What's Holding Your Dealership Back From Getting Into Managed Print?

Posted by Gary Willert on Thu, Apr 19, 2012 @ 11:18 AM

What's Holding Your Dealership Back From Getting Into Managed Print?

If you are a copier dealer that hasn’t gotten into managed print business yet, relax you’re not alone. In fact a recent BTA industry survey suggested that a surprising 42% of traditional copier dealers are interested in starting an MPS program but are unsure where to begin. And for that same reason, maybe you too haven’t entered the managed print business.

By now, surely you’ve seen your traditional copy volumes migrate to desktop printers and you probably agree that you need to figure out a way to get all those printed pages under contract. You’ve likely also heard from industry experts spout off statistics and reasons why you are missing the boat, but are you?

Last week we met with a successful dealer who runs a $10 million dollar business. His operation featured a traditional copier model including a mixed tenure hardware sales team, a seasoned service department, and a veteran admin team who seemed to be more than capable of making both internal and external customers happy - but no MPS.

When we asked the owner why he had chosen not to expand into managed print, here’s what we heard.

  • “It’s confusing to sell and to service”
  • “The sales cycles are too long”
  • “We don’t have the infrastructure to support our customers”
  • “It’s expensive to get into the game”

Perhaps you can relate?

As we listened to all the good reasons so many dealers have for not engaging in MPS, we took the opportunity to ask this dealer a few questions of our own.

  • Are your competitors selling Managed Print Services? (we had the list to prove it)
  • Are you experiencing margin erosion like other dealers?
  • Could your marquee customers benefit from a managed print strategy?
  • What is the long term monetization plan for your business?

After lots of great conversation we found this dealer, like most, had the “will to get into MPS” but simply needed the “way to get into MPS” – and of course be successful.

Despite all the emails he’d received, all the seminars he’d attended, and all the noise we all hear on a daily basis, somehow he couldn’t see his own path to profitability in MPS.

Like so many of his peers, this dealer seemed relatively uninformed about how quickly his operation could become a formidable MPS provider and how low the cost entry has become. Today a dealer can access the best assessment software on a pay per use basis for a fraction of the cost of acquiring and hosting the same software only a few a few years ago. Additionally, you no longer need to wrestle through the complexity of supplies inventory, online ordering, and accurate fulfillment. To that end, many of our most successful MPS dealers have reduced their inventories by up to 80% by letting us ship directlyto their customers with their name and their brand on the box when it arrives. Your customers only see that it came from you, not one of LMI’s warehouses. And when printers need more than just toner, recent advancements with our 3rd party service providers allow dealers to see real time call status reporting and receive call close out confirmations to ensure customer satisfaction.

If you haven’t made the step into managed print yet, perhaps now is the time to do so.

With our MPS Business Executionprogram, this dealer’s competition will soon realize he is an MPS force to be reckoned with in his accounts and in theirs. The long term recurring revenues we are projecting from his customer base alone have both his sales team and his book keeper smiling. Like so many traditional copier dealers, this business just needed the “way” to get his MPS business off the ground with the help of our consultants who have done it with hundreds of dealers, hundreds of times.

If you’re still on the fence about getting into managed print, why not book your seat to join us at the ITEX 2012 Expo and Conferencein Las Vegas on April 18th and 19th. Join over 2,000 of your peers walking the isles and networking to find innovative ways to grow their business just like yours. Only you know what’s best for your business, maybe it’s time you took a second look at how easy it has become to start offering your customers a comprehensive managed print solution.

What’s holding you back from getting into managed print? We’d like to hear your thoughts!


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