3 Scary Office Printing Realities

Posted by Gary Willert on Tue, Oct 28, 2014 @ 04:35 PM

halloween (1)Halloween is here so it’s the perfect time to highlight three of the most frightful office printing realities that many companies face. Many of your clients and potential customers are probably already aware of some of these scary facts—each one stemming from the fact that most offices don’t have effective print rules in place.

A good Managed Print Solution could solve these printing issues, but without one in place, many companies face the scary realization that:

1.    Every time someone hits “print”- they make a buying decision

2.    17 % of printed pages are never used – avoidable waste

3.    Up to 80 % of print cartridges go into the trash - more landfill

Let’s start by investigating the first frightful reality.

End users make a buying decision every time they press print
Unless your customers are managing their print environment, it’s likely they have no idea how much they’re printing or spending on a daily or monthly basis. So every time someone in their company hits the print button, that person is essentially making a buying decision between a penny to a dollar a page depending on the coverage in monochrome or color.

“Not having a print management program in place is like having a gas pump in your employee parking lot and hoping that people adhere to the honor system and only take what they are supposed to.”

17% of printed pages are never used
YIKES – that’s a lot of unnecessary waste, expense and trees! Having print rules in place can eliminate this frightful fact by ensuring that only certain types of documents can be printed. With a managed print program, your clients would be able to establish greener print rules and digital strategies to eliminate avoidable waste in their office. 

60-80% of used print cartridges go directly into trashcans
This is a scary fact for your clients and for our planet, too. Instead of being properly recycled, between 60 and 80% of print cartridges get put in the trash can and are sent directly to landfill sites. Once there, it can take over 1000 years for a print cartridge to fully decompose. As an alternative, why not offer your customers our complimentary Zero Landfill Recycling services?

Managed Print Services - help your clients avoid these scary realities
As a managed print provider, you can provide a much needed managed print program that will help your customers eliminate all three of these wasteful and costly truths. Watching what you print and how much you are spending on office printing is simply smart business. Recycling used cartridges instead of just throwing them out is the right thing to do. If you think about it, there’s no trick to it, the right managed print solution can make office printing a real treat for your customers!

Ask us about eliminating these scary office printing realities for your customers with our turn key approach to growing your business and your profits with a managed print program you can brand your own!

Thinking MPS? THINK LMI.

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