Drivers for Change

Copier Dealerships are facing challenges that threaten their profitability, market share and revenues:
• Hardware commoditization
• Declining margins
• Sales turnover
• New competition
• Demanding Customers

That's why many copier dealerships are now turning to Managed Print Services as a way to deal with these challenges and evolve their business. Managed Print Services are a proven business method for transforming your business and ensuring higher margin and higher value services.

Find out why Managed Print Services could be a breakthrough opportunity for your business.

In the complimentary "Managed Print Growth Guide" from LMI Solutions you'll see why Managed Print Services is a logical evolution for your core business and how other copier dealers are safely transforming their business to achieve new levels of profitability and higher business valuations.

What you'll get:

• Understanding of the critical market trends that are driving demand for MPS
• Why offering Managed Print Services is an easy and natural migration strategy for your copier dealership
• Key challenges when incorporating managed print services into your business
• Essential implementation elements to transform your copier dealership into a successful MPS provider
• How you can simplify your managed print business with LMI toner products & MPS infrastructure