How to Train a New Managed Print Services Sales Rep

Posted by LMI Dealer Content Team on Thu, Aug 29, 2019 @ 01:29 PM

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If two sales representatives were competing for the same Managed Print contract, who do you think has the better chance of winning? A sales rep with no formal training or a sales rep who has been trained to ask the right questions, assess the current state, handle objections and create a professional proposal?

For elite MPS providers, sales training is not an option. It’s a money maker. 

Assuming you have hired the right candidate (which is a whole other story), here are five areas sales training can help. 


The typical business lacks any formal print policy to ensure volumes and costs are kept under control. This often leads to avoidable waste, operational inefficiencies and overspending. 

A sales rep that’s trained to look for common print-related problems has a huge head start over the untrained rep who lacks a roadmap to create the need for MPS. Training helps the rep ask the right questions and collect the right information to support the change from an unstructured to a structured print environment. 


The trained seller knows which verticals are the most prone to printing mistakes. Prioritizing these paper-intensive verticals accelerates the growth of a prospect funnel because you’re fishing where the fish are. In addition to the industry, knowing who to contact is also a critical skill. Starting with the wrong person or the wrong level of contact can also prove to be critical to success. For example, the office manager may have bought the copiers in the past but may not have this authority to ink a Managed Service agreement that integrates hardware and service delivery around a networked appliance that needs both IT and finance approval. 


Unless you’re the only one selling Managed Print, you will need your sales reps to engage with new contacts by phone, email, social media and at local business events. Your approach strategy will be critical to your success. This is why so many of the elite MPS providers invest in training their reps in the latest strategies to connect with key decision makers and secure that critical first meeting. 


We use the word “story” because that’s what the top reps do. They tell a story about how customers have faced similar challenges the prospect is likely to face and then ask for the opportunity to take the next step which can be an appointment, an assessment or something else that creates a sales cycle. Visuals are often key to presenting a compelling story because people tend to absorb data and information much quicker when it’s in a visually consumable format. Using visuals and a presentation also helps MPS providers “standardize” their pitch across their entire sales force so everyone is singing the same song. A compelling one that attracts senior executives to endorse the initiative. 


There’s nothing that crushes a new sales rep like a tough objection. By nature, people tend to avoid those things that will embarrass them or cause them harm. Objections are no different. A trained MPS sales rep is aware of the common objections they are likely to face and are prepared with rehearsed responses they are confident in delivering. Not preparing new people for resistance you know they will face from real customers is like sending a young athlete onto the football field without a helmet. It’s only a matter of time until they get clocked! Top dealers know the objections that will come up and they role play with new reps to make sure they can handle them in the heat of the game. 

Naturally there’s more to train any new sales rep, but this list is a good list of “soft skills” to get started. 

If you’re looking for benchmark MPS sales training, over 3,000 salespeople have graduated from our on-demand video training platform at LMI University

Whether you use our help or you train on your own, hopefully you agree that your investment in sales training will go a long way towards winning more pages under contract and reducing sales turnover. 

Remember the training you received when you started? Don’t your new salespeople deserve the same?



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LinkedIn Tips for Managed Print Providers

Posted by LMI Dealer Content Team on Wed, Jul 24, 2019 @ 08:57 AM


Social media and Internet marketing have made it easier for small to medium-sized Managed Print providers to compete with larger organizations, but simply having a website presence isn't enough. When you consider that LinkedIn currently has over 575 million users, (mostly made up of business leaders like CFOs and CIOs you want to sell to) it's easy to see why it is considered such a valuable resource to accelerate your marketing reach to more people you want to know about you.

The benefits that await your MPS business:

• Increases AWARENESS – People that are aware of what Managed Print is and that you provide MPS.
• Boosts CONSIDERATION RATES – When people are in the window considering a Managed Print solution, you will be considered as a potential vendor.
• Generates SALES LEADS – If the target customer is aware and considers you, they will likely contact you in the form of a sales lead.

LinkedIn Tips for MPS providers to sell more pages under contract:

1. Deliver Timely Content - Aim to deliver content that your target audience wants to hear by joining groups that they belong to. Take the time to read what they are posting about and provide solutions to the problems they are facing. In doing so you will establish yourself as a trusted and valuable resource and strengthen your reputation. 

2. Showcase Your Community Spirit - Post relevant content that shows your involvement in your community, including pictures and videos. Showcase your relationships with local customers as well as any charitable or community events which your company may sponsor or attend. 

