Reasons Why the Fourth Quarter Is the Best Time for MPS Sales

Posted by LMI Dealer Content Team on Fri, Jul 29, 2016 @ 11:45 AM


Experienced B2B salespeople know the months of October, November and December are traditionally THE BEST time of year to make money – without question. They know this because they understand that Q4 is the time when most businesses are in the market to buy something. Something that can help them grow to become more productive and more profitable. Not only does the end of the calendar year represent a natural period of transition for people with new plans and expectations, it’s also a time when capital and operating budgets need to be spent or the money disappears the following year.

Top performers in the document imaging industry know now is the time to increase activity levels to get in on more buying decisions where they can win and make money.

Here are a few reasons why the fourth quarter is the best time of year for MPS sales:

  • December 31st is the fiscal year end of most private companies. For you, this represents the best time of year to make a purchase that could be used as a business write off against profits earned.
  • The majority of people who control operating budgets need to spend their money before December 31st. In most cases, if a department leader or senior official doesn’t spend all of their allotted funds, it looks like they don’t need them moving forward – a.k.a “budget cut”.
  • Q4 sees the most shipments of offshore manufactured devices into North America. From desktop printers to MFPs to production systems, historical data suggests that the OEMs do well in the fourth quarter too because there’s so many sales orders to fill.

Managed Print Service providers that understand the fourth quarter opportunity are preparing right now. They’re thinking about demand generation, increasing consideration rates, and reshaping their MPS value propositions to include things like document workflow and Managed IT Services for competitive differentiation. They’re also recruiting and training the talent they need to grow and prosper in the fourth quarter and beyond.

That’s what the top performers are doing. And if you believe success leaves clues, maybe you too need to be thinking about how you and your people can maximize the revenue potential between now and December 31st.

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