Same great quality with new packaging advantages!

Welcome to your new and improved toner packaging solution from LMI. A fresh extension of the traditional design that clearly communicates the top quality cartridge inside with built in advantages for you, your customers and the environment.




New Packaging Advantages:

  • Easily Recognizable Color Theme - same as traditional packaging for easy transition
  • Premium Quality Messaging – to communicate the top quality cartridge inside
  • 100% Recyclable – all packaging components are fully recycled when returned
  • Up to 40% Smaller – helps offset recent shipping rate increases & reduces storage space required
  • New Air Cushion Technology – to protect each cartridge in transit
  • Custom labelling – your branding with specific end user delivery information
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed – clear messaging to ensure your customer’s satisfaction

 LMI Box Traditional New Box

Quality, Performance, Technology and everything 100% recyclable to give you the sustainability advantages you will be proud to offer your customers. An advantage you can only get with an award winning LMI print cartridge. 

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