General FAQs

What training formats are available?

 • Scheduled instructor led classes at multiple locations around the country
 • On-line webinar based classes
 • On-site instructor led classes 

Do you have a train the trainer program?

 • Not at this time

What kind of instructor led classes do you offer?

  • Standard classes are designed for newer techs with less than 3 years experience in the field and IT specific roles
  • Advanced Level classes slated toward seasoned techs and with more than 3 years experience inf the field 

How do I sign up technicians for online or instructor led classes?

 • Contact Training Support at 800-886-6688

Do these classes make my techs HP or Lexmark certified?

 • No, Parts Now/LMI Training is third party training

How can I get HP certified techs?

  • This is a two step process beginning with your company becoming HP authorized to resell product first. To become authorized, go to, click on the Resources link followed by Partners and Developers.
  • Once your company is able to resell product, you can then get your service techs trained on the HP secure website, or send them to HP school. 

Instructor led classes FAQs

Where are your training locations?

 • Currently we have three training locations
        - Dallas, TX
        - Phoenix, AZ
        - Harrisburg, PA 

Do you have suggested hotels where I can stay while at training?

 • Yes, students will be sent a welcome email with the hotel and other info needed for training

Do I need to bring tools?

 • We will supply tools for the training, however you're welcome to bring your tools if you would like

Do I need service manuals?

 • Yes, manuals can be downloaded from the Parts Now website once you have a login

What do I bring to class?

 • Yourself, ready to learn. We’ll supply the rest

Are meals supplied during class?

  • Access to soda, coffee and snacks vending machines while at training
  • Meals are on your own

What do I need to prepare before class?

  • Some classes have online prerequisites, it's best if you can take the prerequisites a week or so before class so the information is fresh when you get to class
  • Other classes require a prior class such as taking a monochrome class before taking color. However, classes taken from other companies or OEMs often meet the requirements
  • Please see the Course Descriptions

What time does class start? When does it end?

  • Class begins at 8AM sharp
  • We take short breaks in the morning and afternoon
  • Typically, one hour lunch on your own
  • We normally go until 5PM, but may get out earlier or later depending upon the student’s speed of learning.Technically, we’re done when class is completed even if it means 6:30 PM. Students are here to learn, we’re here to teach.

How should my techs dress for class?

 • We request business casual attire

Do you have descriptions of the cources and their prices?

• Yes, Please see the Course Descriptions

Where can I find the most recent training schedule?

• Please view Printer Service Training 

Onsite Training FAQs

What are the minimum requirements to send a trainer to my location?

  • We request 5 – 6 students minimum to hold training at your facility
  • We would need to know if we need to supply the training printers or if you would

What if we don't have the 5 – 6 student minimum requirement for training?

  • We might be able to split up training and do two sets of smaller groups over a full week depending on the courses. Best to call the Director of Training to discuss
  • Option two is send your techs to our training locations or take the online courses

Who should I contact if I have an interest in online training?

  • You can contact your Training Support at 800-886-6688 to start the process or
  • You can contact our Lead Technical Trainer who can write up a quote for you at 800-886-6688 ext. 1126,

Online FAQs

How does online training work?

  • You choose a course, or courses, and sign up through Training Support
  • You would then receive an email confirmation with login & password along with other details to access the site
  • There is a test at the end in order to obtain a certificate of achievement
  • Managers can be copied on emails that contain test scores of your people if you would like
  • Certificates are in PDF format and sent to you with your grade when you pass

What are the computer and internet requirements to take online training?

 • See all requirements here

Do I need a printer to take the online training?

  • We strongly recommend you have one of the printer models covered as there will be hands on labs in the training and a teardown section.

What tools do I need?

  • Tools are also required for the maintenance kit and tear down portion. You should be able to do most all of the training on the printers using these tools:

        - #2 Phillips Screwdriver
        - #1 Phillips Screwdriver
        - Needle Nose Pliers
        - Push/Pull Spring Hook
        - Flash Light
        - ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) kit

What if I don't have a printer -- can I take the online training anyway?

  • You can take the training without a printer but we strongly recommend taking the training with one of the models covered. The presentations have labs that students step through, including menus and teardown. If you absolutely can’t get a printer, taking the training without one is better than not doing the training at all.

How do I get a login to access the training courses?

  • To obtain a login for the Online Training website, please contact Training Support at 800-886-6688 or
  • Once signed up, and email confirmation will be sent to you with login and password and all the information you should need to take the training.

 What if multiple people from our company want to take the test to receive their certificates?

  • Our sign up allows for one student to take the training and submit a test for their certificate of successful completion. Group rates are available. Contact Training Support at 800-886-6688 ext. 2111 for more information. 

How does the test work?

  • A test is also offered along with the training. Students must have a 80% or better passing grade to receive a certificate of successful completion.
  • Student have up to three attempts to pass the exam. Students who fail all three tests must sign up for the class again.
  • If the student watches the training materials, they will pass the test. Its designed that way.

How long do I have to access the training?

  • Training is available for two weeks once the login is provided
  • If you take multiple courses, the next course doesn’t begin until the test for the first course is passed. Then your two week period begins again with the second course, and so on. 

What if I don't complete the course within two weeks?

  • You can extend the training with a $50 fee by contacting Bryan in Training Support at 800-886-6688 ext. 2111

Can I schedule my start time for a future date should I know I'm busy right now?

  • Yes

Where can I find a listing of the courses you offer and cost?

• Please see the Course Descriptions