Tips To Sell Your Print Assessment Software To Reluctant MPS Prospects

Posted by LMI Dealer Content Team on Thu, Jun 18, 2015 @ 12:30 PM

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Convincing an IT person to load your data collection software onto their network isn’t always easy. If you’ve been selling Managed Print for more than a week, you’ve probably faced resistance in some shape or form around potential security risks, the need for higher level approval or delays in the sales cycle because there is no compelling reason to do it.

On the flip side, you know the wealth of information that pours into your desktop once you get visibility into an organization's printing activities and costs.

So what should you do? We asked some of the 3,000 reps who’ve completed our 2015 Peak Performance MPS Sales Training program and here is the list of field proven best practices to validate what you’re currently doing or trying with some of your prospects:

Engage Your Subject Matter Expert (SME) Sooner - The feedback we received was that most reps are underprepared to go toe-to-toe with an IT professional. As a result, they make mistakes in explaining how the software works, they lose credibility and damage their sales cycle.

Freshen Up Your Talk Tracks – Test your presentation and responses to common objections with your SME or an IT professional who can explain the technology to you. Role playing has sadly become a lost art in most sales organizations but elite sellers know the power of candid third party feedback as a way to improve.

Ask Customers To Coach You – Customers who allowed you to deploy your print assessment software will be your best teachers if you ask and listen.

Bring Your Security Whitepaper – There is an old saying “words are just words, but documents are documents.” Sometimes the prospect won’t even read the whitepaper, but the simple fact that you have one can make you more convincing (we’ve seen reps highlighting specific areas on the whitepaper to shortcut the process of review).

Show References – There is always comfort in knowing you are not the only one, isn’t there?

Build The Benefits – You know what’s in it for you, but are you providing enough WIIFMs (What’s In It For Me) to make your print assessment more compelling from the other side of the desk?

Call Higher – Without a C Level sponsor, chances are you are going to be put in line behind all the other vendors calling on the IT or facilities person. Senior level endorsement always creates a compelling event and minimizes resistance. 

As we mentioned earlier, perhaps you are already doing some of these things. If so, great! If not, maybe now is the time to retool the way you sell your print management software.

Your teammates at LMI have the unique advantage of seeing what works and what doesn’t based on our experience with hundreds of Managed Print providers. Let us know if we can help you or your sales team be more successful. We're ready when you are.  


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