The Environmental Benefits of Remanufactured Print Cartridges and Recycling

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Today, we're all trying to live in a more sustainable manner, both in our personal and our professional lives. As a dealer of printing consumables, including a recycling program and remanufactured print cartridges among your offerings will not only add to the value you offer clients, it can help separate your business from your competitors.

Some Scary Facts to Consider

We're consuming natural resources at an alarming rate and as the economy grows, more and more materials are being used and disposed of every day. In fact, in the past six decades, we've produced over 8.3 metric tons of plastic of which 6.3 metric tons is plastic waste. It's slowly filling our landfills and plastic waste is showing up everywhere from the deep ocean to the top of Mt. Everest.

Did you know:

  • 60 – 80% of print cartridges go directly to a landfill.
  • It takes 1000 YEARS for a print cartridge to fully decompose.
  • Printer ink and carbon black toner are carcinogenic. They are extremely harmful to the environment.

On top of these facts, one of the key ingredients used in manufacturing print cartridges is oil. By remanufacturing printer cartridges we can save over 15 million gallons of oil every year! 


You Can Make a Difference

Offering remanufactured cartridges and recycling programs can provide your customers with a sustainability value solution. Remanufactured cartridges keep enormous amounts of solid waste out of the waste streams annually avoiding incineration, landfill disposal, or exportation of waste to overseas destinations. All of LMI’s cartridge components are 100% recyclable. 

We offer LMI dealers an exclusive complimentary “Zero Landfill” advanced printer cartridge recycling program with various return options based on dealer and user preferences and it's perfect for the new generation of millennial decision makers.

“73% of Millennials are Willing to Spend More Money on a Greener Product.” – Inc.

How Cartridge Recycling Can Help You Win Business

  • Competitive Differentiation
  • RFP / BID Criteria Shaping
  • Cost Savings vs OEM Cartridges
  • Simplified Collection & Return Programs
  • Linkage to Client Sustainability Objectives

The popularity of our 20x20x20 cartridge collection boxes make it easier than ever for clients to recycle in bulk which greatly reduces that impact of shipping individual cartridges back for recycling one at a time. Plus, we’ve found that the easier we make it for end users to do the right thing, the more they’ll recycle and buy from you.

If you're an Imaging Dealer, an Office Products reseller or a Managed Print provider looking to distinguish your services from your competitors, let’s go green together. 

With Earth Day fast approaching, what better time to help your customers make a difference with our Zero Landfill recycling program. Give us a call to learn more!



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The LMI News! Year-In-Review Now Online!

Posted by Gary Willert on Thu, Nov 06, 2014 @ 10:44 AM

LMI News

NOW PLAYING!.....Click below to view the LMI NEWS, a quick 2 minute video recap of 2014 activities and events that will give you an unfair advantage over your competition as an LMI partner.  Enjoy – we’d love your feedback on this new medium!

Read the LMI News!

Hello I’m Shannon with the LMI News. It’s been a positive year of growth for the company and our dealers this year starting in January with the launch of our all new MPS Peak Performance 2.0 system. A turnkey MPS Sales Training and Marketing system that’s now trained almost 3,000 sales people and helped hundreds of LMI dealers to generate more leads, win more deals and make more money.

In March, LMI was awarded an elite level of R2 certification that’s helped LMI dealers differentiate themselves when selling to MPS prospects and vertical markets now demanding advanced sustainability and zero landfill recycling services.

In April, LMI was the proud recipient of INTEC’s "Supplier of the Year" and as you may recall June and July was when LMI President Gary Willert formally announced the acquisition of Global Printer Services and Printersdirect, arguably two of the most respected printer remanufacturers in North America positioning LMI as the industry’s first manufacturer direct relationship for top quality remanufactured printers and consumables.

To meet the increase in dealer demand, LMI responded in September with a new state of the art distribution center in the Chicago area to serve dealers and their customers faster than ever before.

And in October, LMI continued to demonstrate their commitment to partner success with the recent launch of the brand new partner website at RayMorgan.com. Recognized as a national leader, RMC has immediately improved their ability to get found by today's online buyer and convert those site visitors into potential customers that will grow their business.

And that’s the LMI News. I’m Shannon signing off now. Thanks for joining us!

Click below to get your 7 Myths vs Realities Remanufactured Printer Whitepaper or find out about our MPS Peak Performance 2.0 - Training & Marketing Solutions.

7 myths vs realities                 What is PPS 2.0?


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How Are Dealers Using Remanufactured Printers?

Posted by Gary Willert on Wed, Oct 08, 2014 @ 10:00 AM

remanufactured printersLeveraging remanufactured printers as a part of your hardware strategy is a great way to achieve your full profit potential. Surprisingly a full 98% of imaging dealers are missing the boat on the affordability and sustainability advantages versus buying and installing new OEM hardware.

Whether it’s simply habit or lack of understanding, most dealers continue to lead with new printers that tend to cost up to 50% more than a comparable remanufactured device that comes with the same, or even better, performance guarantee. This begs the question:

Are your customers buying a printer or the pages the printer produces?

