELTA-E 5 and higher
  • LMI color toner is restricted to a range of DELTA-E ZERO to a maximum of DELTA-E 3 to ensure the performance you and your customers expect 


We know you want a color cartridge you are proud to give your customers. That’s why we start with the world’s best components, screen for imperfection within our rigid manufacturing process, and continue to perform a print test on every color cartridge before it’s shipped. 


  • Spectrophotometer measures quality of raw materials
  • Micro-VU technology examines physical dimensions of raw components
  • Coulter Particle System measures particle sizes & population for yield & consistency
  • Highly skilled operators assemble cartridge with premium components
  • Product Quality Inspectors perform inline audits on cartridge assembly
    • The LMI COLOR CARTRIDGE PRINT TEST is performed on every cartridge
    • Print Samples: text pages, text & graphics, full graphic
  • Testing for: ghosting, smudges, color matching, density, print quality & yield
  • Protective packaging ensures longer shelf life in 100% recyclable components
  • Ongoing random testing of “ship ready” cartridges in product laboratory
  • Client Satisfaction Surveys performed by LMI and 3rd party sources
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