How to Sell Monochrome MPS Programs

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Sometimes going counter flow to what everyone else is doing can create opportunities. This may be the case as we see some elite MPS providers selling away from color output devices with extremely cost conscious customers. They say today's value driven buyer is happy to simplify and save money by restricting users to black and white output only.

The Math:

A typical office color printer that prints 2,000 pages/month in monochrome at 3 cents/page, and 2,000 pages/month in color at 8 cents/page, would cost $220 per month.

A typical office monochrome printer that prints 4,000 pages/month at 3 cents/page would cost $120 per month. That’s $100 less per printer, per month.

Popular Markets:

  • Government
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Accounting

To sell monochrome only programs effectively you need to have the right cost-conscious prospect and know how to sell against a print strategy that includes color devices.

Selling Points of a Monochrome Managed Print Program:

  • Less Expensive – The cost of consumables (toner) to operate a monochrome device is exponentially less expensive than for a color printer.
  • Ultimate Color Control – Users are forced to print in black and white.
  • Simplified Supplies – One monochrome toner cartridge vs. four cartridges (cyan, magenta, yellow and black) for staff to know how to change.
  • Easy Access to High Quality / Yield Remanufactured Cartridges – Selecting the right monochrome printer makes it easy to source high quality remanufactured cartridges with up to 200% more impressions between cartridge changes. That’s less shipping, handling and inventory for you and the customer.
  • 100% Recycled – Both printers and print cartridges can be recycled for future use and avoid landfill.
  • Service Benefits – Monochrome printers tend to have less service issues and fewer quality fluctuations requiring a service call.

You know your customers best. Proposing a  monochrome Managed Print Program vs a color program may not be your lead strategy, but in some cases, a simplified and more economical approach may be a benefit to you and your customers.


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5 Money-Making New Year’s Resolutions for MPS Sales Managers

Posted by LMI Dealer Content Team on Wed, Dec 21, 2016 @ 03:19 PM


One of the quickest ways to grow your sales results and your income next year is to strengthen the competency of your sales managers. With turnover rates in the imaging industry red-lining now in the 60% range (mostly metro centers), it’s hard to argue with the need for a strong sales leader. A recent survey of sales professionals also revealed that the number one reason people quit a sales position is because they don’t like the person they work for. If you have ever worked for a great sales manager, you know what a difference they can make.

To help you and your sales managers succeed, here are five New Year’s resolutions to consider:

1. Focus on sales skill development – not just results. 

It’s hard not to focus solely on the numbers, but if you don’t teach your salespeople the art of selling, they may never become self-sufficient – and stay! Most adults learn by doing, so the key to building selling skills is ongoing reinforcement. Try to create some form of ongoing weekly sales skill development exercise as part of every sales meeting agenda.

2. Create individual rep development plans – focus on the person. 

Every sales rep is different. Each has their own selling style, their own unique motivations and certainly their own expectations. This is why successful sales managers have a specific plan for each rep on their team. The plan is based on their profile including a realistic view of their strengths and weaknesses. Coaching everyone the same may work for some, but not all.

3. Make sales meetings productive – don’t waste people’s time.

Have you ever attended a sales meeting that could have been handled in an email? If you’ve sold for more than three months, chances are you have seen your share of wasted selling time: long, boring PowerPoint presentations, product info that could have been emailed or meetings that lack a structured agenda. Elite sales managers have a meeting agenda, a meeting plan and then they execute on that plan. Think about it, in professional sports would you ever catch a coach without a practice plan?

4. Inject some FUN in the job – keep things positive.

Customers can be extremely challenging and common sense suggests that people will endure more and try harder if they enjoy going to work. That’s not always an easy task which is why the culture of the sales department must be upbeat and positive. Great sales managers have a way of creating fun contests and humorous challenges that make work fun while generating bigger sales results! 

