4 Takeaways from the 2017 Executive Connection Summit

Posted by LMI Dealer Content Team on Tue, May 30, 2017 @ 04:11 PM

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It’s great to attend industry events to rethink your business strategy or validate that you’re on the right path. If there was a Hollywood version of the imaging industry's elite faces, the Executive Connection Summit could be it.

After two days of thought-provoking speakers and plenty of networking, here are four takeaways we hope can help you grow your business. 

1. Predictive analytics have arrived. The shift from reactive, to proactive has now evolved to a predictive state. Old school copier people remember when 100% of service calls came from incoming phone calls and emails before any action was taken to fix a problem. With advancements in technology, we were able to become proactive in many cases to prevent an issue from happening, and now we’re seeing more and more predictive analytics to improve our execution and the customer experience. This new predictive posturing comes from tremendous strides in technology such as the Internet of Things and Big Data that provides more insightful and actionable information.

“Real Time is now too late.”
- Joseph Bradley, President, Vice President, Cisco [Click to Tweet]

2. Managed Business Services offers tremendous growth potential.


DOUG JOHNSON / Chief Strategy Officer, LMI Solutions

Our Chief Strategy Officer, Doug Johnson, spoke to the prevailing shift from selling products to providing value add services as the way for dealers to maximize their growth potential in the future. During his presentation, Doug suggested that dealers that still have product brands on their business card may run the risk of being perceived as though they sell only “products”, instead of being perceived as a true value add business services provider. References were made to the increasing size of the millennial workforce and how this new wave of business leaders tend to be more comfortable with services and the use of apps to make many of their business decisions. LMI Solutions also announced a strategic partnership with FORZA, the SAP Business One platform and other leading service providers such as Intellinetics, a popular document management service for SMB customers. Just as Doug is suggesting dealers make the shift, so too is LMI Solutions with our new portfolio best-of-breed services that dealers can source and sell as an LMI partner. 

“If you’re just selling MFPs, you’re selling Sony Walkmans.”
Rick Taylor, President and CEO, Konica Minolta [Click to Tweet]

3. Security is a hot topic. If you attended the event and listened to the OEM leaders speak about the heightened awareness around information security, hopefully you have already added it to your value proposition. From HP’s clever new series of videos called “The Wolf” to the headlines about the new “Wannacry” cyber-attacks (a new form of ransomware) we all saw on the news, it’s no secret that dealers now have a compelling reason to meet with more business leaders. Speaking with some of the top dealers in the nation at the event most, if not all, have already launched some form of training and marketing initiatives to make customers aware of the threats and offer new ways to protect their data. Perhaps the most eye-opening news was the simple fact that so few organizations actually report security breaches for fear of damaging their reputation.

“Only 1 in 4 ransomware attacks are reported to the authorities.”
Datto [Click to Tweet]

4. Digital Marketing is gaining momentum. As dealers and technology providers continue to review their cost of sales for lead generation, most of the industry leaders have already embarked on some form of digital marketing strategy. Simply put, in a seemingly commoditized market with more and more customers searching for products and services online, it makes sense to leverage digital mediums to communicate and attract qualified prospects to your website and your sales team. If you would like to see how top performing Managed Print providers are utilizing digital marketing, please ask us for an “opportunity discussion” WebEx.

“Over 80% of people now search online for products and services."
in2communications.com [Click to Tweet]

If you haven’t attended the Executive Connection Summit, it truly is what the name suggests; a venue for industry executives to join in conversation and strategy to benefit the entire industry.

For a view into this year’s event, we invite you to join our friend Andy Slawetzky’s collection of pictures and videos to feel like you were almost there!


Top 10 Quotes Worth Reading From the 2016 Executive Connection Summit

Posted by LMI Dealer Content Team on Fri, Feb 26, 2016 @ 08:44 AM

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There was record attendance at the annual Executive Connection Summit in beautiful Scottsdale, Arizona this February. It's perhaps the industry's classiest event where attendees included a hybrid mix of industry executives from the imaging and business technology arenas. This year’s event also hosted many Select Dealer Group (SDG) members who extended their meetings in Scottsdale to hear a parade of industry gurus talk about the future; and two decorated Navy SEALS who spoke on extreme ownership as a business leader.

The topics that stole the show were mostly technology and services driven. If you attended, you heard a lot about the Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data, ERP, mobility and of course, security. As our Chief Strategy Officer, Doug Johnson, put it - “Where is your business going? Are you headed towards a transactional or a services led model?”.

describe the image

Most dealers were encouraged by the idea of building recurring revenues beyond Managed Print. Here are this year’s top 10 quotes from the conference – there were some great ones! 

“There are no bad teams, only bad leaders.”

Decorated Navy SEAL, Echelon Front

“65% of Americans sleep within reach of their mobile device.”

Doug AlbregtsPresident, Sharp Imaging and Information Company of America

“Our industry and the world of IT are on a collision course.”

Doug Albregts, President, Sharp Imaging and Information Company of America

“We see ourselves as a security company.”

Jeff Boate, President, PERRY proTECH

“How you identify, hire and train people is a univsersal issue in this industry.”

Bob Goldberg, BTA

“There are more mobile devices than toothbrushes in the world (and there 8.5 billion toothbrushes).” 

Luis Murguia, SVP & GM, SAP

“Managed Print is solution selling at its core.” 

