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NOW PLAYING!.....Click below to view the LMI NEWS, a quick Year-in-Review video recap of 2015 activities and events that will give you an unfair advantage over your competition as an LMI partner.  

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Starting in January, LMI began the year opening its 7th state of the art packaging and distribution center in Bolingbrook IL to enhance fulfillment services for dealers and end users throughout the Midwest. 

In February, LMI launched an all new packaging formula professionally designed communicate the benefits of LMI’s award winning cartridge quality, performance and sustainability advantages to end users. With a prepaid return shipping label included in each box, LMI dealers now enjoy an unfair recycling advantage to encourage their customers to adopt a greener print strategy at no cost to the dealer or end user.

In March, LMI's printer remanufacturing division surpassed half a million printers produced with record sales in 2015 as a true OEM alternative with more and more dealers continue to achieve a lower cost –per-page with higher margins thanks to LMI’s exclusive combination of remanufactured printers with their MAX-LIFE extended yield monochrome and color print cartridges. 

To support the launch of LMI’s new color toner technology in May, over 500 imaging dealers participated in an online contest called the LMI COLOR CHALLENGE. When asked to select which page they thought was printed with OEM toner, over 46% of participants selected the page printed with an LMI color cartridge as the one that they thought was OEM quality.

Responding to increased demand in the summer, LMI announced a partnership with the well-known consumables distributor Image Star, and opened their doors to the industry’s largest talent recruiting event in the history drawing over 500 applications for 50 new positions to support LMI dealers.

In September, LMI expanded their color line with the launch of LMI’s extended yield MAX-LIFE color Series enabling Managed Print providers to achieve record profits with extended yield cartridges in both monochrome and color.

In October LMI made it public that CEO Gary Willert was making another strategic investment acquiring Parts Now to provide LMI dealers with yet another unfair advantage with improved access to printer parts and A4 service training. With over 4,000 graduates now trained by LMI’s award winning Peak Performance Sales Training & MPS Marketing System, LMI now becomes the undisputed choice for professional managed print sales and service training.

Closing out the year, LMI announced international expansion beyond Canada into South America and increased their production capabilities by doubling the square footage of its largest production facility in Guanajuato Mexico.

2015, a year of investment, expansion and commitment enabling LMI dealers to achieve record growth and breakthrough profits. Stay tuned for more exciting news in 2016 from your teammates at LMI Solutions, now the industry’s most popular OEM alternative. 

Click below to take our "Color Profitability Challenge" to discover your 2016 profit potential with the industries true OEM alternative for top quality remanufactured printers and toner.



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5 BIG Mistakes Dealers Make Selling Aftermarket Color

Posted by LMI Dealer Content Team on Mon, Sep 28, 2015 @ 12:02 PM

LMI Top5Mistakes

Let’s start with the BIG question. If aftermarket monochrome toner cartridges now represent 40-80% of a typical dealer’s purchases, why does aftermarket color toner still only represent 10% of all color toner purchases?

The most common answer we hear is lack of confidence at the dealer and end user level; the same reluctance that happened with monochrome cartridges until dealers found a quality source they could trust.

Another BIG question. When is the last time you looked at an aftermarket color toner product for your business?

In the summer of 2015, we ran the LMI Color Challenge, a blind test that saw over 500 dealer participants select what they thought was a print sample produced using OEM color toner. The goal was to show (not tell) the quality. As a result 46% of participants thought the print sample produced with LMI’s new color toner was the OEM version – that’s almost half of participants (who have an eye for image quality) who couldn’t tell the difference.

Since the Color Challenge ended, we’ve seen a spike in demand for aftermarket color toner, and we’ve uncovered some reasons why some dealers are successful and some are not at selling aftermarket color toner to OEM customers.

Here are the top five mistakes we see dealers making:

1. No Print Samples - Customers are visual. You can talk about the aftermarket quality until you are blue in the face, but dealers that show a print sample using OEM vs an aftermarket color toner see a dramatic difference in their customer’s willingness to try an aftermarket product. Engage us to get your team equipped with our complimentary print samples so you can show and sell like a pro!

2. Misaligned Compensation - If there’s nothing in it for the sales reps to push a little harder for customers to try your aftermarket color toner (that adds 30 – 50% to your recurring margins), it’s highly likely that your reps are giving in too easily. Some of the top dealers have been very successful offering a small spiff or incentive to get customers using aftermarket color because of the dramatic earnings potential for the dealership.  

3. Miss the Sustainability Advantage - Did you know that the typical laser printer produces 100 lbs of waste every year? That's a full ton (2,000 lbs) of waste from an office with twenty printers. By showing your Zero Landfill cartridge recycling program, many dealers have introduced aftermarket color as a way to align themselves with their customer’s sustainability initiatives - a compelling reason to shift from OEM. 

4. Salespeople Are UnpreparedIf you asked your salespeople the following questions, would they be informed enough to sell more aftermarket color toner to grow your bottom line?

  • How do I know it’s as good as OEM color?
  • What is the aftermarket product guarantee?
  • Can you provide me with references?
  • Can you show me print samples?

Need help answering these questions? Your LMI Solutions representative would be pleased to assist.

5. Not Including Extended Yield Color in MPS Deals - If you’re selling cost-per-page agreements with toner included, you know how important cartridge yields are in addition to quality and performance to keep your customers happy. That’s why LMI invested over $1,000,000 in R&D and product testing technology to create the new LMI MAX-LIFE Extended Yield Color Cartridge Series.

Interested in seeing how much money you could be leaving on the table if you’re not selling aftermarket color? Try our Color Profitability Challenge including the industry’s first “Aftermarket Color Profitability Calculator” to calculate your earnings potential in seconds!


Quality aftermarket color toner has arrived and is now used by most of the top performing dealers and MPS providers throughout North America.

If salespeople are properly informed, equipped and incented to sell aftermarket color, the typical dealer will see 30 – 50% higher margins or more if they use extended yield color products. 

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