5. Spend more time in the field – but be prepared.

We all act differently in front of a customer. Some can act good...and some, not so good. Take the new hire for example. Who really knows what they’re saying (or not saying) to a customer. Sometimes it can be scary for sales managers to see how their reps engage with a real live customer. Spending more time in the field allows the sales manager to impact more deals, observe the rep's selling skills first hand and coach better than they could behind their desk. If job shadowing isn’t part of your current sales management process, you may be missing a big opportunity to develop people and achieve bigger sales results.

Do you need help with MPS sales training or new hire selling skills? Now may be the time to view what North America’s top Managed Print providers are doing to grow their businesses and their profits.  Engage us today to learn more!



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The scene: you’re meeting with a person who has the authority to make a buying decision for their company and you want to find out if there’s an opportunity to sell them Managed Print Services

Here are five field tested questions to ask, and why they are so effective:

1. Do you have a formal “print policy” in place for your office workers?

By definition, an office policy is usually a proposed and agreed upon way to act or conduct oneself as a member of an organization. Most businesses have established policies for cellphone usage, travel expenses and other operating expenses, but not office printing. In fact, according to a recent study of small and medium-sized businesses, 90% of them admitted they have no policy pertaining to office printing. With no policy in place, it’s fairly obvious that office printing volumes, abuse of color print and other issues may be happening. 

2. Do you have user print restrictions in place?

With no restrictions on what you can print or how much, companies are undoubtedly printing more and spending more than they need to. Implementing user restrictions is a very compelling reason for companies to make the shift from an unmanaged to a managed print environment. Without user restrictions, print-related budgets become unpredictable and office workers tend to print without thinking, causing avoidable waste and expense.  

3. Do you use OEM print cartridges?

In today’s value driven business climate, offices that still use only print cartridges made by the printer OEM (original equipment manufacturer) are great targets for Managed Print Services on toner savings alone. In most cases, the customer can save anywhere from 20- 60% using remanufactured toner cartridges instead of paying the premium for the brand name on the box. Most customers have made the shift from OEM to remanufactured cartridges on their monochrome printers, but too few are purchasing quality color toner alternatives. This is where the biggest opportunity is; be sure to ask about their color toner purchases.

4. Do you have a print cartridge recycling program in place?

Most organizations don’t know what to do with their empty toner cartridges so they simply place them in the trash can. In fact, a recent study of US businesses showed that 7 out of every 10 empty print cartridges go directly to landfill sites. If a company doesn’t have an easy way to recycle used print cartridges, this can be an excellent way to introduce your Managed Print Services with a sustainability advantage called “Zero Landfill Recycling” most customers will be interested in and appreciate. 

5. How do you currently track usage to control expenses?

There’s an old saying, you can’t manage what you can’t measure. It’s so true when it comes to office printing.  According to research conducted by Gartner, office printing has been ranked a top four business operating expense behind payroll, rent and utilities. When you ask customers if they track their printing expenses, be prepared for them to wander on their answers; again this is another opportunity for you to show the merits you can deliver in the areas of cost visibility and user activity.   

There are plenty of great questions you can ask to create the need for Managed Print Services. These five seem to consistently rank as the most effective because they are easy to ask and they expose areas of opportunity you can help with as an MPS provider. 

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10 Ways to Create More Demand for Your Managed Print Program

Posted by LMI Dealer Content Team on Fri, Sep 23, 2016 @ 11:05 AM


Could you use more prospects in your MPS sales pipeline?

Experienced salespeople and business owners know that the months of October, November and December tend to host a tremendous amount of buying decisions. This is largely due to the fact that most “buyers” are looking to spend whatever remains in their capital or operating budgets if their fiscal year end is December 31st. In fact, according to a recent interview with a nationally recognized accounting firm, December 31st is the fiscal year end for seventy-five percent of small and medium-sized businesses. Aren’t these your prime targets?

"December 31st is the fiscal year end for 75% of small and medium-sized businesses in the United States and Canada." (Click to Tweet)

With all of this spending going on, here are some tried and true ways to create more demand for your Managed Print Services during harvest season.

