The LMI News! 2015 Year-In-Review Now Online!

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NOW PLAYING!.....Click below to view the LMI NEWS, a quick Year-in-Review video recap of 2015 activities and events that will give you an unfair advantage over your competition as an LMI partner.  

Read the LMI News!

Starting in January, LMI began the year opening its 7th state of the art packaging and distribution center in Bolingbrook IL to enhance fulfillment services for dealers and end users throughout the Midwest. 

In February, LMI launched an all new packaging formula professionally designed communicate the benefits of LMI’s award winning cartridge quality, performance and sustainability advantages to end users. With a prepaid return shipping label included in each box, LMI dealers now enjoy an unfair recycling advantage to encourage their customers to adopt a greener print strategy at no cost to the dealer or end user.

In March, LMI's printer remanufacturing division surpassed half a million printers produced with record sales in 2015 as a true OEM alternative with more and more dealers continue to achieve a lower cost –per-page with higher margins thanks to LMI’s exclusive combination of remanufactured printers with their MAX-LIFE extended yield monochrome and color print cartridges. 

To support the launch of LMI’s new color toner technology in May, over 500 imaging dealers participated in an online contest called the LMI COLOR CHALLENGE. When asked to select which page they thought was printed with OEM toner, over 46% of participants selected the page printed with an LMI color cartridge as the one that they thought was OEM quality.

Responding to increased demand in the summer, LMI announced a partnership with the well-known consumables distributor Image Star, and opened their doors to the industry’s largest talent recruiting event in the history drawing over 500 applications for 50 new positions to support LMI dealers.

In September, LMI expanded their color line with the launch of LMI’s extended yield MAX-LIFE color Series enabling Managed Print providers to achieve record profits with extended yield cartridges in both monochrome and color.

In October LMI made it public that CEO Gary Willert was making another strategic investment acquiring Parts Now to provide LMI dealers with yet another unfair advantage with improved access to printer parts and A4 service training. With over 4,000 graduates now trained by LMI’s award winning Peak Performance Sales Training & MPS Marketing System, LMI now becomes the undisputed choice for professional managed print sales and service training.

Closing out the year, LMI announced international expansion beyond Canada into South America and increased their production capabilities by doubling the square footage of its largest production facility in Guanajuato Mexico.

2015, a year of investment, expansion and commitment enabling LMI dealers to achieve record growth and breakthrough profits. Stay tuned for more exciting news in 2016 from your teammates at LMI Solutions, now the industry’s most popular OEM alternative. 

Click below to take our "Color Profitability Challenge" to discover your 2016 profit potential with the industries true OEM alternative for top quality remanufactured printers and toner.



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7 Quick Ways to Grow MPS Sales Results

Posted by LMI Dealer Content Team on Mon, Dec 28, 2015 @ 02:09 PM

lmi 7 quick ways

At LMI Solutions, we enjoy the opportunity to see what hundreds of Managed Print providers are doing to grow their recurring revenues with more pages under contract.

Here are 7 ways you can make an immediate impact on your MPS business results!

  1. Focus on Color Pages – The typical page printed in color is worth roughly 8 – 10 times the amount of a black and white impression. Color profits are much bigger too; especially with new extended yield aftermarket color toner. If you’re looking to grow your top and bottom line fast, color is the place to be.
  2. Showcase MPS on Your Website – Most dealers get 2,000 – 6,000 visits to their website per month. That’s between 100 and 300 hits per working day! When people come to your website to place a service call or read your blog, is it obvious that you’re in the Managed Print business? Is there a compelling reason to engage you? Do you have online lead generation offers?
  3. Refocus Your Salespeople – Sometimes we all get scrambled trying to keep up with customer demands and the latest “top priority” in the office. Whether you provide extra Managed Print sales training, or you review your competitor’s websites, focus really does drive results.
  4. Target Specific Accounts – Rather than trying to sell Managed Print Services to any account, determine where your most obvious opportunities are and target those accounts with a specific MPS marketing campaign.
  5. Financial Incentives – Most salespeople are motivated by money. If you put additional money on the line for them to go after the specific market or customer profile you want, you may be surprised at how money can buy happiness.
  6. Get an Outside Opinion – If they change the coach every few years in professional sports, maybe it’s time to bring in an outside opinion to sense check if the plays you’re running are working; from sales, to service, to infrastructure.
  7. Certified Pre-Owned Printers – The beautiful part about installing a CPO printer is that you can save money on the hardware and immediately quote and sell the customer aftermarket color toner. When you sell a brand new printer your customer is forced to use OEM parts and toner for at least 6 – 12 months which can eat into your profits.

