LMI Solutions Announces Partnership with nddPrint
Accuracy, efficiency & precision will herald in the next generation of MPS offerings

Phoenix, Arizona, February 2018:  LMI SOLUTIONS, an award winning turnkey Managed Business Services Infrastructure provider, announced today that LMI Solutions will be the exclusive distributor of nddPrint’s Print Management and Managed Print Services software in North America.  nddPrint’s innovative, cloud-based solution portfolio includes data collection, rules-based printing, job accounting, pull printing, secured mobile print, and complete end-to-end consumables replenishment tools. 

This is a natural partnership for LMI Solutions, whose award winning Managed Business infrastructure provides dealers with innovative solutions for managing and optimizing their fleet management.   Integration between these two companies’ platforms extends functionality, control, and efficiency to MPS dealers of all types and sizes.  nddPrint manages over 1,300,000 devices globally today which positions them as one of the largest software development companies specializing in implementation management, print outsourcing and fiscal documents.

LMI’s comprehensive MPS platform already runs the gamut from sales to operations, and the addition of nddPrint’s Print Management offerings, opens up a broad spectrum of solutions to managed print dealers.

“What makes this partnership compelling,” Doug Johnson, Chief Strategy Officer for LMI Solutions, remarked, “ is that we will now be able to offer dealers the essential tools and support needed to better provide them service for their MPS offerings as nddPrint employs over one hundred and fifty employees in their Development Department in the areas of development, research and support.  The depth and breadth of their current solution, as well as their continual evolution and innovation, will guarantee that MPS Dealers invested in these offerings will always be at the forefront of new technology.  For the dealer—this partnership equips dealers with an entire toolset at the zenith of technological advancement to manage devices, users, and consumables not seen anywhere else in the industry”

Further expanding upon the topic,Valmir Tortelli, President of nddPrint North America stated, “nddPrint is excited to establish the strategic relationship with LMI, where together we will be positioned to provide dealers with a more efficient and cost savings solution.  A partnership with LMI Solutions extends the reach of both companies, allowing us to capitalize on the others host of solutions, doubling the reach within the industry.  This allows both companies current and future customers to truly be a force in the imaging industry with an offering like no other.” 

 LMI Solutions and ndd Print will be available at the BTA Spring Break event in New Orleans, LA, March 15-16th for further explication of the exciting benefits of their new partnership.  Columbus, OH based nddPrint North America, whose parent company, Brazil based NDDigital—has over four hundred employees, one hundred and fifty of which are developers heavily invested for the needs of tomorrow.


LMI Contact Information

P: 1.888.215.1292
E: contact@lmisolutions.com
W: www.lmisolutions.com   

nddPrint Contact Information

P: 1 (614) 414-6266
E: nddusa@nddprint.com
W: www.nddprint.com

About nddPrint
NDDigital Group is one of the largest companies in Latin American technology.   Their mission is to build differentiated solutions with technology that generates value to their business partners and customers.  NDD solutions for business printing strives to optimize the print environment through the use of various solution based resources that generate policies, standards, methods and rule for the corporate environment.  This includes, but is not limited to mobility, efficient and effective management tools, with data capture, device monitoring, and tracking in real time. 

About LMI Solutions

LMI Solutions is an award-winning, turnkey Managed Business Services Infrastructure provider to the market, as well as an R2 certified manufacturer, distributor and recycler of premium replacement toner cartridges, related imaging supplies, and remanufactured printers. LMI distributes more than 5,000 SKUs, including the most popular OEM products, and is a recognized global leader for empowering dealers with Managed Print Services & Support throughout North America. Recently, INTEC member voting selected LMI as the Winner of "The People’s Choice Award," following the BTA’s “Best Remanufactured Cartridges,” and recognition from the MPSA and the coveted Readers’ Choice Award for the industries "Best MPS Program" and "MPS Infrastructure Provider."