3. Tag Connections - Use this feature sparingly, placing the "@" symbol before the person's name to alert them to your post. Tag your connections only when you are posting relevant content that helps to solve a direct problem they may be having. 

4. Stay Visible - Cast a wider net by inserting keywords into your profile that will help your audience find you whether they are using a search engine or a direct search on LinkedIn. This is an under-utilized technique to engage people in posts! 

5. Post Regular Updates - Stay active and keep your audience engaged by posting content that shows a problem, solution, and outcome to make your subject matter more relatable. The good news is, everybody has a printer so they will likely be able to relate to your posts!

6. Highlight Your Greatest Assets  - Your employees have a unique insight into your business, and most typically have a much greater social reach than the company they work for. By allowing them to post content and sharing their best posts on LinkedIn you can take advantage of their connections to further your brand and reach a wider market. 

According to HubSpot, LinkedIn is 277 percent more effective at generating leads than Facebook or Twitter, making it a vital component of any marketing strategy.

Contact your LMI representative today to learn more about our LinkedIn services and how they can help your MPS business to succeed. 

Visit our new LMI University to see the LinkedIn to WIN training program that’s perfect for Managed Print providers like you!

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6 Tips to Make Your Website a Recruiting Powerhouse

Posted by LMI Dealer Content Team on Thu, Jun 20, 2019 @ 12:01 PM

website recruiting LMI

It’s one thing to post an employment ad, or set up a nice display at a job recruiting fair, but at some point, the right candidate is going to visit your website as part of their evaluation process. 

To make sure your website is ready to make the best first impression, here are 5 tips to help you convert an interested candidate into an employee with your company. 

  1. PROVIDE A VIDEO TOUR – A video tour can help visitors see beyond your website and get a peek into your actual work environment….and it can also be a great asset for prospects you’re selling to as well! Some suggested stops along your tour might include an exterior shot of your building, reception, sales area, demonstration room, awards your company has won, customer service, your service area and your warehouse or distribution area. If you have the talent to do so, including interviews with executives can add a lot of personalization and promote key messages. Need help with a custom video? Contact your LMI representative

  2. SHOW AWARDS OR CERTIFICATIONS - Think of the recruiting page on your website as a proposal to a customer...but this time, the proposal is for someone looking to join your company! 

  3. EXECUTIVE INTERVIEW - Candidates like to see and hear what the leadership have to say and what they believe in, what the ideal candidate looks like, and the opportunities for advancement. This can be done with a video or in a text Q & A format with the executive’s picture beside it. 

  4. SHOW A JOB DESCRIPTION - Most websites simply show a job title and lack a descriptive explanation of the specific requirements and opportunities for the ideal candidate. Showing this information will help candidates filter themselves, and help you interview a more selected set of people whose talents are aligned with your needs. 

  5. OFFER A SCREEN SHARE INTERVIEW - If you’re a Technology Reseller, why not use technology as part of your interview process? FaceTime, for example, will let you see and hear the candidate and set shorter micro interviews (less than 30 mins) to determine if the candidate is worthy of a face-to-face meeting. Today’s millennial is more than ready for this type of interaction. This technique has proven very productive for many tech companies in the Silicon Valley, so why not join the movement?

  6. MAKE SURE YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA IS UP TO DATE - This could be the biggest gap and the first spot candidates will look at to see if you are “current”. If your last post was Season’s Greetings in 2017, you could be sending the wrong message - especially if you are advertising yourself as a tech company. 

Maybe it’s time to take a look at the current recruiting page on your website. Ask candidates what they thought of your website to identify areas where you can improve the candidate experience. And don’t wait; make the changes you need to support all the upstream work you are doing to attract the right people to join your team. You know your people are your greatest asset, and now may be the time to rethink how you are recruiting the next generation of workers that will represent you in front of your customers. 

Ask your LMI representative about our exclusive website and digital marketing support services that you can leverage to help strengthen and improve your chances of recruiting the next superstar considering your company!


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How Managed Print Can Protect Your Toner Business from Amazon

Posted by LMI Dealer Content Team on Mon, May 27, 2019 @ 03:46 PM

amazon_lmi solutions

The Internet has changed the way we all do business. Today, your customers can compare prices for supplies like toner from a variety of vendors in just seconds. As office products face commoditization, there’s never been a better time to shift your customers to Managed Print Services to avoid competing on price.

