How Mobile is Your MPS Sales Pitch?

Posted by LMI Dealer Content Team on Mon, Dec 02, 2013 @ 11:50 AM
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If you’re keeping up with the industry rumors, you’ve  probably heard that the LMI team will be launching our brand new 2014 MOBILE SALES PITCH KIT at the Business Imaging Expo in Las Vegas next week. Early feedback from the dealers we’ve shown has been nothing but overwhelmingly positive and some of the larger dealers who use our award winning compatible toner products and our MPS infrastructure services are telling us this is the hottest presentation tool they’ve seen in years.  

Whether you use our new Mobile Sales Pitch Kit App not, there seems to be a growing “app-etite” for mobile technology to be a mainstream tool we all use to conduct business. 

If you too have fumbled through an MPS sales call hoping you brought everything you need, maybe now is the time to consider taking your traditional hardcopy approach to a mobile device that puts everything you need show and sell Managed Print in the palm of your hand. 

  • Need to deliver a professional presentation on the MPS value proposition? It’s there.
  • Need to quickly estimate how much a customer can save? It’s there.
  • Need to show a quick video on common printing challenges? It’s there.
  • Need to explain what a print assessment is? It’s there.
  • Selling to a Vertical Market? It’s in there too.

Because mobile devices like the iPad have become so popular with salespeople and customers alike, about a year ago we interviewed some of our LMI MPS dealers and asked them what an MPS sales pitch kit (App) should include. Here’s what they told us and why; 

  1. Easy To Use so even a new hire could leverage the app within days of being hired.
  2. Compelling Content to quickly showcase the MPS value proposition to any prospect.
  3. Simplify Assessments so they’re easy for customers to understand and agree to.
  4. Vendor Agnostic so you can use it regardless of who your MPS partners are.
  5. Security Protection so if a rep leaves they can’t take the content with them.
  6. Dealer Customizable so a dealer can add their own content to the files within the app.
  7. Inexpensive so dealers and reps avoid data plan or costly operational fees.  

As we get ready to launch our 2014 Mobile Sales Pitch Kit for the iPad or IOS platform, perhaps you have ideas you’d like to share with on what you feel is important to show and managed print more effectively using a mobile device?

In the meantime, if you’d like a sneak peak of what we’ve created for our dealers, you can watch a quick video on our website at www.lmisolutions.com/mobile or visit us at the Business Imaging Expo next week for a test drive!

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