  1. Review your Website and Social Media Channels - Do you look like a legitimate MPS provider in the eyes of an objective prospect visiting your website? Is your message compelling enough to have interested parties engage you to take the first step?
  1. Google "Managed Print" in Your Area - Research now suggests that over 80% of people now search online for products and services like Managed Print. In many cases they need to get three quotes or may be searching for additional options if the incumbent copier dealer has created the need for MPS. Make sure your website is properly optimized to come up on Google searches for Managed Print in your area or you may be missing more opportunities than you know!
  1. Create an Email Campaign - Crafting and sending an email campaign is easy to do and can be done for less than $50 in many cases. Email services such as Constant Contact or MailChimp will take your email distribution list and send your message to hundreds or thousands of contacts. Plus, you can see who opened your email and who didn’t. Sometimes hiring a professional to do this can help so you have a strong message and a specific spot on your website to direct people to. Like anything, you get out of it, what you put into it.
  1. Plan a Phone Blitz - Let the salespeople dress casual, put some prizes on the line and create some positive energy that drives lots of sales activities. Effective planning, such as call lists and scripts in advance will also go a long way to creating lots of opportunities and demand for MPS.
  1. Create Target Account Lists - Focus your reps on specific accounts with laser beam focus. Leverage social tools such as LinkedIn to search for contacts within targeted accounts so you’re not calling in cold.
  1. Host an Open House - Yes, there is some effort and expense here, but can anything replace a face-to-face conversation with a potential prospect? Door prizes are great but most dealers find that offering knowledge modules or learning sessions tend to drive higher attendance than just offering a free lunch to lure people into your demo room.
  1. Host a Webex - Scale your message with a compelling WebEx topic! Name your WebEx like a movie or something unique that will make people want to join you online. Record your WebEx and make it a 24 x 7 commercial for your MPS services as well!
  1. Test Your Sales Representatives' Prospecting Skills - Most good tradespeople will check their tools to make sure they are working properly before they begin a job. The question is, do your salespeople need sales training or a skill refresher to tighten up on prospecting techniques and handling objections? Don’t assume your people are ready! Top dealers are inspecting the skills of new and tenured reps to make sure they maximize every opportunity to create more demand with a strong value proposition and rehearsed responses to everyday objections.
  1. Insert Some Invoice Stuffers - You’ve probably done this before to offer a promotion or make an announcement. These are easy to do and can be a tremendous way to let your current customers know you are in the Managed Print business if they don’t know already!
  1. Advertise MPS in your Email signatures - Look at your email signature. Does it have a link to your website or a link for someone to click on and go see your MPS value proposition. If you haven’t done so already, look to add a link below your company email signature for anyone that communicates with customers. Include salespeople, administrators and service personnel. This will give you a chance on every email to make more people aware that you’re in the MPS business.


If there’s a time of year to really focus on boosting your consideration rates, it’s now. Beyond traditional demand generation media such as print ads, radio and television commercials, these ideas are tried and true demand generators now used by elite MPS providers. The key is to pick one or more and execute them well.

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Extending Your Service Offerings with Managed Print Services

Posted by LMI Dealer Content Team on Fri, Nov 28, 2014 @ 01:10 PM

MPS and ITIT service providers are transitioning from a break-fix service model (where they respond when there is an IT problem) to a cost-per-seat or user license. This shift from being reactive to proactive helps them improve service levels with new monitoring software that detects problems before the client is aware and (perhaps the best part) helps them create predictable recurring revenue streams that improve their cash flow and grow the value of their business.