It’s the on-site service component that online retailers can’t touch. This is how the top imaging dealers are protecting their toner business while growing their recurring revenues with Managed Print. When you wrap a service element around your toner sales, you can immediately make the shift from contractual toner sales to a contractual sales model.

This will protect your accounts and your margins by shifting to an MPS model. 

Amazon Has Changed the World and We Need to Change Too.

Amazon has changed the way we buy and sell. Their success largely stems from their innovative technology platform and the appeal of a “better deal” if you purchase online.

“Amazon has almost 50% of the e-commerce market and is expanding from B2C into B2B” - eMarketer 

By making it easy to buy, offering low prices, having an unbelievably wide selection of products and offering quick delivery, Amazon has solidified its place in the market. Office supplies like toner have become commodified making it difficult to compete against a behemoth like Amazon. 

Amazon has captured much of the B2C market and has recently shifted its focus to B2B sales with the launch of Amazon Business. This change is especially relevant to you if you sell A4 devices and lower-end MFPs. But again, Amazon won’t service what they sell and this is the Achilles heel we need to exploit with people who buy toner by the cartridge.

How to Protect Your Toner Business

Adding Managed Print Services to your stack of services makes you “stickier” with your customers and allows you to mask your toner prices in your cost per page, cost per seat or any other billing model. Plus, MPS is a more comprehensive approach adding more value to the business relationship that now includes:

  • Printer monitoring
  • Automated Toner Replenishment
  • On Site Service
  • Expense Visibility
  • Usage / Cost Control
  • Toner Cartridge Recycling

Simply put, Managed Print provides your customers with additional value that Amazon doesn’t. Consumables become just one aspect of the services and you’re able to add value by keeping your customers' fleets up and running, reducing downtime and removing the burden of print to keep employees focused on higher priorities. Plus, the data you collect can often lead to helping your customers cut costs, reduce avoidable waste, improve workflows and the security of their confidential data with newer print technology, and reveal a better way to manage their hardcopy and digital documents.

When you examine the opportunities of Managed Print, there are lots of competitive advantages you'll be able to provide to your customers that Amazon can't!

The Takeaway...

The Amazon effect will continue to grow in the coming years. Today, many SMBs have unmanaged print environments and are receptive to the benefits Managed Print Services provides. By including a service element to your business, you'll be offering your customers more value that they'll never get from Amazon.

Want to learn how you can add Managed Print Services to your offerings? LMI Solutions offers a turnkey MPS infrastructure that can help you shift your business from transactional to contractual toner sales and give you the competitive edge that you need to stay ahead of Amazon and the other online e-tailers.

MPS Opportunity Calculator






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The Environmental Benefits of Remanufactured Print Cartridges and Recycling

Posted by LMI Dealer Content Team on Wed, Apr 17, 2019 @ 11:40 AM


Today, we're all trying to live in a more sustainable manner, both in our personal and our professional lives. As a dealer of printing consumables, including a recycling program and remanufactured print cartridges among your offerings will not only add to the value you offer clients, it can help separate your business from your competitors.

Some Scary Facts to Consider

We're consuming natural resources at an alarming rate and as the economy grows, more and more materials are being used and disposed of every day. In fact, in the past six decades, we've produced over 8.3 metric tons of plastic of which 6.3 metric tons is plastic waste. It's slowly filling our landfills and plastic waste is showing up everywhere from the deep ocean to the top of Mt. Everest.

Did you know:

  • 60 – 80% of print cartridges go directly to a landfill.
  • It takes 1000 YEARS for a print cartridge to fully decompose.
  • Printer ink and carbon black toner are carcinogenic. They are extremely harmful to the environment.

On top of these facts, one of the key ingredients used in manufacturing print cartridges is oil. By remanufacturing printer cartridges we can save over 15 million gallons of oil every year! 


You Can Make a Difference

Offering remanufactured cartridges and recycling programs can provide your customers with a sustainability value solution. Remanufactured cartridges keep enormous amounts of solid waste out of the waste streams annually avoiding incineration, landfill disposal, or exportation of waste to overseas destinations. All of LMI’s cartridge components are 100% recyclable. 

We offer LMI dealers an exclusive complimentary “Zero Landfill” advanced printer cartridge recycling program with various return options based on dealer and user preferences and it's perfect for the new generation of millennial decision makers.

“73% of Millennials are Willing to Spend More Money on a Greener Product.” – Inc.

