A new wholesale Cost-Per-Impression model to ignite your bottom line

Now it’s easier than ever to convert your customers' printing expenses into profitable recurring revenue streams for your business! As an LMI Pagetrac CPI Partner, you can go to market fast and win with everything you need to promote, sell and deliver your own branded Managed Print program. You’ll get award winning products, services and infrastructure direct from the manufacturer at one low wholesale cost-per-impression to simplify your execution and maximize your profits!

pagetrac cpi in a nutshell

Take the first step today and contact your LMI representative for a no obligation discussion about your MPS potential!

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LMI pagetrac CPI Benefits

  • Your Brand - Your Customer
  • Fixed Cost-Per-Impression (monochrome & color)
  • Mixed Brand Support
  • Simplified Pricing & Quoting
  • No Startup Cost
  • Manufacturer Direct Relationship/Accountability
  • Nationwide Onsite Service (Including Canada)
  • 1-800 Customer Support
  • Account Visibility Reporting
  • No hidden fees for toner coverage or service issues
  • Complementary Zero Landfill Recycling Services

Optional Partner Services

  • Online TCO Calculator to compare current costs vs. your CPI offer
  • Automated MPS Proposal Generator with Contract templates
  • MPS Sales Training & Business Execution Coaching
  • Lead Generation Marketing Services
  • Mobile Sales Pitch Kit (Mobile App)

If you' re serious about growing your business and your profits, let the undisputed leader in managed print infrastructure services ensure your success with PageTrac CPI. Thinking MPS? THINK LMI.