5 Popular Reasons Why IT Service Providers are Getting Into Managed Print

  1. Market Demand – recent studies by the consulting firm Photizo Group indicate that 72% of small to medium-sized businesses have no managed print program. This spells immense opportunity for more IT value-added resellers (VARs) and other IT service providers that live in the SMB space.  While many of the so called “large enterprise” accounts may be under some form of MPS program, our experience suggests that there’s more opportunity for local providers and higher margins in the SMB marketplace.    
  2. Account Protection – recent studies indicated that there could be as many as 80,000 IT service providers now operating in the United States, offering their own spin on responsive and proactive IT support. But there are new competitors now speaking to their IT decision makers. These are sales reps representing imaging dealers crossing the chasm from selling copiers and managed print, now offering managed IT services. Because of this, many IT service providers now offer managed print services as a means of keeping other providers out of their marquee accounts. 
  3. Easy to Bundle – with the growing popularity of managed IT services now being offered on a cost-per-seat or user basis, it’s also becoming easy to add office printing to your stack of IT services. Office printing has always been a low value annoyance for IT professionals so the thought of eliminating the burden from help desks to desk-side support may be popular for your clients. Contact us to help you create a simple cost-per-seat or a cost-per-impression model for your clients! 
  4. Infrastructure can be outsourced – most IT providers want to focus on their core competency – not shipping toner cartridges and managing inventory. Recent advancements in monitoring technology and fulfillment methodologies (for print consumables and on-site service) allow progressive IT service providers to brand their own managed print program and let the MPS experts do what they do best. The IT service provider retains the customer as their own and has full visibility into account activities and opportunities to expand their footprint with managed print. 
  5. Differentiation – if you placed most IT service providers’ stack of services beside each other, it may be hard for an uninfluenced IT buyer to distinguish vendors beyond price. Adding managed print to your service stack provides your clients with vendor simplification, less invoices and even more accountability vs. another IT provider that may not offer managed print services.

If you’re an IT services provider looking to expand within your current accounts or attract new recurring revenues from existing or new customers, maybe now is the time to consider a RISK FREE cost-per-image managed print program. All you need to do is sell it and collect the profits every month while your teammates at LMI Solutions deliver the products, service and support under your brand or label. Some call it easy money. We call it PageTrac CPI.

Click to learn more about your potential as our partner with the 2014 LMI News!

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Official Managed Print “Win Rate” Checklist - How Do YOU Stack Up?

Posted by Gary Willert on Thu, May 15, 2014 @ 09:55 AM

lmi checklist1 resized 600

In today’s tough economic climate, your business needs to stand out from all of your competitors. There are a lot of companies selling Managed Print Services, what makes your company different? Here’s a breakdown of five areas that are often overlooked, but play a huge role in making your business shine!

1.  As more business now begins online, you’ll need a strong website.

Today, your website is your new storefront. Study after study has found that 80% of customers search online before engaging a seller. Customers have already researched and formed a strong opinion before ever engaging. If you’re selling MPS, it needs to be prominently placed on your website, noticeable and easy to find on your home page.

2.  You need to have a persuasive presentation online and off.

Today’s consumer is more savvy and educated than ever before. You need to convince them that you have the solution to resolve their pain point. Keep the message simple avoid text laden PowerPoint slides. Explain the benefits of Managed Print Services and offer to schedule a print assessment.  You are your presentation, your props, your voice, your body language and your message. This combination leads to success!

3.  Be prepared for objections, be ready to respond.

Is your sales team ready for objections? Practice makes perfect. Try teaming your sales reps for a little role playing. Have one assume the role of customer and hit the other with the real life resistance that they’d encounter on a pitch. How did they do? Prepare your team to deal with objections.

4.  Put your suppliers in place. Have manufacturers access to high-quality remanufactured cartridges.

The cornerstone of any Managed Print Services program is access to high-quality, low-cost toner supplies. Toner is only one aspect of consumables in a managed print services program, but it makes up to 70% of cost per page and 70% of your profit opportunity as well.  Your toner partner is critical to your profit. High-quality cartridges can minimize service costs due to poor quality toner.

5. Provide an easy to use cartridge recycling program.

You can provide added service and encourage sustainability by putting a recycling program in place. Selling green can be the game changer. Out position your competitor with a turnkey recycling program. Studies have shown that 60 – 80% of all cartridges end up in landfills where they can take up to 1000 years to decompose.

