The Benefits of Remanufactured Printers Over New Printers

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Printers have become a disposable asset for most organizations today. By discounting the cost of a new printer, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) are able to restart the end user’s consumable buy cycle of higher cost OEM consumables. Although this “give away the razor to get the blades” sales model seems fairly obvious, if you think of the amount of new printers sold every day, it’s not hard to see why printer manufacturers have been wildly successful at protecting their post-sale profits.

OEMs know that the moment someone buys a brand new laser printer they are guaranteed a profitable stream of expensive OEM consumables for 6 – 12 months before resellers or end users have a quality aftermarket alternative for toner, drum kits and parts. These high quality aftermarket consumables typical save the end user about 30 – 40% and provide heathy recurring margins for resellers as well.

Even at the reseller level, most dealers will admit to “giving away the hardware” to get the recurring post-sale revenue stream from consumables. But are imaging dealers and their customers really winning if a brand new printer is installed?

Our answer is – it depends. It depends on the quality of the remanufactured printer you sell as a dealer. Your end users who work in offices expect you to provide a quality product and support what you sell. They also depend on your recommendation being an affordable and reliable printing solution.

Depending on where you source your remanufactured printers, your experience may vary. This is much the same as with remanufactured toner cartridges. It doesn’t take long for poor quality to show its true colors. Stories of unprofessional remanufacturing procedures have no doubt damaged some dealers’ confidence, whereas others offer new and remanufactured lines as standard protocol based on the product quality they receive.

Done properly, a remanufactured printer will look and perform as well as a new printer, boosting the reseller’s profitability while saving the end user money and offering tremendous sustainability benefits.

Remanufactured Printer Benefits Over New Printers:

  • Best Value  Price / performance ratio is unbeatable vs. new printers
  • Low Cost-Per-Page Aftermarket toner and consumables are readily available
  • Service Readiness Technicians love them because they know how to fix them
  • Fleet Simplification – The same make and model can be used to standardize and simplify
  • Sustainability – 80% of most printer components can be reused or recycled

At LMI Solutions, our people have been remanufacturing printers for years, and our latest line of Certified Pre-Owned printers is backed by one of the best guarantees in the industry. With confidence, you can now offer an alternative to a new printer that will benefit both you and your customer. 

In too many cases, the sad reality is that your experience with remanufactured printers is directly related to the company who performed the remanufacturing process. This is a labor intensive process that requires access to the right skills and technology to do the job right. As such, the quality of the printer is dependent upon the skill, experience, and technology capabilities of the remanufacturer.

If you currently sell remanufactured printers provided by LMI Solutions, you know your customers love them because the units are affordable, deliver excellent quality output and keep avoidable waste out of landfill sites.

In fact, most end users can’t tell the difference between a brand new printer and one of our Certified Pre-Owned printers that has been professionally remanufactured to look and perform like a brand new printer – and operate at a fraction of the cost.

If it’s been awhile since you considered adding remanufactured printers to your product portfolio, we invite you to see how top performing dealers and Managed Print providers are now leveraging the benefits discussed to help their customers and their bottom line.



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How to Present Remanufactured Printers to New Printer Buyers – Part 2

Posted by Christian Pepper on Wed, Mar 18, 2015 @ 11:05 AM

Reman printers Pt2Selling a remanufactured product can be challenging without the right approach. In many cases, new printer buyers may be unfamiliar with the alternative to buying a brand new printer, so here are the remaining 6 best practices top performing dealers and Managed Print Providers utilize to successfully present remanufactured printers.

7. Sell to the CFO/CEONot Just the IT Leader - IT people are predisposed to always wanting the latest and greatest technology.  Increase your chance of success by making sure you are also presenting to a financially motivated stakeholder. Remind the IT leader that the savings generated can be put towards buying better computing power dependent hardware like smartphones, tablets and notebooks.

8. Leverage the Best Brand Names - End users generally want HP and Lexmark printer equipment – these are the core models in the remanufactured printer range. Emphasize the model range including the most popular and reliable models that the IT leader, end users and service personnel are already using today.  This cuts down the risk associated with choosing new printer models and wondering how they will perform in the future.

9. Seek Expert Assistance - Leverage your distribution representatives and the manufacturers support team for subject matter expertise. Remember, these people work with hundreds of dealers and tend to be up to speed on what’s working and what’s not.

