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If you're actively looking for reasons to attend the World Expo, then you're already half-sold on the idea - or you heard it's in Vegas. You likely already know about its 15-year track record as the industry's premier information-gathering resource, so we won't mention that. Unsurprisingly they are at it again this year with their World Expo 2012 and the Imaging Channel Managed Print Summit, showcasing the latest MPS technologies, keynotes, cutting-edge products and peer-to-peer networking opportunities - from July 17-19.

If a plethora of inside and cutting-edge information isn't enough to convince you, here are 10.5 more convincing reasons to reserve your spot at this year's Expo:

1. It's Vegas!  We haven't known too many people who need much convincing to head to Vegas. And this time you have a legitimate excuse to spend time in Sin City. The expo is at THE most popular convention destination, Vegas, and we've got great deals at the luxurious Mandalay Bay (http://worldexposhow.com/events/world-expo-2012/information/hotel-travel.aspx). That means accommodations with wifi, fitness center, no resort fees—and dozens of shops, restaurants and gaming. And that's just at the hotel. 

2. It's THE Future and YOUR Future 
 The expo IS the future of imaging. People who want, or need, to be on the forefront of the industry need the cutting-edge education that is only available here. Come leverage our expertise for your business and leave with actionable solutions to your toughest imaging challenges. 

3. The Sheer Size of It  
Let's face it, size DOES matter. Size matters because the sheer size of the expo means every attendee finds what they are looking for - and more. With over 60 sessions they've been able to spread out the info over 5 tracks, Business Management, Document & Print Management, Hardware & Supplies Solutions, Sales and Marketing, and Managed Network Solutions.

4. Solutions from Industry - Leading Suppliers  
If you need a solution, you should get it from the best in the industry. And you find the best in the industry on the ground floor-literally, on the show floor. The World Expo is THE place to discover and evaluate new solutions.

5. Maximized ROI
  Evaluating solutions is a costly process; it can include traveling to vendors, spending time discovering then evaluating solutions and even more time on back and forth communiqués with prospective vendors. The time and money saved by having them all in one place is critical to staying on budget for your upcoming projects. 

6. Connect and Network with Industry Professionals  

You didn't make it to where you are without understanding the importance of networking and industry connections. With dozens of presenters and keynotes, thousands of attendees and a heap of vendors and service providers the World Expo has unbeatable networking and connection opportunities. 

7. The Readers Choice Awards  The Readers Choice Awards go beyond just paying respect to the people who have earned it - it's also about eating, drinking and networking. This year everyone's invited to come to the Town Square on the show floor, Wednesday at 4:30pm to be a part of the fun.

8. Live Product Demonstrations  Live product demonstrations are a great way to get your hands onto new technology, to get a real feel for it. This is a must for hands-on learners. The Managed Print Pavilion has several demonstrations every day, so you’ll get a firsthand look at the latest products and technologies - and an understanding about how they fit into your current solutions and business model. 

9. More Bang for Your Buck  
Between the 2 days of the World Expo and the Imaging Channel Managed Print Summit the day before you will meet some of the biggest innovators in the business, and learn about their new IT security, embedded technology, sales solutions, managed services solutions, and more.

10. Multiple MPS Solutions, One Convenient Location  
Just try asking your potential MPS vendors to meet you for a competitive analysis all in one place. It certainly isn't in their best interest but it is in yours. The expo gives you exactly that opportunity. It cuts down on solution discovery, evaluation time and travel time - all the while giving you increased options for solutions.

10.5 THE LMI WORLD EXPO PROMO – SAVE 20% on Color Toner!  
Hopefully we've convinced you already of the incredible value and importance of the expo. But if you still happen to be on the fence here is the clincher - we've got a 20% off promo (www.lmisolutions.com/worldexpo). Let us show you how to EAT YOUR COMPETITORS LUNCH with our new DELTA-E Color Toner Series www.lmisolutions.com/color and latest lineup of MPS lead generation services.

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So, start packing your bags today and we'll see you in Vegas!

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Managed Print Proposals: Larry Cohen's 3 Best Practices

Posted by Gary Willert on Fri, May 18, 2012 @ 10:50 AM

MPS Proposals 3 Best Practices

While trade show booths can be highly-effective at establishing new customer relationships, even trade shows can't replace the invaluable customer intelligence that you get from an on-premise customer visit. It's definitely worth the travel time.

During an on-site customer visit you can not only glean information about their Managed Print Services (MPS) environment but also can tell them why they are, or aren't, successful with their current MPS strategy. This approach is time-tested and true, and is exactly what happened when Larry Cohen, former VP of MPS for CARR Business Systems (in NYC), visited a potential client he met at the ITEX Show.

After they agreed to an on-site visit Larry showed up and, as-per-usual he proceeded to fire-off a series of targeted business process questions. 

After a tour and meet-n'-greet with the people on the frontline of their MPS business, Larry had found 11 quick-hit opportunities that could immediately help them to grow both their top and bottom line. These opportunities included improvement in their MPS proposal template, a suggestion that the company quickly lapped up. 

Out of visits like these, and trial and error, Larry has developed his 3 MPS Proposal Best Practices:

    1.    Ask for a Customer Review
 Who better to tell you how your MPS customer proposal came across than the customer you proposed it to. MPS proposals take time and refining to perfect, so after your proposal has been made—and accepted or rejected--, ask your customer for feedback on what you could do better. Larry recommends that every VAR selling MPS services in the ever-competitive MPS arena go back to at least 3 clients who selected them over their competition and learn why. Then be sure to play on those strengths moving forward. If you feel uncomfortable meeting with a customer to discuss previous proposals then consider bringing it up during a scheduled meeting like a quarterly on-site or teleconference review.

    2.    Ask your Customers What THEY Want in their MPS Proposal 
The quickest way to information is to ask the source. If you ask your (potential) customer(s) exactly what they are looking for they will not only tell you but likely be glad that you were concerned enough to ask. Larry calls this de-complicating the sales process, a process that salespeople often make needlessly convoluted. He also recommends, in addition to asking them what they want, to have multiple versions of your proposal on hand for each rep and customer. Consider tailored proposals that include small details, after all it worked for Larry when he won-over a potential customer after showing them a few simple ways to reshape their 2012 template to suit the specific needs of prospect’s profile.

    3.    Use Successful MPS References 
Larry has worked with many VAR reps, many of whom manage 40+ clients yet fail to mention a single one of their successes with their other clients in their proposals. When chatting with a specific rep about this the rep expressed discomfort displaying the names of current clients. In this case Larry recommends using vertical-based examples instead, or simply ask your client whether they would mind you using their company name on your client list (and if they say yes, ask them for a recommendation). Keep in mind, if you're competitors are using references and you aren't who is more likely to get the contract?

So, if you’re like most MPS provider reps who have invested in client lists, marketing materials, CRM software and everywhere else but their proposals, hopefully this is will be a customer-centric wake up call for you.

If you are curious how your current MPS proposal template stacks up, send us a preview and we'll give you feedback about how yours compares. And if you have a great proposal idea that is winning over your customers, be sure to tell us about it!


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