Top 5 of 10 MPS New Years Resolutions! (Part 1 of 2)

Posted by Gary Willert on Thu, Jan 17, 2013 @ 08:30 AM

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Every year most of us raise a glass or tip our hats to something we plan to change in our lives or in our business. We all have good intentions don’t we? Unfortunately stats indicate that less than 20 percent of us will actually follow through on our personal commitments by the time the calendar flips to February.

So we thought we would ask – How are your 2013 MPS New Years Resolutions coming along? Hopefully you’re part of the elite 20% who are making things happen! And for those of you who may not have made any resolutions regarding your managed print business, we thought you’d like to see the first 5 of our top 10 list that other US and Canadian MPS providers are committing to do this year.

  1. Exploring IT Services: If you’ve read any of the trade magazines, followed the blogs, or just been alive for the last 6 months – you know there is a growing buzz about Managed IT Services. The benefits make sense, the question most of our dealers ask us is - How do I get there? And next week in Phoenix, we are proud to join our fellow Technology United members to unveil some of the latest technology enables and solutions to help you become an MSP (Managed Services Provider). The goal of next weeks conference is to provide dealers, IT VARs, and Office Products Retailers with practical information and workshops to expand their recurring revenue streams and elevate their value in any account.
  1. Focusing on High Margin Color Pages: If you’re experiencing early signs of commoditization on the monochrome pages in the fleets you’re bidding on, perhaps now is the time to bring more high margin color into the mix by targeting more of those juicy high margin color opportunities. Without question, there is huge opportunity to grow your profits this year with more color pages under contract.
  1.  Investigating Blind Drop Shipping: If you haven’t joined the shift already, maybe now is the time to rethink your supply chain management process. Next week at the Technology United Executive Connection Summit in Phoenix on January 22-24 , we will be sharing how one of our top dealers has revolutionized their traditional “bricks and mortar” onsite inventory model to a blind drop ship fulfillment model to speed up delivery and add to their bottom line.
  1.  Updating Your MPS Value Proposition: If you asked your salespeople why someone should select your MPS program over a competitor, what would they say? You know how much your business has changed in the last year and you have to believe that your competition has as well. This is why so many of your peers are creating a 2013 MPS value proposition that is fresh and compelling instead of repurposing what they used in 2012. Ask one of you reps to see if this should be one of your MPS resolutions!
  1. Hiring the “Right People”: From our experience working with over 700 MPS providers in all shapes and sizes, there seems to be one common formula that hasn’t changed in years – people still buy from people. If you’re in the market to hire your next MPS salesperson, try our recent release: How to interview an MPS Rep filled with real world tips to help you select a winner!


Check out our next blog with 5 more of our TOP 10 MPS New Years Resolutions! And stay tuned for more from the ECS event next week in future blogs. Or maybe you want to take action today and book your seat to join us in Phoenix and get a jump start on your competition and your 2013 MPS New Years Resolutions?

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