When selling your Managed Print Services program against your competitor, think less about what is different, or what you think is special. Become customer-centric. Think about what they value during all stages of their buying process. Understand and address their pain points. Start by making your website catch their attention and provide them with value. Then prepare a persuasive sales pitch, be prepared for objections, make sure your suppliers are on board and offer value like a turnkey recycling program. If you take these steps, you’ll see your results soar!

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Pros and Cons of CPP (Cost-Per-Page) Managed Print Programs

Posted by LMI Dealer Content Team on Wed, Jul 31, 2013 @ 12:10 PM


We met with a dealer recently who was looking to simplify his Managed Print business with a cost-per-page MPS infrastructure program supported by LMI.

He’s been selling Managed Print for a couple of years and was interested in looking at the advantages of a pure “buy – sell” model where a 3rd party provides the infrastructure on a cost-per-page basis. To help him determine the best option for his business (and possibly yours), here’s what we shared with him regarding what other dealers tell us are the Pros and Cons of a CPP model regardless of whether you partner with LMI’s cost per page model or someone else’s.

How does a CPP (Cost–Per-Page) model work?

The dealer buys a Managed Print Service on a cost per page basis from a vendor partner. The dealer then resells the pages to the end user at a profit to his customer under a Managed Services Agreement.

In this case, the dealer essentially outsources the responsibility of printer supplies, monitoring, and service to a third party. Then a third party like LMI Solutions would manage all moving parts behind the scenes while the dealer signs up customers under their Managed Print Pith their brand or label.

In a basic sense, the dealer becomes a sales agent for the program with the ability to brand the MPS offering their own and resell the pages at a monochrome and color rate per page to his customer. Quite often there is a price sheet that specs out the cost per page based on the printer make and model and volume commitment from the customer.

Essentially this simplifies the reseller’s financial investment and the management associated with the infrastructure required to build a recurring revenue model at minimal cost.

Below are some of the most common Pros and Cons we hear from dealers across the board. Keep in mind that these CPP programs have been around for years and have been tried and tested by the wide variety of MPS providers we serve including traditional Copier Dealers, IT Service Providers, Office Products Retailers, and OEMs as well.

The PROs of CPP (Cost-Per-Page) MPS Reseller Model

  • Low cost of entry to start building recurring revenues
  • Total focus is on sales and customer growth
  • Ability to brand the program your own
  • Visibility into all customer print activities (software access)
  • Scalability to expand easily with page volume growth

The CONs of CPP (Cost-Per-Page) MPS Reseller Model

  • Lower margins because of 3rd party infrastructure costs
  • Lack of control over all customer touch points
  • Exposing customers to 3rd party partners
  • Vulnerability with experienced MPS buyers (lack of accountability)
  • Limited price flexibility

So what should you do? The answer tends to be dependent on where you are at in your managed print business cycle. If you are just starting out in MPS, the CPP model has some very attractive elements that may allow you go to market quicker without having to invest in people, inventory, and technology to manage your customers print environments.

Conversely, we see very few (if any!) tenured MPS providers revert back to the buy-sell CPP model. For them, they like to control their customer experience and the profitability that comes with the do-it-yourself model. Most have read about this for years in industry blogs such as theweekinimaging or popular publications such as Recharger, ImageSource, or Office Technology Magazine.

When you bake it right down, it’s somewhat similar to the decision you make at the gas station when you stop to put gas in your car. Do you want to pay a little extra to have somebody else do it all for you? Or do you want to take a few seconds and pump your own gas and keep the price difference in your own pocket as MPS profit Only you know what’s right for your business and if you’d like to evaluate a customized cost-per-page model for your business, we’d be pleased to share our knowledge and experience as part of your evaluation process.

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Top 10 MPS New Years Resolution - Part 2

Posted by Gary Willert on Wed, Feb 13, 2013 @ 09:30 AM

describe the imageBefore your calendar flips to March, maybe now is the time to reassess your business strategy for the year ahead and make some New Years Resolutions to grow the top and bottom line of your managed print business. Last week we featured the first 5 of the TOP 10 MPS New Years Resolutions we collected from our dealers throughout North America. This week we are proud to share the remaining commitments we heard most often from your peers heading into 2013.

