Extending Your Service Offerings with Managed Print Services

Posted by LMI Dealer Content Team on Fri, Nov 28, 2014 @ 01:10 PM

MPS and ITIT service providers are transitioning from a break-fix service model (where they respond when there is an IT problem) to a cost-per-seat or user license. This shift from being reactive to proactive helps them improve service levels with new monitoring software that detects problems before the client is aware and (perhaps the best part) helps them create predictable recurring revenue streams that improve their cash flow and grow the value of their business.

5 Popular Reasons Why IT Service Providers are Getting Into Managed Print

  1. Market Demand – recent studies by the consulting firm Photizo Group indicate that 72% of small to medium-sized businesses have no managed print program. This spells immense opportunity for more IT value-added resellers (VARs) and other IT service providers that live in the SMB space.  While many of the so called “large enterprise” accounts may be under some form of MPS program, our experience suggests that there’s more opportunity for local providers and higher margins in the SMB marketplace.    
  2. Account Protection – recent studies indicated that there could be as many as 80,000 IT service providers now operating in the United States, offering their own spin on responsive and proactive IT support. But there are new competitors now speaking to their IT decision makers. These are sales reps representing imaging dealers crossing the chasm from selling copiers and managed print, now offering managed IT services. Because of this, many IT service providers now offer managed print services as a means of keeping other providers out of their marquee accounts. 
  3. Easy to Bundle – with the growing popularity of managed IT services now being offered on a cost-per-seat or user basis, it’s also becoming easy to add office printing to your stack of IT services. Office printing has always been a low value annoyance for IT professionals so the thought of eliminating the burden from help desks to desk-side support may be popular for your clients. Contact us to help you create a simple cost-per-seat or a cost-per-impression model for your clients! 
  4. Infrastructure can be outsourced – most IT providers want to focus on their core competency – not shipping toner cartridges and managing inventory. Recent advancements in monitoring technology and fulfillment methodologies (for print consumables and on-site service) allow progressive IT service providers to brand their own managed print program and let the MPS experts do what they do best. The IT service provider retains the customer as their own and has full visibility into account activities and opportunities to expand their footprint with managed print. 
  5. Differentiation – if you placed most IT service providers’ stack of services beside each other, it may be hard for an uninfluenced IT buyer to distinguish vendors beyond price. Adding managed print to your service stack provides your clients with vendor simplification, less invoices and even more accountability vs. another IT provider that may not offer managed print services.

If you’re an IT services provider looking to expand within your current accounts or attract new recurring revenues from existing or new customers, maybe now is the time to consider a RISK FREE cost-per-image managed print program. All you need to do is sell it and collect the profits every month while your teammates at LMI Solutions deliver the products, service and support under your brand or label. Some call it easy money. We call it PageTrac CPI.

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Remanufactured Printers – 9 HUGE Benefits for MPS Providers!

Posted by Gary Willert on Fri, Jun 20, 2014 @ 02:48 PM

reman printer

Still wondering if remanufactured laser printers are right for your business?

Since we acquired Global Printer Services, our team of industry experts has scoured the managed print marketplace to provide you with some real world insight as to why so many of the nations top MPS providers are leveraging remanufactured printers as a strategic component to secure more pages and more profit on their dealerships P&L.

Click here to see how printers are remanufactured and here are 9 reasons you may want to consider including remanufactured printers within your MPS strategy:

  1. The Environment

On a recent RFP for an MPS contract in the education marketplace, the customer placed 20% of the decision criteria on the vendor’s ability to deliver a “greener print strategy”. With the ability to recycle 85% of printer components, remanufactured printers can lead to a very compelling value proposition for sustainability driven prospects and tenders vs. buying new. Add in our Zero Landfill recycling services and you could be ahead of your competition!

  1. MPS Profitability

Most of the top MPS providers in the country would agree that one of our LMI remanufactured printers (ex HP 4000 series) running our LMI MaxLife Series print cartridges could be the most profitable combination on the planet. Next time your prospect tells you that your cost per page is too high, remember what you just read here and give us the chance to help you win the deal.

  1. Full Warranty

Your customers may ask for product warranties but normally that falls on your shoulders when you bill an all included cost per page in mono or color printing agreement. The good news is that each of our remanufactured printers comes with a full warranty so you and your customer are covered.

