Dealer Value Proposition

What's in it for you?

As a Copier Dealer, you know your market has changed. Traditional hardware and service margins are shrinking and customers continue to put more and more pressure on your traditional copier/MFP prices. You also realize that the prevailing shift from copies to prints will require you to reposition your business for long term success.

If you agree, here's how LMI can help your business:
• Defend your customer base from OEMs and other MPS service providers
• Expand your profitable customer base with long term value added services
• Transition your hardware business to a sustainable services model
• Boost your consumables margins with quality aftermarket products & proven fulfillment

From a defensive position, stats indicate that in 2012 up to 50% of SMB companies will migrate from an uncontrolled print environment to some form of Managed Print Services. This is where we can help you reposition your traditional business model into a service provider that not only protects your base, but gives your sales force a compelling reason to go on offense in your competitors' accounts.

If you think Managed Print is only for the “bigger dealers”, we respectfully urge you to think again. With our proven infrastructure, products, tools and support, you can participate and collect lucrative pages under contract. Pages that will help pay your bills, hire more people, and build more equity in your business. We know you can do it because we have helped hundreds of dealers start and become successful.

Over 700 dealers to be exact.

It can be much easier than you may think. You know all those printed pages in the SMB space are waiting to be taken by someone. Let’s make sure that’s you.

Here’s a few ways we can help your customers.



A quality print cartridge is the cornerstone to maximizing your profitability and customer delight. As a manufacturer of both color and monochrome cartridges with over 20 years experience, LMI guarantees real world OEM performance with one of the strongest satisfaction guarantees in the industry. Advanced packaging and labeling will make your LMI products look like an OEM and our state of the art fulfillment capabilities can help you free up cash by reducing inventory with our blind drop shipping services that make it look like you shipped it yourself.

With LMI, you have online access to over 1,000 OEM and quality aftermarket print consumables and parts, plus we stand behind every one of them so you don’t have to. When you are ready, let's explore how we can be a silent partner in your success.

Best MPS Infrastructure


Simplify your go to market strategy or boost your current Managed Print results with LMI's award winning MPS tools, MPS products and MPS resources. A la carte or as a turnkey package, our dealers have direct access to best of breed components now used by most of the top performing MPS providers in North America.

As an LMI dealer you also have access to our team of MPS Consultants, people with real world experience that have done far more than read the manual. In fact, some have run some of the largest MPS programs in the country. Whether you are looking to avoid mistakes starting an MPS program or you want to kick your program into the next gear, it’s highly likely we can help you grow your Managed Print business and your profits.
helping your customer


Whether your customers print in color or black & white, you can help them save money and be more productive with LMI. Both strong value propositions in today’s economy that can help you grow your clients spend and improve the stickiness of your relationships.

Here are some common benefits we help our dealers communicate and deliver to their clients:
• Understand their cost of printing (variable cost)
• Stabilize their cost of printing (fixed cost)
• Proactively budget for printing
• Improved document output workflow
• Simplify IT help desk support
• Bundled contracts free up capital for core investments
• Save money for reallocation to core projects
• Simplify supply inventory management
• Streamline accounts payable process
• Consolidate vendors
• Optimize printer performance & extend life

Let's discuss how we help your customers and grow your business at the same time!