LMI Solutions Launches LMI University with Full Stack of Sales Training Courses for MSPs

Phoenix – June 7, 2019 - 
LMI Solutions, an award-winning toner remanufacturer and Managed Print Infrastructure provider is pleased to announce the launch of their brand new LMI University. This is a powerful new sales education platform designed to help LMI customers train their new hires and coach tenured salespeople to be more productive.

“The initial feedback has been phenomenal from our customers who are looking for sales training to help with new hire boarding and educate tenure reps on how to sell more services,” stated Annie Willert, Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “In the past we only offered Managed Print sales training and now LMI customers can select from a wide range of industry specific, on demand sales training.”

The new LMI University is now online with a full stack of sales training courses to serve the needs of Office Products Resellers, Copier Dealers, Managed Print Providers, and Managed Service Providers. Each course features video content designed to keep learners engaged.

Preview the LMI University: www.lmisolutions.com/lmiu

LMI currently offers customers 5 courses with plans for expanded content in the future.

  • How to use LinkedIn to Win
  • Selling Business to Business to Win
  • Selling Managed Print to Win
  • Selling Managed Documents to Win
  • Selling Managed IT Services to Win

Each course may be taken independently or linked together to form ongoing learning with automated reminders and user prompts to complete specific modules on time.

To date, over 100 sales reps have piloted the learning content and provided a 100% recommended rating.

LMI Solutions has successfully trained over 3,000 salespeople to sell Managed Print Services with their previous MPS Bootcamp sales training program. They have now upgraded their MPS training content and expanded their learning paths with new courses to suit any type of imaging reseller looking to improve their sales readiness.

Each course features engaging, self-paced video learning modules packed with practical selling strategies and best practices. These are now used by many of the top Managed Service providers throughout North America.  Participants receive LMI Sales Playbooks with each module and are required to complete a quick quiz to proceed to the next video module. Online reporting allows sales leaders to monitor progress at the team or individual level as learners advance. At the end, learners will receive their official LMI Certificate of Completion.

Interested parties can sample a portion of any course for FREE on the LMI website to see the difference versus traditional online learning that tends to be less engaging.

For more information, please contact your LMI Solutions sales representative.

W – www.lmisolutions.com
P - 1.888.215.1292
E – info@lmisolutions.com

About LMI Solutions

LMI Solutions (“LMI”) is a leading manufacturer, distributor and recycler of premium replacement toner cartridges, related imaging supplies, and remanufactured printers.  LMI is an, award-winning, critical supplier to the rapidly growing Managed Print Services (“MPS”) market.  LMI’s customers include equipment dealers across the United States and Canada, who value the company for its product development capabilities, product quality and service levels.  LMI distributes more than 5,000 SKUs, including the most popular OEM products, and is a recognized global leader for empowering dealers with MPS and support throughout North America. 

LMI is headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona and operates a remanufacturing facility in Guanajuato, Mexico, as well as seven distribution centers throughout North America.