How GREEN is Your Managed Print Program?

Posted by Gary Willert on Thu, Apr 10, 2014 @ 01:42 PM


With Earth day fast approaching on April 22nd, now may be the perfect time to revisit the sustainability attributes of your company’s Managed Print program. Without question, a well managed print environment complimented by a robust Zero Landfill Cartridge Recycling process can be very appealing to SMB and Enterprise clients.

By now you’ve probably delivered the sustainability advantages of your MPS program on more than a few sales calls. How is it going? If you don’t seem to be getting the responses you’d like, maybe now is the time for a look in the mirror to objectively evaluate how compelling your sustainability sales pitch really is.

 To support the need for your MPS business to prosper with a strong sustainability value proposition, here are some recurring comments we hear from other managed print providers on a regular basis.

 “The higher the level of our contact in an account, the higher sustainability rises in the buying criteria”

Studies show that the higher the level of contact you’re selling to within an organization, the greater the importance of partnering with responsible partners that can complement a C-Level leaders carbon footprint reduction strategy.  Conversely, when you sell to the mid to lower level stakeholders within an organization, price focused discussions tend to supersede a vendor’s ability to help the prospect “go green”.

So our first green question would be - Are you and your reps calling high enough in accounts for your MPS sustainability pitch to stick?

“In addition to cost savings, our ability to present a greener print strategy wins us a lot of deals”

From what we see in the field, today’s economy absolutely demands price competitiveness to win monochrome and color pages under contract. That being said, a strong Managed Print value proposition that includes the combination of a fair price, quality service, ease of doing business, vendor accountability and a compelling sustainability program seem to be a winning formula for many of our dealers.

So our second green question is - Do your MPS proposals showcase specifically how you will reduce a prospect’s carbon footprint once your managed print program is implemented?

“More and more RFPs require imaging vendors to articulate the sustainability attributes of their MPS programs”

If you’re like most successful MPS providers, you’re approaching larger accounts that use a formal tender process to evaluate potential vendors. When we assist our dealers responding to RFPs; we consistently see specific language asking the dealer to describe and validate how their managed print solution can help reduce an organization’s carbon footprint.

So green question number three is – Do you have MPS sales collaterals such as videos, brochures and case studies to showcase your sustainability story?

With few exceptions, here are the top 4 business benefits your business will enjoy with an effective sustainability component within your MPS value proposition.  

Benefits of a Greener MPS Program

  • More C-Level Engagements
  • Competitive Differentiation
  • Higher Margins
  • Quantifiable Carbon Footprint reduction

Are you looking to make your MPS program greener? With Earth Day quickly approaching, maybe now is the time re-evaluate whether or not your current managed print offering is as green as it can be.

Thinking MPS? THINK LMI.

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Print Cartridge Recycling: Stats and Facts

Posted by Gary Willert on Thu, May 23, 2013 @ 12:23 PM


If you missed our ZERO LANDFILL presentations at three of the managed print industries' most recent MPS conferences including the Photizo Transform Event, the ITEX Show, or the Executive Connection Summit with our Technology United partners, here are some of the shocking print cartridge recycling stats and facts we discussed.

· 70% of toner cartridges are placed directly into trash containers and are not recycled

You know this happens all too often in offices every day. Your MPS program can stop this type of unnecessary waste with proper employee awareness and the implementation of a formal cartridge recycling program.

· It takes over 1000 years for a print cartridge to fully decompose in a landfill site

Think about how many generations this type of discretionary landfill will affect. By implementing a ZERO LANDFILL program with your customers today, you can make a very positive impact by recycling 100% of cartridge components.

· Burning, exporting, and landfill are unfortunately common outcomes of most cartridge recycling programs

Have you ever wondered what happens to those undesirable, cracked or broken print cartridges that can’t be remanufactured or recycled into consumer products? The sad reality is that the vast majority of those cartridges and their components are incinerated which creates air pollution, shipped overseas which places our burden on somebody else, or the unwanted components end up in domestic landfill sites where it can take centuries to decompose.

Unfortunately, not all print cartridges and cartridge components are recycled into park benches, picture frames or other items. This is why LMI Solutions is leading the way with our ZERO LANDFILL print cartridge recycling programs and the launch of our new ZERO LANDFILL SALES KIT for LMI dealers.

Here is a video our MPS dealers now display on their websites to explain what we call “THE UNTOLD TRUTH ABOUT PRINT CARTRIDGE RECYCLING”.

At the MPS conferences above, we asked over 400 MPS providers if they really explain the what, where and how of their current cartridge recycling program – the survey results were shocking.

417 MPS providers were surveyed. None of them said they were 100% comfortable articulating what exactly happens to the used cartridges that leave their customer's office.

Maybe this is an opportunity for you? An opportunity to make your MPS value proposition greener and help you differentiate your MPS program from your local competitors and add some more green to your bottom line.

Do you have a question or comment about recycling practices for monochrome or color print cartridges in your managed print program? Please let us know so we can help!

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