         6.  Reviewing MPS Compensation Plans: there is little doubt amongst  the masses that the right compensation plan will fuel the fire for your sales people to prospect more, propose more, and sell more MPS deals. If you’re looking to get some insight on the hottest MPS compensation plans in the industry – download our FREE 2013 GUIDE TO MPS COMPENSATION – a must read for today’s Managed Print business leader!
           7.  Executing Quarterly Business Reviews: If there was one common gap in the MPS account management process last year, it has to be the absence of formal Quarterly Business Reviews. Now that you’re selling a service and not a box, you need to prioritize these recurring huddles with your customers to grow the business and protect your recurring revenues.
             8.  Optimizing Website for MPS Searches: Have you ever “Googled” Managed Print Services in your area? According to the Gartner Group , 70% of people will perform an online search for a product or service before they engage the vendor. If you need help in this area, check out our new SEO Services. Maybe we can help you get more managed print sales leads from local prospects?
               9.  Growing Page Profitability: Only you know if your customers are open making the shift from OEM to compatible toner. Based on the overwhelming demand for our exclusive Maxlife High Performance Cartridge Series in 2012, the benefits of higher yields, bigger profits for you and a greener print strategy for your customers seems to be catching on!
                 10.  Leveraging Remanufactured Printers: If there are hidden gems in the managed print business, remanufactured printers could be one of them. Based on the spike in sales we’ve seen with our exclusive line of remanufactured printers like the popular HP 4250, perhaps you need to rethink the hardware you’re proposing. These units are completely rebuilt and come fully guaranteed to help you win more MPS deals at a price point where you can replace those nagging ink jet printers or those off brand makes and models you simply don’t want to service. To learn more, click here to see the most popular models we sell and preview our video to see the printer remanufacturing process we use!

              Do you have a 2013 New Years Resolution that we didn’t have on our top 10 list? If so we’d sure appreciate if you shared it with us!

              Click here to view part one of the Top 10 MPS New Years Resolutions 


              For your free e-book on how to jumpstart your MPS sales in 30 days, click here

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              Top 5 of 10 MPS New Years Resolutions! (Part 1 of 2)

              Posted by Gary Willert on Thu, Jan 17, 2013 @ 08:30 AM

              describe the image

              Every year most of us raise a glass or tip our hats to something we plan to change in our lives or in our business. We all have good intentions don’t we? Unfortunately stats indicate that less than 20 percent of us will actually follow through on our personal commitments by the time the calendar flips to February.

              So we thought we would ask – How are your 2013 MPS New Years Resolutions coming along? Hopefully you’re part of the elite 20% who are making things happen! And for those of you who may not have made any resolutions regarding your managed print business, we thought you’d like to see the first 5 of our top 10 list that other US and Canadian MPS providers are committing to do this year.

              1. Exploring IT Services: If you’ve read any of the trade magazines, followed the blogs, or just been alive for the last 6 months – you know there is a growing buzz about Managed IT Services. The benefits make sense, the question most of our dealers ask us is - How do I get there? And next week in Phoenix, we are proud to join our fellow Technology United members to unveil some of the latest technology enables and solutions to help you become an MSP (Managed Services Provider). The goal of next weeks conference is to provide dealers, IT VARs, and Office Products Retailers with practical information and workshops to expand their recurring revenue streams and elevate their value in any account.
              1. Focusing on High Margin Color Pages: If you’re experiencing early signs of commoditization on the monochrome pages in the fleets you’re bidding on, perhaps now is the time to bring more high margin color into the mix by targeting more of those juicy high margin color opportunities. Without question, there is huge opportunity to grow your profits this year with more color pages under contract.
              1.  Investigating Blind Drop Shipping: If you haven’t joined the shift already, maybe now is the time to rethink your supply chain management process. Next week at the Technology United Executive Connection Summit in Phoenix on January 22-24 , we will be sharing how one of our top dealers has revolutionized their traditional “bricks and mortar” onsite inventory model to a blind drop ship fulfillment model to speed up delivery and add to their bottom line.
              1.  Updating Your MPS Value Proposition: If you asked your salespeople why someone should select your MPS program over a competitor, what would they say? You know how much your business has changed in the last year and you have to believe that your competition has as well. This is why so many of your peers are creating a 2013 MPS value proposition that is fresh and compelling instead of repurposing what they used in 2012. Ask one of you reps to see if this should be one of your MPS resolutions!
              1. Hiring the “Right People”: From our experience working with over 700 MPS providers in all shapes and sizes, there seems to be one common formula that hasn’t changed in years – people still buy from people. If you’re in the market to hire your next MPS salesperson, try our recent release: How to interview an MPS Rep filled with real world tips to help you select a winner!


