Unleash your MPS potential with LMI’s 2017 MPS Peak Performance Sales Training and Marketing System featuring the industry's first Mobile Sales Pitch Kit of its kind!
You know you need to separate yourself and your MPS program. Now you can do it on every sales call, in every meeting and in every presentation. No more hunting for presentation slides and documents because everything resides right on your iPad or iPad Mini thanks to your MPS teammates at LMI Solutions.

Your new Mobile Sales Pitch kit is jam packed with the industry's most powerful presentation content so you’ll be ready to show and sell like a pro!

2017 Mobile Pitch Kit Content Highlights
• MPS Presentations like the 2016 “MPS Site Seller”
• MPS Videos like “Office Printing Facts & Stats”
• MPS Calculators like the 2016 “Print Savings Calculator”
• MPS Pro Tips delivered right to your iPad every month
• Plus! You can upload your own presentations to the App as well!

Mobile App Advantages for Business Leaders
• FREE download from iPad App Store (LMI PPS 2.0 members only)
• Files reside on the iPad (no internet connection required after set up)
• Notification of new content available
• Dealer may add & delete users at any time
• Dealer may upload their own files to Mobile App




Test drive your new MPS Mobile Sales Pitch Kit today by contacting your LMI representative - and prepare yourself to be impressed!