Why Blind Drop Ship Toner Orders?

Posted by Gary Willert on Tue, Aug 21, 2012 @ 10:22 AM

Blind Drop shipping

Do you get asked this question all the time? Big dealers, small dealers, VARs – you name it.

Do you have an answer? Perhaps you do, but if you’d like to know why more and more MPS dealers and VARs are asking you to deliver their toner orders directly to their customer’s door – read on.

Below are seven reasons why some of North America’s top MPS providers now use “Blind Drop Ship” service to build margin and responsiveness into their infrastructure.

If you’re new to managed print, the term “Blind Drop Shipment” means that the toner ordered for your customer is shipped directly to them by the MPS provider, with your brand – your company name, logo and contact information on the packaging. Your customer is “blind” to any third party facilitation of their toner order.

Top 7 ways Blind Drop Shipping can help your MPS business.

  1. Less Inventory – the wonderful world of managed print will likely require you to support a wide range of printer makes and models. Why inventory more than you have to?
  2. Faster Delivery – 1-2 days faster delivery times to the end user are common because you don’t have to handle the order and reship it to the customer.
  3. More Profit– you don’t have to pay to reship from your facilities to the customer.
  4. Less Space – free up space in your service area for revenue generating activities like rebuilds or in shop repairs.
  5. Order Accuracy – order processing you can count on with advanced custom labeling software allowing input fields for end user name and specific internal delivery location.
  6. Order Visabilty – the advanced order tracking system has been a real hit with dealers because you get online real time information when you need it.
  7. Your Brand – each cartridge is delivered with your company name and branding information. Your customer will think you sent it yourself!

You know your business best. If you’d like to learn more about how and why other managed print providers are now blind drop shipping more than ever, simply contact us or share your thoughts on this blog. We would love to learn from you experiences!

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