How Cartridge Recycling Can Help You Win Business

  • Competitive Differentiation
  • RFP / BID Criteria Shaping
  • Cost Savings vs OEM Cartridges
  • Simplified Collection & Return Programs
  • Linkage to Client Sustainability Objectives

The popularity of our 20x20x20 cartridge collection boxes make it easier than ever for clients to recycle in bulk which greatly reduces that impact of shipping individual cartridges back for recycling one at a time. Plus, we’ve found that the easier we make it for end users to do the right thing, the more they’ll recycle and buy from you.

If you're an Imaging Dealer, an Office Products reseller or a Managed Print provider looking to distinguish your services from your competitors, let’s go green together. 

With Earth Day fast approaching, what better time to help your customers make a difference with our Zero Landfill recycling program. Give us a call to learn more!



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How Imaging Dealers Can Measure Business ROI on Social Media

Posted by LMI Dealer Content Team on Fri, May 13, 2016 @ 04:54 PM


If you’re like 80% of imaging resellers (this includes copier dealers, Managed Print Service providers and those into document management), chances are you’ve flirted with social media but haven’t been able to measure the return on your investment. Can you relate?

The transparent nature of social media makes it easy for you to measure the amount of followers, fans or connections you have on popular social channels such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. But the question remains, how does that translate into measureable business results?

Here are a few ways we’re helping LMI dealers measure the ROI on their social channels with our digital marketing and website reporting services:

  • Social Dashboard Reporting – Our exclusive monthly reporting system provides dealers with a month over month snapshot of how each of their social channels is performing compared to the previous month, quarter, etc. This type of dynamic reporting allows executives to see which channels are performing well, and which ones need attention.
  • Website Traffic – As we continue to expand our support of LMI dealers seeking professional website creation and digital marketing services, it has become more and more evident that the volume of people hitting a website is directly connected to the amount of sales leads received. Shockingly, most dealers don’t currently monitor the performance of their website which has become their new showroom to online buyers! Even basic tools that are free, like Google Analytics, will provide you with real-time ROI metrics you can use to measure the effectiveness of your website.
  • Sales Lead Generation – If you were to follow the buyer’s journey of the last 10 customers that bought from your company, would you know where their engagement really started? Was it a conversation with a sales representative or was it a Tweet that promoted a new guide, eBook or webinar that drew them to your website? Once on your website, (if your website is set up properly) did they convert from a site visitor to a sales lead by surrendering their contact information? Depending on the CMS or CRM platform you’re using, you may be surprised how many buyers started with social media, hence another way to measure your social ROI.
  • Sales Recruiting Effectiveness – With sales turnover rates hovering in the 40 – 60% range, the need to attract and retain today’s millennial sales representative may require a social presence on your website.  Ask the younger people in your office what they think of your social channels and, chances are, the potential candidates you are trying to attract will think the same. Like it or not, millennials are socially savvy and they will use your company website and social posts as a measuring stick which could work for, or against, you. Although it may be more difficult to measure, we would argue that a socially active dealer has a better chance of creating awareness and attracting the best candidates who will be able to use social media to sell their products and services when they get hired. 

Need help creating a social strategy for your business? Engage one of our LMI representatives to learn more about how you can grow your business and profits with our website and digital marketing services!

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Root Causes of Underperforming Reseller Websites

Posted by LMI Dealer Content Team on Fri, Mar 11, 2016 @ 10:08 AM

describe the image


In the olden days we’ll call the early 2000s, it may have been fine to set up a website and move on to the next business priority – no longer! You probably used some fancy flash motion or videos and were pleased with how your digital storefront looked. Today’s top performing websites are a living and breathing extension of a business that should offer ongoing updates and insights on topics that matter most to your customers or those you want to attract. An outdated website is easy to spot with tired information, outdated social channels, lack of mobile readiness and a heavy focus on pushing products instead of providing answers to business problems.


Social media management can be confusing for middle-aged business people who grew up before the Internet. Often it’s easy to hand the social reigns of your business to a Millennial that is up to speed on the latest social outlets to showcase your brand. Be sure that your Millennial has a firm understanding of the business challenges and relevant content that would be of interest to your target audience. Posting pictures of the recent corporate luncheon is fine, but there is an 80/20 rule that most social strategists follow. Eighty percent of the social posts should be knowledge sharing (not a product push or company promo) and the remaining twenty percent of your social posts can be more about you! Maintaining the right balance will grow your social circles and position your company as the “thought leader” you want to be!