Doug Johnson, CSO, LMI Solutions

 “The value of your dealership is going down every year if all you're doing is selling hardware.”

Jim D’Emidio, President, Muratec  

“Try to catch an employee doing something right.”

Dealer Panel on Culture 

And if you’re counting, here’s an eleventh quote that speaks to why sales training is such an important component in your growth strategy for the future. 

“Retention is a huge issue in the industry based on our recent virtual dealer panel.” 

Frank Cannata, The Cannata Report

Do you feel inspired? We hope so. Maybe now is the perfect time to rethink your business strategy to make sure you have the people, the technology and the engagement you need to succeed.


3 Reasons Not to Miss the 2014 Executive Connection Summit!

Posted by Gary Willert on Mon, Oct 20, 2014 @ 01:16 PM

LMI ECS (1) resized 600Trade shows can often be a lot of hype with little to show for attending, especially in terms of your return on investment.  Well, this year’s Executive Connection Summit, sponsored by LMI Solutions and being held at the Hotel Valley Ho in Scottsdale Arizona from October 27th – 30th isn’t a trade show.  As advertised, it’s a networking summit and the perfect way for elite executives in the imaging and managed service industry to meet and make new connections.

With a ticket price of $599 to attend, this isn’t the traditional trade show where “tire-kickers” stop by your booth to chat you up for some free swag.  This show is for senior movers and shakers in the industry. Imagine having dinner with the president of a large OEM, or best practice sharing with one of the top 10 dealers in the country. It can happen here! 

3 Reasons Not To Miss This Event

If you are looking to grow your customer base, and meet new connections to help grow your business, here are three reasons to head to Scottsdale next week!

• CONNECT with the leaders of our industry. Hear what these elite minds have to say about the industry, where we are and the biggest upcoming opportunities to grow your business!

• SOCIALIZE with your peers and fellow executives in a warm relaxing setting that fosters sharing and encourages new relationships. Meet people you might otherwise not have a chance to spend time with.

• VALIDATE your current business plans for 2015 and beyond. You’ll have the time to meet, listen to and learn what OEMs, IT Service Providers and Imaging Dealers are doing so you can adjust your plans to meet the changes coming in the industry.

If you’ve never attended the Executive Connection Summit before and you’re not sure if you should attend, ask someone who’s been there. Expect them to tell you why they’re coming back this year!  If you’re asking us – we suggest you take advantage of our 10% discount using the promo code below and book your seat today. 

click here to receive the discount, and we’ll see you there!

7 Myths

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Make your New Years Resolution at the Technology United EXECUTIVE CONNECTION SUMMIT!

Posted by Gary Willert on Thu, Jan 03, 2013 @ 08:30 AM

Make your New Years Resolution at the Technology United EXECUTIVE COMMUNICATIONS SUMMIT 1

Unless you are selling Managed Services in beautiful Key West Florida or you have lucked out with an office in southern California, it’s tough to beat a few sunny days in Phoenix in January - especially January 21st – 24th, 2013 at the upcoming EXECUTIVE CONNECTION SUMMIT. This industry all star event will be the first major debut of the long awaited Technology United Group that formed in 2012.  The primary charter of Technology United is to assist traditional Copier Dealers, IT VARs, and Office Product Retailers expand their business model with technology services that will grow their recurring revenues and their bottom line.  The TU group features the absolute crème de la crème of Managed Services partners you need to know about. We’re extremely proud to be invited to become a “TU Member” and because we’ve been in on all the event planning meetings we thought we would give you an inside look the TOP 5 Reasons you may want to look at your January calendar.

  1. Market Direction – as the captain of your ship, you need to know where the opportunities are ahead. If you look at the agenda, you’ll see this is a different event. It’s clearly scoped at giving you everything but a GPS type display of shortcuts the elite performers are using to achieve breakthrough growth and profitability in 2013.
  2. Monitization of Your Business– we continue to see acquisitions happening in the industry so if you have ever thought about selling your business, this conference could be a “must attend" event. You’ll learn the what, why and how to grow juicy recurring revenue streams to drive top dollar for your business.
  3. Peer Best Practice Workshops – if you look at the event agenda, you’ll see this program has a very unique format. After each 30 minute speaker session (nice and short!) there is a 45 minute interactive workshop for best prectice sharing amongst your peers and you can listen and learn from many of the top MPS and Managed IT Services providers in North America.
  4. Solid Speakers – some people believe the content is more important than the speaker. We think both are critical.  That’s what we like about this venue, it’s jam packed with real world people who are in the trenches everyday so they truly understand what it takes to be successful in the Managed Services business. Look for a lot of practical business execution strategies – not a lot of fluff!  And with a keynote speaker Rick Taylor of Konica Minolta in the line-up how can you go wrong?
  5. Managed Services Focus – we see a lot of the top MPS providers contemplating how they can expand their manged print business into the new “MSP” (Managed Services Provider) model. That is exactly what this conference is all about - Driving Technology Forward.  Maybe it’s time to find out why so many companies are headed this way and what it might take for you to become an MSP yourself.

It really is still all about how you can help your customers and grow your business along the way isn’t it?

If you need some help making up your mind, here’s the link to preview the upcoming EXECUTIVE CONNECTION SUMMIT.

Otherwise we hope you can join us in Phoenix!

executive connection summit

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