Still on the Fence About Attending the 2013 Business Imaging Expo?

Posted by LMI Dealer Content Team on Tue, Nov 05, 2013 @ 01:51 PM

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Here’s what this years show is all about: The Business Imaging Expo brings together the worlds of business process optimization, enterprise content management, document printing and managed IT, providing a dynamic educational event and show floor that addresses all the facets of the office technology industry.

If you haven’t booked your ticket to Vegas this December 10 – 12, here are some reasons why many of our LMI dealers are attending and why you may want to consider booking your ticket as well!

    1.  2014 Business Planning – January 1st , 2014 is just around the corner and now is the time you and your competitors are probably planning your business strategy for the year ahead. Will you expand beyond your core competencies? Who should you partner with to drive the biggest returns? If you look at the agenda for this years Business Imaging Expo, you’ll see the focus includes lucrative opportunities like the latest Managed Print infrastructure tools, new Workflow Solutions, and more to grow your top and bottom line. Try our FREE MPS profit calculator to see how quickly you could pay for your trip!

    2.  The Ultimate Dealer Panel – This feature module will be hosted by LMI at this event and when you have heavyweights like Kevin McCarthy, President of Modern Office Methods  and Brian Stevenson, the President of Footprint Managed Services in the line up, how can you not take something away? Both lead organizations that have been hugely successful in the Managed Services space and if you believe success leaves clues, you’ll want to book your seat for this power hour on Thursday, December 12th from 2-3 pm! 

      3.  Peer Best Practices – Hearing directly from some of the top performing Dealers and IT Resellers is always a refreshing way to sense check where you stack up and collect some quick fixes that can easily be added into your 2014 go to market strategies. Based upon the guest list we’ve seen, it looks like you will be in good company to network within and around the structured events. In a previous blog, we provided you with some LMI Trade Show Pro Tips for ITEX, you may want to revisit those on your plane ride down to get the most from this show as well.

        4.  Make Your New Years Resolution Early – That’s what we think you may do when you attend our Dealer MPS Makeover Case Study presentation on Wednesday from 9 – 10 am. You won’t believe it’s the same company when you see how one of our LMI dealers allowed us to give them a complete makeover including their website, their lead generation strategies, and of course our new 2014 MPS Mobile Sales Pitch Kit! We delivered this presentation at a smaller conference earlier this fall and are bringing it back based on the positive dealer feedback we received. If you’ve been thinking your current Managed Print go-to-market strategy may be a little tired, this module could be worth your trip to Vegas alone – no kidding!

          5.  Find Your Workflow - If you’re providing content management, or evolving your managed print or managed services business to accommodate customers’ increasingly paperless needs, you’ll be glad you came. Next to Managed Print Services, Workflow Solutions are one of the hottest trends in the industry and an opportunity for you to grow your recurring revenues. Perhaps the nicest part about this show is how the wonderful folks at 1105 Media who manage the Imaging Channel have done all the hard work for you bringing many of the most popular Workflow Solution providers to Vegas for you. Great companies like our Technology United Partners at Intellinetics will be there that offer easy to deploy document content management systems that have been a no brainer for many of our dealers looking to offer something new and exciting to their customers and prospects.  And they are good people too!

            6.  SAVE 20% and more on LMI – that’s right, if you haven’t already registered, simply use our promo code “TU2” on the Business Imaging Expo Registration Page and we’ll reduce your registration fee by 20%. And if you really want to leverage LMI while you are there, join us at our booth for a pass to get into the Cocktail Networking Reception at the Drinkflow Lounge from 4:30 to 7:30 pm on the Wednesday night while you’re there. Should be a good time!

              We know you are busy, but how much could that one breakthrough idea do for your people and your business in 2014?

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