Have you checked your competitors’ websites lately? If you haven’t, this should be a staple exercise each quarter. In today’s online world, it’s estimated that 9 out of 10 of your prospects will be looking at your website before buying from you. And if they’re shopping around, they will likely be comparing your site against your competition as well. Maybe it’s time to see what the Jones’s are up to?


If a customer was interested in what you sell, would the only form on your website be a “Contact Us” form? If the answer is yes, think about how many contact forms you have filled out on vendor websites. Top performing websites have a strategic content offer strategy that presents an eBook or a report that would be of interest to their target audience behind a form. In other words, if you want that information from us, we will need you to tell us who you are. This gives salespeople the opportunity to follow up on “leads” generated from the content offers on their website.


Video can be shot and uploaded for free with a smartphone these days. In fact, some of the most viewed videos on the Internet are “how to” videos people searched to find an answer to a question. Of course there is a definite difference between raw and professional video, but the cost of video has come down and the appetite for video continues to soar over text. YouTube continues to explode in appeal and if you’re trying to catch the attention of today’s busy, short attention-spanned decision maker, a short video may be your best chance!


Are you able to track who is coming to your website, how many visitors you are getting each month, or what pages people are viewing most? These types of stats are readily available with today’s website analytics software. Some are free, such as Google Analytics and others, like HubSpot, cost a little bit but provide tremendous insight on specific prospect activities and metrics to help you determine what’s working and what isn’t driving ROI on your marketing spend.


There’s a saying in the online marketing space – “jab jab jab, then punch”. This refers to the ration of what you communicate. The “jab” refers to providing your audience with knowledge sharing information to draw them in, and then the “punch” refers to asking them to take action on your product or service. If you look at your company’s social streams or the content you provide customers, how much of the content is creating a pull (the jabs) versus the push (the punch)? Maybe you need to recalibrate your content formula. Most companies are the inverse; the worst ones never stop punching their points in to the customers they are hoping to attract! 


A recent survey showed that roughly 70% of people now sleep within reach of their smartphone. This alone should be a good indication of where your site visitors are coming from. Most websites see approximately 50% of their traffic coming from cell phones and the trend is rising. If you haven’t looked at your website on your cell phone, try it now. See what at least half of your customers and prospects are seeing when they arrive at your website.

 If you don’t like your current website as much as you did when you started reading this article, maybe now is the time to review your website strategy before the Jones’s get too far ahead!

Jumpstart MPS sales


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Top 10 Quotes Worth Reading From the 2016 Executive Connection Summit

Posted by LMI Dealer Content Team on Fri, Feb 26, 2016 @ 08:44 AM

exec summit LMI resized 600

There was record attendance at the annual Executive Connection Summit in beautiful Scottsdale, Arizona this February. It's perhaps the industry's classiest event where attendees included a hybrid mix of industry executives from the imaging and business technology arenas. This year’s event also hosted many Select Dealer Group (SDG) members who extended their meetings in Scottsdale to hear a parade of industry gurus talk about the future; and two decorated Navy SEALS who spoke on extreme ownership as a business leader.

The topics that stole the show were mostly technology and services driven. If you attended, you heard a lot about the Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data, ERP, mobility and of course, security. As our Chief Strategy Officer, Doug Johnson, put it - “Where is your business going? Are you headed towards a transactional or a services led model?”.

describe the image

Most dealers were encouraged by the idea of building recurring revenues beyond Managed Print. Here are this year’s top 10 quotes from the conference – there were some great ones! 

“There are no bad teams, only bad leaders.”

Decorated Navy SEAL, Echelon Front

“65% of Americans sleep within reach of their mobile device.”

Doug AlbregtsPresident, Sharp Imaging and Information Company of America

“Our industry and the world of IT are on a collision course.”

Doug Albregts, President, Sharp Imaging and Information Company of America

“We see ourselves as a security company.”

Jeff Boate, President, PERRY proTECH

“How you identify, hire and train people is a univsersal issue in this industry.”

Bob Goldberg, BTA

“There are more mobile devices than toothbrushes in the world (and there 8.5 billion toothbrushes).” 

Luis Murguia, SVP & GM, SAP

“Managed Print is solution selling at its core.” 

Doug Johnson, CSO, LMI Solutions

 “The value of your dealership is going down every year if all you're doing is selling hardware.”

Jim D’Emidio, President, Muratec  

“Try to catch an employee doing something right.”

Dealer Panel on Culture 

And if you’re counting, here’s an eleventh quote that speaks to why sales training is such an important component in your growth strategy for the future. 

