10 Great Mother's Day Gifts That Won't Cost You A Penny

Posted by LMI Dealer Content Team on Fri, May 08, 2015 @ 09:25 AM

10 Great-Mother's-Day-Ideas-that-won't-cost-you-a-cent

Have you got your mom a gift for Mother’s Day yet? If you’re like most people, you’ll be standing in line this weekend looking at five dollar cards only to be disappointed that none of them are special enough for your mom.

Well, if you haven’t bought a card or a gift yet, you’re in luck! Your friends at LMI Solutions know how important moms are so we’ve assembled our 2015 list of great Mother’s Day gift ideas that won’t cost you a penny!

1.  GIVE MOM A BOOK OF COUPONS - Be creative and make mom a book of coupons she can use to cash in on activities you will do for her whenever she wants. Think of the things she has asked you to do recently that you haven’t got around to and make those part of your book. Personal coupon books can as fun to give as they are to receive!

2.  MAKE MOM A HOMEMADE CARD - Creating a homemade card shows mom you put a lot of thought into her special day instead of buying a factory made card and simply signing your name. Homemade cards can be dressed up with simple sketches that show mom you made it just for her.

3.  WRITE A POEM OR STORY - If you’re looking to impress, writing your mom a poem or story can be great way to tell her how much you respect her, how much you admire her and how much you appreciate how wonderful she is. Create a meaningful title, pick a theme that best suits your mom and put pen to paper. Reading your poem or story to her out loud always adds that extra personal touch!

4.  SPEND TIME WITH MOM - Make an effort to show mom how special she is by spending some quality time with her. Maybe it’s face to face or online. You may have lots to do on Mother’s Day but you only have one mom. 

5.  GIVE MOM SOME TIME ALONE - Sometimes she may like to just have some time to herself to do the things she likes to do. Find a way to give her a brief holiday on her special day by removing anything that would prevent her from doing what she likes to do.

6.  PREPARE A MEAL - There’s something special about surprising mom with breakfast in bed, especially when you made it for her. Can’t make breakfast? No problem, you can make mom her favorite lunch or dinner instead. You may not have mom’s culinary skills but it is the thought that counts!

7.  WASH MOM’S CAR - If your mom drives a car, this could be a home run. Give her the deluxe treatment with a full service exterior and interior cleaning done by her favorite auto detailer – you! 

8.  CREATE A DIGITAL PHOTO ALBUM OR VIDEO - Use your phone or tablet to take pictures of things around the house that make you think of your mom when you see them. Maybe it’s her shoes by the door or a picture of her that’s hanging on the wall. Creating a series of digital images you selected because they make you think about your mom can be a wonderful gift that’s personal and fun to deliver!

9.  HELP AROUND THE HOUSE - You know what this means. Rather than wait for mom to ask, tell her what tasks you’re going to do and do them the way she would like them done. After all mom does for you, the least you can do is knock a few things off her to do list.

10.  TELL MOM YOU LOVE HER - As easy as this one is to give, it’s sometimes the one that gets delivered far too seldom. Tell your mom you love her on Mother’s Day and watch her reaction.  Sometimes the best gifts of all don’t cost a cent to give, and this may be the best one of all.

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the moms that gave us the chance to be who we are today. Here’s a video called “Here’s To Moms” we thought you might enjoy.

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