PageTrac Security Software
Your customers are protected with PageTrac software. No personal or user data is collected with the DCA (data collection agent) since it only collects information that is stored in the memory of the print devices. Information such as page counts, device description, and device status.

PageTrac SECURITY - How does it work?

PageTrac collects printer and copier metrics using the LMI Solutions Data Collection Agent (DCA). The DCA is a software application that is installed on a networked computer running Windows 2000/XP or higher. The DCA does not require a dedicated computer.

The DCA runs as a Windows service, allowing it to operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can customize the transmission interval to determine how often the DCA will perform a device discovery. After each discovery, the collected data is sent to LMI Solutions’ secure website. The DCA uses one-way communication only. The collected data is sent via port 80 or port 21or 443 to the LMI Solutions web server.

The DCA collects device data using SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) and ICMP (Internet Control Message Protocol). The DCA gathers printer metric data with SNMP and ICMP at regular intervals from printer and multi-function peripheral devices on the client’s network. No personal or user data is collected with the DCA. PageTrac only collects information that is stored in the memory of the devices, such as page counts, device description and device status.

Data is mirrored and backed up daily. Should the primary server go down for any reason, the feed is switched over to the secondary mirrored server.


The use of LMI Solutions software applications will not have an impact on compliance with the Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act (HIPAA) for covered entities.

LMI Solutions software applications do not collect, store, or transmit any information describing the content of print jobs, and thus have no way of accessing, storing, or transmitting electronic protected health information (ePHI) as defined by HIPAA.

If necessary, we will obtain prior written authorizations in accordance with your HIPAA compliance policies for access to install a PageTrac Data Collector Agent or perform any other business on a workstation or in an area where ePHI information may be accessible. Got a question? Let an LMI representative help you and your customers. Contact us today!