10. Emphasize the Warranty - The warranty is the same as a new printer with one exception.  The helpdesk and support staff are all based out of Madison WI, USA!  (not Asia or South America)

11. Promote Sustainability Advantages - Position remanufactured printers as a key component to a greener print strategy. It will make sense to sustainability leaders that 80% of printer hardware is completely reusable and that any components with wear are completely replaced.

12. Wave the Flag! - Remanufactured printers are proudly produced right here in the USA in GA, WI, MN manufacturing centers. This can be extremely popular with government agencies for example, that mandate a certain percentage of their purchases be from US based manufacturers.

You know every customer is unique and every printer deal may or may not be a fit for remanufactured printers. One key thing to remember is that the rise in popularity of remanufactured printers will improve your customer’s familiarity, acceptance and demand for hardware alternatives. This is why you and your dealership have the opportunity now to gain market share and grow your bottom line with an effective presentation style that suits your company and your customer’s criteria.

Thanks for reading this blog and let us know how we can help you place more remanufactured printers in your territory.


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How Are Dealers Using Remanufactured Printers?

Posted by Gary Willert on Wed, Oct 08, 2014 @ 10:00 AM

remanufactured printersLeveraging remanufactured printers as a part of your hardware strategy is a great way to achieve your full profit potential. Surprisingly a full 98% of imaging dealers are missing the boat on the affordability and sustainability advantages versus buying and installing new OEM hardware.

Whether it’s simply habit or lack of understanding, most dealers continue to lead with new printers that tend to cost up to 50% more than a comparable remanufactured device that comes with the same, or even better, performance guarantee. This begs the question:

Are your customers buying a printer or the pages the printer produces?

What many dealers seem to forget is that the minute they install a new printer, they have immediately cut into their post sales margins because the dealer and the end user is forced to pay a premium for OEM toner. This happens because there are no aftermarket supplies available for the first six months to a year after a new device is released. And for those of you looking at declining fleet margins, remember that your cost of toner typically makes up approximately 60% of a dealers cost per page.

Economic Reality = Opportunity

In today’s challenging economy, most customers are buying cost savings. From the feedback we received from a recent dealer roundtable, the adoption of remanufactured printers is now following the same acceptance curve we saw a decade ago in the remanufactured toner arena. And if we may politely nudge you at this point, look what’s happened there. Like toner, the quality of the product has come leaps and bounds and that’s exactly why LMI Solutions recently acquired Global Printer Services – the industry's undisputed leader in producing top quality monochrome and color devices.

Take a walk through the warehouse of the TOP 10 most profitable dealers in North America and you will find GPS printers in stock.  They, like you now, know that a GPS printer looks like a brand new printer and comes with the same warranty, or better, than new.

Here are 5 ways smart dealers are using remanufactured printers right now:

1.  Winning Cost Conscious Customers – The savings of going with a remanufactured device can be as much as 67% per page over a normal 36 month term when combined with an LMI high yield cartridge.

2.  Service Hot Swaps – Dealers have an inventory of remanufactured printers ready to swap when a customer’s device goes down. This keeps the customer operational and allows the tech time to diagnose and fix the problem back in their service area and not in the customer’s office. Win – win.

3.  Fleet Profitability – New software allows dealers to identify printers that are expensive to operate or repair. By the time you send a technician out to fix a 7 year old printer with new parts, you may as well have just replaced it with a remanufactured device. By installing a remanufactured unit the customer sees tremendous value, and as a dealer you can protect your profitability.

4.  Device Standardization – Rather than customers using different devices that require a mix of print drivers, consumables and service issues, dealers can install remanufactured devices and allow the customer and the service team to become more efficient with one standard make or model. This makes it easier for customers, streamlines inventory needs and reduces technician headaches.

5.  It’s Greener! – Customers are now demanding sustainability. With 80% of a printer capable of being recycled it’s a compelling green alternative to buying new. Think of how green your new value proposition could be when you combine remanufactured printers with remanufactured toner and our exclusive Zero Landfill cartridge recycling services.

Of course there are endless ways you can leverage the quality, affordability and sustainability advantages of adding remanufactured printers to your hardware or managed print strategy. The question becomes, if you believe your customers are really buying pages and not printers, how long should you wait to educate yourself on the industry's latest breakthrough that delivers sustainable profitability on new and existing fleets.

If you’re currently one of the 98% not yet selling remanufactured printers, maybe now is the time to turn the tables on your competition with a greener print strategy that helps your customers save money and the environment.

To learn more, click below for our new report on “The Common Myths vs. Realities of Remanufactured Printers.”

myths vs realities

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