Being environmentally friendly is one of LMI’s core values. As an R2 certified cartridge remanufacturer and recycler, we are committed to be environmentally responsible throughout the life cycle of our products. From the way we design with the environment in mind, to how we engineer our packaging to reduce materials, through to our advanced collection and Zero Recycling programs, we empower or customers with a unique sustainability value proposition.

LMI is committed to doing the right thing in our overall approach to the environment, and in our compliance with environmental and safety directives from the governments where we do business.

LMI helps YOU make a difference

    • Return Shipping Label in every LMI toner box (no additional charge)
    • Dealer Advantage of R2 Certified Remanufacturing & Recycling Process
    • Zero Landfill Recycling Services for End Users

LMI's environmental programs keep millions of cartridges and an enormous amount of solid waste out of waste streams annually avoiding incineration, unecessary landfill and exportation of waste to overseas destinations. 
Advanced print cartridge collection programs are available throughout the United States with various return options based on dealer and end user preference.

In addition to the Zero Landfill recycling programs now available, LMI dealers can also showcase the sustainability advantages LMI’s high yield cartridges allow customers to spend or to 40% more time printing impressive documents and less time returning used print cartridges.

Dealer Friendly Collection Services - Easy for you and your customers!

LMI provides a complimentary return shipping label with every cartridge shipped and no charge 20x20x20 cartridge collection boxes to reduce the environmental impact of shipping individual cartridges back for recycling.

To keep it simple, our collection and recycling programs encourage OEM or remanufactured laser toner cartridges from any location throughout the United States. This saves your customers time and effort versus having to return cartridges by specific brand or return location.  

Engage us to learn more about the LMI ZERO LANDFILL initiative, the industries most environmentally responsible choice for disposing of your laser toner cartridges.

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