Pagetrac TCO Software

Proven Technology

It is true that almost every task can be done more easily, quickly, and efficiently when you have the right tools. The same is true when it comes to pricing a fleet of four hundred printers or just four. LMI has the tools to make this process extremely accurate and efficient. LMI takes all the guesswork out of pricing cost-per-page programs on printers. With our proprietary software, we take all the costs involved into consideration: toner, parts, technician burden rates, coverage percentages, and other critical data.

Not only can we make sure your company is profitable by insuring all costs are accounted for, but LMI takes it one step further. PageTrac TCO, has a proposal generation tool that will generate a blended cost-per-page proposal based on the information gathered during the assessment phase with PageTrac. At LMI, we offer software that is easy to use, without features that will never be used. That is why we have the best TCO tools in the industry. “It does not have to be big to be good”.

PageTrac TCO

• Web-based application that is integrated with LMI’s PageTrac to view all installations in one place
• Determine CPP for HP and Lexmark printers based on your true costs
• Customized Proposal Reports and Service Agreements
• Automated method to perform quick and accurate cost of ownership analysis

View Detailed History of Meter Reads

• Look for sales opportunities
• Monitor account volume
• View addition or deletions in customer equipment
• Accurate meter tracking and reporting
• Cost control based on true costs
• Generate customer quotes, proposals, side-by-side analysis

Document Customization

• Print Management Agreement (MA Agreement)
• Customer Profitability report
• Export Device List to Excel or Microsoft Word
• Auto-fill prospect and CPP information, and graphs to show % of volume

Dealer Administration Highlights

• Add or delete users off the site
• Monitor activity of users or view installations of PageTrac software
• Set defaults for labor burden rate, minimum/maximum margin for agreements, standard fill rates, etc.
• Choose what options users have control over (margins, labor) or prevent from seeing other users installations

Client-by-Client Customization

Customize your data; easily evaluate costs and compare information:
• Create prospect profiles accessible from any browser
• Create custom proposals using data from PageTrac or add printers manually
• View proposed and current costs for each customer quote

What are you waiting for?

LMI has been your trusted resource for quality parts and compatible supplies, and now we are offering you the industry’s leading managed print program. LMI will work with you to grow your business for the long term.

Talk to us today about the PageTrac Advantage and how you can make the leap from a transactional vendor to value added Managed Print Partner.