“Retention is a huge issue in the industry based on our recent virtual dealer panel.” 

Frank Cannata, The Cannata Report

Do you feel inspired? We hope so. Maybe now is the perfect time to rethink your business strategy to make sure you have the people, the technology and the engagement you need to succeed.


5 Common Print Assessment Mistakes Salespeople Make

Posted by LMI Dealer Content Team on Fri, Jan 15, 2016 @ 11:06 AM


Maximize your probability of success by avoiding these common print assessment mistakes too many Managed Print salespeople make in their hopes of securing an MPS contract!


As you can appreciate, there will be plenty of people in middle management looking to take you up on your assessment offer. However, without an executive level sponsor engaged before you perform the assessment, you may find yourself doing a lot of work for a so called “decision maker” that can only say no. Make sure someone at the top knows what you are doing and agrees to meet with you to review the findings.


As great as your data collection software may be, a picture still says a thousand words. Only by physically walking around your prospect’s print environment will you truly get a feel for device positioning, workflows and supply cabinets and also have the chance to engage directly with end users. This type of direct access to the entire printer fleet and some of the power users will prove to be very beneficial when you look to optimize the fleet or suggest employee productivity improvements.


Although your client may not receive an invoice for your assessment service, assessments aren’t really free. Both you and your customer are looking at an investment of time and effort. In some cases, if a top performer establishes a value for the assessment but the prospect selects another vendor, the salesperson reserves the right to invoice the client for the agreed upon amount.

Too many salespeople fail to place a value on their time, or create a perceived value or trade-off for the service they are providing, because it’s “free”.


As you should know, it’s likely that many of your competitors will offer print assessments as a way to engage new MPS prospects. In the event that a competitor has completed a print assessment for the prospect, try to do one yourself as well if you believe a true sales opportunity exists.  Stats indicate that the vendor who performs the assessment has at least a 30% better chance of winning the business because of their familiarity with the print data and the environment. So when possible, offer your prospect a second opinion so you can showcase both the professionalism of your assessment capabilities and collect the information yourself.


When you perform a print assessment, you need to take an inventory of every device that puts marks on paper. Every page counts if you are trying to build a solid business case for Managed Print. Too often MPS salespeople tend to focus only on printers that have an IP address (network connected) and fail to identify offline devices or even fax machines that should be considered in an overall print strategy. If you really want to grow your TCO and truly optimize your client’s print environment, include all devices that have a paper tray.

Establishing the customer’s current print-related spend is a critical component of any Managed Print sales cycle. That’s why awareness, and the ability to avoid these common print assessment mistakes, can often be the determining factor in achieving success with a solid MPS prospect!

proposal cover

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Managed Print Marketing: Part B

Posted by LMI Dealer Content Team on Thu, Dec 10, 2015 @ 03:30 PM

Managed Print Marketing: 6 Questions You’ve Always Wanted To Ask - Part B

 lmi marketing questions ptB

We are sharing the remaining three questions that were asked during our webinar with ENX Magazine on November 19, 2015. Haven’t read part A yet? Don’t fret, at the end of this blog post, you’ll find a link to part A so you too can learn about social media management, marketing and general missed opportunities Managed Print Service dealers face.

4)  “There is a lot of buzz in the industry around vertical markets and industry-specific marketing. Do you see an opportunity in vertical markets?’’

We absolutely see the opportunity here. In fact, a little while ago, here at LMI we produced videos speaking to the eight top verticals that buy Managed Print Services. They’re very popular amongst our partnering dealers because they provide industry-specific content that help them promote a more relevant message to the vertical they’re prospecting.

5)  “What about email? Are dealers having success with it?’’

Yes, email is still an integral component of the MPS marketing mix. Sometimes dealers have a difficult time leveraging email because it takes time to set up a distribution list, create content, follow up, etc. This is something we have helped our dealers with in the past and they have seen real results with email after working with us on it.

6)  “Where can we go to see an example of LMI’s website services?’’

We don’t normally disclose the dealers we’re working with, but the Ray Morgan Company was shown in the webinar as an example of how LMI Solutions has helped a dealer elevate their brand awareness and sales leads, so feel free to use them as an example. You can visit raymorgan.com for an example of our website design and content services.

And with that, we open the floor once again for more questions about MPS marketing. If you have a question that isn’t addressed above, please leave a comment for us and we will give you our perspective on it!  Want to read part A? Click Here.

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