              Check out our next blog with 5 more of our TOP 10 MPS New Years Resolutions! And stay tuned for more from the ECS event next week in future blogs. Or maybe you want to take action today and book your seat to join us in Phoenix and get a jump start on your competition and your 2013 MPS New Years Resolutions?

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              Make your New Years Resolution at the Technology United EXECUTIVE CONNECTION SUMMIT!

              Posted by Gary Willert on Thu, Jan 03, 2013 @ 08:30 AM

              Make your New Years Resolution at the Technology United EXECUTIVE COMMUNICATIONS SUMMIT 1

              Unless you are selling Managed Services in beautiful Key West Florida or you have lucked out with an office in southern California, it’s tough to beat a few sunny days in Phoenix in January - especially January 21st – 24th, 2013 at the upcoming EXECUTIVE CONNECTION SUMMIT. This industry all star event will be the first major debut of the long awaited Technology United Group that formed in 2012.  The primary charter of Technology United is to assist traditional Copier Dealers, IT VARs, and Office Product Retailers expand their business model with technology services that will grow their recurring revenues and their bottom line.  The TU group features the absolute crème de la crème of Managed Services partners you need to know about. We’re extremely proud to be invited to become a “TU Member” and because we’ve been in on all the event planning meetings we thought we would give you an inside look the TOP 5 Reasons you may want to look at your January calendar.

              1. Market Direction – as the captain of your ship, you need to know where the opportunities are ahead. If you look at the agenda, you’ll see this is a different event. It’s clearly scoped at giving you everything but a GPS type display of shortcuts the elite performers are using to achieve breakthrough growth and profitability in 2013.
              2. Monitization of Your Business– we continue to see acquisitions happening in the industry so if you have ever thought about selling your business, this conference could be a “must attend" event. You’ll learn the what, why and how to grow juicy recurring revenue streams to drive top dollar for your business.
              3. Peer Best Practice Workshops – if you look at the event agenda, you’ll see this program has a very unique format. After each 30 minute speaker session (nice and short!) there is a 45 minute interactive workshop for best prectice sharing amongst your peers and you can listen and learn from many of the top MPS and Managed IT Services providers in North America.
              4. Solid Speakers – some people believe the content is more important than the speaker. We think both are critical.  That’s what we like about this venue, it’s jam packed with real world people who are in the trenches everyday so they truly understand what it takes to be successful in the Managed Services business. Look for a lot of practical business execution strategies – not a lot of fluff!  And with a keynote speaker Rick Taylor of Konica Minolta in the line-up how can you go wrong?
              5. Managed Services Focus – we see a lot of the top MPS providers contemplating how they can expand their manged print business into the new “MSP” (Managed Services Provider) model. That is exactly what this conference is all about - Driving Technology Forward.  Maybe it’s time to find out why so many companies are headed this way and what it might take for you to become an MSP yourself.

              It really is still all about how you can help your customers and grow your business along the way isn’t it?

              If you need some help making up your mind, here’s the link to preview the upcoming EXECUTIVE CONNECTION SUMMIT.

              Otherwise we hope you can join us in Phoenix!

              executive connection summit

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