3 Simple Analogies to Explain Managed Print Services to Any Customer

Posted by LMI Dealer Content Team on Wed, Feb 10, 2016 @ 11:39 AM

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Sometimes customers simply don’t understand what Managed Print Services is and how it can help their business.

Here are some well received “analogies” you may want to consider when explaining the what, why and how of Managed Print Services to a prospect:

1.   The Automobile Fleet Analogy

Ask your customer to imagine that they are responsible for maintaining a fleet of cars and trucks used by their business each day. Over the years they’ve bought or leased a mix of makes and models, some larger and some smaller, each requiring its own specific type of fuel and parts.  All of them requiring higher value employees to order gasoline when required, perform their own maintenance and deal with questions when they arise.

Wouldn’t it make sense to outsource the maintenance of their fleet to a company that specializes in maintaining vehicles if it was affordable and reliable? Why not do it with their printers?

2.   The Gas Pump Analogy

Ask your customer if they had a company gas pump for all employees to access, would they use an honor system or would they put some formal usage restrictions in place?

Over 90% of small and mid-size organizations with less than 100 employees have absolutely no print rules in place for their employees. Every time an employee selects the print button, they are making a buying decision that costs the company money. If they decide to print something in color it is eight to fifteen times the cost of a black and white impression. With no print management monitoring software to track or restrict usage, companies are leaving themselves open to avoidable expense.

3.   The Mailing Machine Analogy

Ask your customer if they have a mailing machine in their office. If they do, ask them if employees are allowed to mail whatever, whenever, they want. In most cases, mailing systems require a user password before dispensing stamps at the company’s expense. Why should printing be any different?

If the stamp required to mail a letter in the United States now costs 49 cents, that’s less expensive than printing a five-page color document on most office printers that cost 8 cents to 50 cents per page. 

Each prospect is different and you may need to select which analogy best suits your situation. These analogies have proven to be extremely beneficial for top performing sales representatives because they are commonly understood concepts.

Managed Print Services is an affordable and practical way to keep higher value employees focused on higher value tasks while controlling expenses with user visibility and restrictions that make sense.

Do you have a selling analogy that works? Your teammates at LMI Solutions would love to hear it. Good selling!

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What Makes An Elite Managed Print Sales Rep?

Posted by LMI Dealer Content Team on Wed, Aug 26, 2015 @ 12:43 PM

 lmi elite businessman

Elite salespeople are very special and hard to come by. Sometimes they are hard to spot because the great ones are often very humble about their unique ability to generate above average revenue and profit on a consistent basis.

Having an elite Managed Print sales professional on your team will grow your bottom line faster and set the pace for others to keep up. Think about the impact you’ve seen a top salesperson make in your business. Yes, they often do require more “attention”, but you have to give them some slack if they are writing the sales volume of three to four other reps every month. That’s each and every month of the year, with little to no hand holding.

So what makes an elite Managed Print sales representative? Here’s your answer in our list of sales qualities that separate the elite sellers from the pack.

  1. Desire – Look at all top athletes, the best business leaders and the best salespeople you know. They all have a burning desire to succeed at what they do. It’s that desire to overachieve that makes everything else happen that’s necessary to be successful.
  2. Sales Ability – Businesses are starting to place more focus on talent management. From recruiting, to ongoing personal development of the employee, progressive sales organizations understand that sales training needs to be an ongoing activity to keep their people sharp. Gaps in sales ability will undoubtedly be reflected in an individual’s sales performance.
  3. Activity Mix – There’s a new “sales activity mix” that’s fast becoming the formula for elite sales performance. The mix includes a hybrid model of selling activities that feature traditional sales activities (like cold calls, phone prospecting etc.) and newer inbound lead generation methodologies (leveraging social media, online forums and other contemporary ways of connecting with decision makers). For example, elite reps are now prospecting through professional LinkedIn profiles instead of spending time knocking on doors on Monday mornings from 8am until noon. Of course, the argument could be made, if your customers are online why not connect with them there?
  4. A Great Story – Elite salespeople use storytelling as a means to start and close deals. They have stories that engage the prospect and help them understand the benefits of their product or service. Quite often the same stories are used to articulate a point at certain times across the sales cycle and can be leveraged by your entire sales team. Listen in on the elite salesperson in your office and chances are you’ll hear a great story being told just before an agreement is signed!

Do you have an elite salesperson on your Managed Print sales team? If not, now you know the qualities to look for to find an elite Managed Print salesperson to grow your MPS business!

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