6 Reasons Why MSPs Should Consider Managed Print Services

Posted by LMI Dealer Content Team on Fri, Nov 06, 2015 @ 11:12 AM

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The profile of tomorrow’s Managed Service Provider is likely to continue to morph itself as the appetite to outsource non-core competencies continues to gain momentum. Today’s business leaders know they need to be leaner and meaner than ever; especially SMBs, a segment that most MSPs are focusing on right now.

Over 70% of Managed Print agreements are either initiated, or approved, by the IT leader in SMB accounts.
Managed Print Consulting, 2015

As their customer’s needs change, so will the stack of services MSPs will offer to meet the demand for new technologies, products and services to grow their recurring revenues. Some call it “winning more wallet share” through traditional and nontraditional offerings that solve business problems.

If you own the network, why not include printers and consumables in your stack of services as well? Advancements in remote monitoring and supplies fulfilment now make it easier than ever to deliver Managed Print Services under your company brand.

Here are 6 reasons why MSPs added Managed Print Services to their stack in 2015:

  1. Lucrative Margins - Most Managed Print Providers are making 30% to 50% gross margins each and every month. You receive a wholesale cost-per-page that includes everything you and your customer need to print in black and white and color.
  2. Recurring Revenue - Most Managed Print agreements are for a three year term with auto renewal options to extend the customer’s commitment.
  3. Same Buyer - Over 70% of Managed Print agreements are either initiated, or approved, by the IT leader in SMB accounts. Printing is perceived by most IT leaders as the bane of computing.
  4. Account Protection - The more end points you manage, the stickier you are with the customer.
  5. Account Acquisition - Some MSPs do not offer Managed Print Services, making it a vulnerability you can capitalize on as a point of entry.
  6. Turn Key Infrastructure - You simply sell the Managed Print Service and your customers will receive the products, service and support with little to no effort on your part.  

Whether you’re an IT VAR, an MSP or a CSP, you are probably looking for creative ways to scale your business and grow your recurring revenues. For many of the larger MSPs in North America, Managed Print Services has been proven to strengthen their value proposition and their bottom line with nominal effort.

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How to Create a Compelling MPS Value Proposition

Posted by Gary Willert on Fri, Dec 21, 2012 @ 10:29 AM

How to Create a Compelling MPS Value Proposition

Selling a service like Managed Print Services can be a refreshing change from selling hardware if you’re looking to elevate your level of contact, improve your client’s print environment, and put more money in your pocket.

Not unlike the traditional grind of selling boxes for a living, you still need to win the business to convert your efforts into some loyal customers. So how do you win more MPS deals? One answer is, you need a compelling value proposition to counter your competitors offering.

At LMI, our compatible monochrome and color toner cartridges are now used by over 700 dealers throughout Unites States and Canada, many of them are packaging our compatible toner products with their own branding as part of their managed service program. With very few exceptions, the top performing MPS companies consistently work hard to keep their value proposition sharp.

Here are some of the strategies they have found successful in crafting their value proposition, perhaps you can benefit from their experience.

Know your competition – if you haven’t “googled” managed print services in your area in a while, it’s a quarterly exercise the elite providers do to stay abreast of who is selling managed print in their area and how they are packaging it. In today’s social business environment, it’s easy to collect this critical competitive data to help you shape your value proposition to be unique.

Make it Unique – from satisfaction guarantees, to advanced toner cartridge recycling programs, to planting a tree in exchange for every ten thousand pages printed (the average usage by a typical office worker every year), you too can benefit from a creative spin that separates your MPS program from the rest!

Green it up! – We are seeing more and more managed print RFP’s asking for sustainability elements from our dealers. Showing that your MPS program can reduce a company’s carbon footprint tends to appeal to the C-Level and you can usually make significant strides towards a greener print strategy by offering green solutions such as a free cartridge return program, print reduction strategies, and saving energy opportunities.

Make it consistent – here’s a question for you…if you currently offer managed print services and we asked each of your customer facing people to tell us your MPS value proposition, could they do it? Would the value proposition be consistent throughout your sales force, among your service technicians, and your customer service team? Shouldn’t everybody who touches your valuable customers know your MPS anthem and be able to sing it word for word?

Ask Customers to help – your customers and prospects can be the ultimate coaches when it comes to shaping your value proposition to be customer centric and unique. Ask customers what they are seeing and hearing from other MPS providers, ask them what they would like beyond that and you may find the silver bullet you’re looking for.

Include References – your customers may love you and your company but sometimes it’s comforting when a vendor can back up their value proposition with a relevant customer references. You too can make your value proposition even more compelling by explaining the business outcomes your MPS program is currently achieving with “like” clients.

Showcase it on your website - last but not least, make sure you showcase your value proposition on your website. According to Gartner, 70% of consumers now perform online research about a potential product or service before making a buying decision so make sure your website is a 24x7 sales machine that clearly articulates why an MPS prospect should select your company.

These ideas are helping our LMI MPS dealer win more business and grow their profits. Maybe now is the time to re-evaluate your value proposition for the year ahead

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