What many dealers seem to forget is that the minute they install a new printer, they have immediately cut into their post sales margins because the dealer and the end user is forced to pay a premium for OEM toner. This happens because there are no aftermarket supplies available for the first six months to a year after a new device is released. And for those of you looking at declining fleet margins, remember that your cost of toner typically makes up approximately 60% of a dealers cost per page.

Economic Reality = Opportunity

In today’s challenging economy, most customers are buying cost savings. From the feedback we received from a recent dealer roundtable, the adoption of remanufactured printers is now following the same acceptance curve we saw a decade ago in the remanufactured toner arena. And if we may politely nudge you at this point, look what’s happened there. Like toner, the quality of the product has come leaps and bounds and that’s exactly why LMI Solutions recently acquired Global Printer Services – the industry's undisputed leader in producing top quality monochrome and color devices.

Take a walk through the warehouse of the TOP 10 most profitable dealers in North America and you will find GPS printers in stock.  They, like you now, know that a GPS printer looks like a brand new printer and comes with the same warranty, or better, than new.

Here are 5 ways smart dealers are using remanufactured printers right now:

1.  Winning Cost Conscious Customers – The savings of going with a remanufactured device can be as much as 67% per page over a normal 36 month term when combined with an LMI high yield cartridge.

2.  Service Hot Swaps – Dealers have an inventory of remanufactured printers ready to swap when a customer’s device goes down. This keeps the customer operational and allows the tech time to diagnose and fix the problem back in their service area and not in the customer’s office. Win – win.

3.  Fleet Profitability – New software allows dealers to identify printers that are expensive to operate or repair. By the time you send a technician out to fix a 7 year old printer with new parts, you may as well have just replaced it with a remanufactured device. By installing a remanufactured unit the customer sees tremendous value, and as a dealer you can protect your profitability.

4.  Device Standardization – Rather than customers using different devices that require a mix of print drivers, consumables and service issues, dealers can install remanufactured devices and allow the customer and the service team to become more efficient with one standard make or model. This makes it easier for customers, streamlines inventory needs and reduces technician headaches.

5.  It’s Greener! – Customers are now demanding sustainability. With 80% of a printer capable of being recycled it’s a compelling green alternative to buying new. Think of how green your new value proposition could be when you combine remanufactured printers with remanufactured toner and our exclusive Zero Landfill cartridge recycling services.

Of course there are endless ways you can leverage the quality, affordability and sustainability advantages of adding remanufactured printers to your hardware or managed print strategy. The question becomes, if you believe your customers are really buying pages and not printers, how long should you wait to educate yourself on the industry's latest breakthrough that delivers sustainable profitability on new and existing fleets.

If you’re currently one of the 98% not yet selling remanufactured printers, maybe now is the time to turn the tables on your competition with a greener print strategy that helps your customers save money and the environment.

To learn more, click below for our new report on “The Common Myths vs. Realities of Remanufactured Printers.”

myths vs realities

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Do You Know Where Your Used Cartridges Are Going?

Posted by Gary Willert on Wed, Jul 17, 2013 @ 12:59 PM

What happens to your recycled print cartridges?

In the last 90 days, we have had the opportunity to present our new ZERO LANDFILL Cartridge Recycling Program to hundreds of dealers at some of the industries most recognized MPS conferences.

At each event we asked MPS providers this basic question;

Do you know what happens to the used print cartridges that are removed from your customer’s office as part of your recycling program?


417 – MPS Dealers did not know

3 – MPS Dealers could articulate what happens

The shocking reality we found is that nobody really seems to know.

If you’re like many of our MPS dealers who promote our complimentary toner cartridge return programs, or the sustainability attributes of an LMI remanufactured monochrome or color toner cartridge over an OEM cartridge, we think you and your reps may want to be prepared to explain your cartridge recycling program in more detail. In fact since we raised the topic, many of our dealers are telling us that more and more of their MPS prospects are starting to request definitive information on the vendors recycling practices within their RFPs as they shortlist potential managed print vendors.

If you are questioning if your sales representatives may soon be asked to explain your cartridge recycling program in more detail, Google the term “Managed Print Services Request For Proposal” in your area and look at some of the questions being asked to measure a vendors ability to align with the organizations sustainability objectives. A low cost per impression may win some MPS deals but combining a fair price with a strong recycling program may provide you with that “Unique MPS Selling Proposition” you’re looking for to separate yourself from competition.  This will help you win more pages under contract to build that recurring revenue and stickiness you want from your MPS business.

As you may know, we recently launched our turn key ZERO LANDFILL cartridge recycling program for LMI dealers supported by the industries first ZERO LANDFILL SALES KIT . The purpose is to provide our LMI dealers and their sales reps with compelling prospecting tools featuring industry statistics, client presentations, and a branded video for your website to clearly articulate what a true Zero Landfill recycling program includes and how it could benefit an MPS prospect.

So the question is - Do you think your salespeople are prepared to answer the question above?

We think we can help if you don’t.

Please share your comments and questions about toner cartridge recycling with us!


Click here for your free e-book on how to jumpstart your MPS sales in 30 days:

Jumpstart MPS sales

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