  1. Parts & Service Availability

You know the aftermarket industry tries hard to keep up with the latest OEM product and consumable releases, but have you ever thought about your poor technicians? Perhaps the biggest benefit is the comfort level in knowing there are plenty of parts available on printers that have been around for a few years. Plus, most dealers tell us their service personnel and/or 3rd party service providers tend to be more proficient fixing the older models because they have worked on them before.

  1. Consumable Selection

Just like the vast availability of parts for remanufactured models, you should expect the same readiness when it comes to fulfilling consumable orders. No stock outs, no waiting for another boat to cross the ocean, no more apologizing to customers. From a toner manufacturer’s perspective, the HP 4000 series continues to be the most demanded line of toner cartridges even though those models have long left the showroom floor. That’s a fact!

  1. User Interface (UI) Consistency

Imagine a world where every printer your customer walks up to has the same user interface. The same paper access areas and the identical cartridge you to ship and them to store. Can you picture it? Less confusion, simplified inventory, and a whole lot less stress for you and the end users. For those MPS clients who place a value on end user productivity, the opportunity to offer all staff the same device at all locations can be extremely compelling.

  1. Ink Jet Replacement

If you’ve sold managed print services for more than a month, you’ve already figured out that you need a replacement strategy to unhook those nasty ink jet printers from the arms of end users claiming they need their own print device. One dealer told us if you filled the gas tank on your car with ink jet liquid toner it would cost over $30,000!!! Yes, that’s right! So the question becomes, how do you replace the next profit eating ink jet that shows up on your print assessment? With the new low cost of remanufactured, field proven laser printers, now you can afford to bundle in an upgrade and convert that ink jet volume to profitable pages on your laser devices.

  1. Hot Swap Readiness

Because of the low cost and high perceived value of having a “back up printer’ ready to go, many dealers are now including “printer hot swaps” as part of their MPS value proposition. They do this by storing extra remanufactured printers on the customer’s site or their own site to be quickly delivered to replace a problematic printer. High perceived value at a low low cost.

   9.  Single Vendor Accountability

In case you missed the breaking news about our recent acquisition of Global Printer Services, here's a video below showcasing you newest advantage as an LMI Partner.

You know your customers and your MPS business best. These just seemed like some pretty compelling reasons other MPS providers shared and we thought you would like to know when dealing with today’s value driven customer.

For more information on how other dealers are winning with quality remanufactured printers, ask an LMI representative today!

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Do You Know Where Your Used Cartridges Are Going?

Posted by Gary Willert on Wed, Jul 17, 2013 @ 12:59 PM

What happens to your recycled print cartridges?

In the last 90 days, we have had the opportunity to present our new ZERO LANDFILL Cartridge Recycling Program to hundreds of dealers at some of the industries most recognized MPS conferences.

At each event we asked MPS providers this basic question;

Do you know what happens to the used print cartridges that are removed from your customer’s office as part of your recycling program?


417 – MPS Dealers did not know

3 – MPS Dealers could articulate what happens

The shocking reality we found is that nobody really seems to know.

If you’re like many of our MPS dealers who promote our complimentary toner cartridge return programs, or the sustainability attributes of an LMI remanufactured monochrome or color toner cartridge over an OEM cartridge, we think you and your reps may want to be prepared to explain your cartridge recycling program in more detail. In fact since we raised the topic, many of our dealers are telling us that more and more of their MPS prospects are starting to request definitive information on the vendors recycling practices within their RFPs as they shortlist potential managed print vendors.

If you are questioning if your sales representatives may soon be asked to explain your cartridge recycling program in more detail, Google the term “Managed Print Services Request For Proposal” in your area and look at some of the questions being asked to measure a vendors ability to align with the organizations sustainability objectives. A low cost per impression may win some MPS deals but combining a fair price with a strong recycling program may provide you with that “Unique MPS Selling Proposition” you’re looking for to separate yourself from competition.  This will help you win more pages under contract to build that recurring revenue and stickiness you want from your MPS business.

As you may know, we recently launched our turn key ZERO LANDFILL cartridge recycling program for LMI dealers supported by the industries first ZERO LANDFILL SALES KIT . The purpose is to provide our LMI dealers and their sales reps with compelling prospecting tools featuring industry statistics, client presentations, and a branded video for your website to clearly articulate what a true Zero Landfill recycling program includes and how it could benefit an MPS prospect.

So the question is - Do you think your salespeople are prepared to answer the question above?

We think we can help if you don’t.

Please share your comments and questions about toner cartridge recycling with us!


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