See something you like in this list? Ask your teammates at LMI Solutions for help if you need it – we’re ready when you are!

proposal cover

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How to Present Remanufactured Printers to New Printer Buyers – Part 2

Posted by Christian Pepper on Wed, Mar 18, 2015 @ 11:05 AM

Reman printers Pt2Selling a remanufactured product can be challenging without the right approach. In many cases, new printer buyers may be unfamiliar with the alternative to buying a brand new printer, so here are the remaining 6 best practices top performing dealers and Managed Print Providers utilize to successfully present remanufactured printers.

7. Sell to the CFO/CEONot Just the IT Leader - IT people are predisposed to always wanting the latest and greatest technology.  Increase your chance of success by making sure you are also presenting to a financially motivated stakeholder. Remind the IT leader that the savings generated can be put towards buying better computing power dependent hardware like smartphones, tablets and notebooks.

8. Leverage the Best Brand Names - End users generally want HP and Lexmark printer equipment – these are the core models in the remanufactured printer range. Emphasize the model range including the most popular and reliable models that the IT leader, end users and service personnel are already using today.  This cuts down the risk associated with choosing new printer models and wondering how they will perform in the future.

9. Seek Expert Assistance - Leverage your distribution representatives and the manufacturers support team for subject matter expertise. Remember, these people work with hundreds of dealers and tend to be up to speed on what’s working and what’s not.

10. Emphasize the Warranty - The warranty is the same as a new printer with one exception.  The helpdesk and support staff are all based out of Madison WI, USA!  (not Asia or South America)

11. Promote Sustainability Advantages - Position remanufactured printers as a key component to a greener print strategy. It will make sense to sustainability leaders that 80% of printer hardware is completely reusable and that any components with wear are completely replaced.

12. Wave the Flag! - Remanufactured printers are proudly produced right here in the USA in GA, WI, MN manufacturing centers. This can be extremely popular with government agencies for example, that mandate a certain percentage of their purchases be from US based manufacturers.

You know every customer is unique and every printer deal may or may not be a fit for remanufactured printers. One key thing to remember is that the rise in popularity of remanufactured printers will improve your customer’s familiarity, acceptance and demand for hardware alternatives. This is why you and your dealership have the opportunity now to gain market share and grow your bottom line with an effective presentation style that suits your company and your customer’s criteria.

Thanks for reading this blog and let us know how we can help you place more remanufactured printers in your territory.


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How to Present Remanufactured Printers to New Printer Buyers - Part 1

Posted by Christian Pepper on Fri, Mar 13, 2015 @ 10:19 AM

Reman printers Pt1As an imaging sales professional, you can relate to customers wanting more value for less money. If you’re currently selling remanufactured printers, you know that you can reduce your hardware costs by up to 50% and add more margin into your deal. And if you’re a Managed Print provider, you understand how selling new printers immediately handcuffs you and your customers to paying more for OEM consumables which decreases your margins and your paycheck.

The top performing dealers in the BTA channel tell us that presenting remanufactured printers to prospects is a competitive differentiator that benefits them and their customers. With this in mind, here are 6 of the 12 best practices dealers tell us are most effective:

1. Show References - Be prepared with reference accounts that are now using, and having great success with, remanufactured printers.

2. Suggest a Pilot Program - Select a printer and pair it with a compatible toner for end user validation.

3. Address the Elephant in the Room! - Explain that they will do less printing in the future due to demographic and technology advancements.  So, why invest in expensive new technology? 

4. Explain that Printing Technology Doesn’t Really Advance - Printer speeds, feeds and resolutions topped out years ago.  New printers are sold with vaporware features like black panels, blue LED lights but few features that mean they actually print better. In fact most printers are designed so that they actually cost more at a CPP level to print than older models.

5. Emphasize Cost Savings - If a customer wants to print less and lower the cost of printing, then remanufactured printers are the way to go.  Not only do they cost about 50% less than new, but they pair immediately with a remanufactured toner. New printers do not have remanufactured toners available for at least one year after they are launched.  Color printers take up to three years before reliable remanufactured toners are available.

6. Show a Side-by-Side TCO - Quote New and Remanufactured Options‏ - The huge difference in cost becomes most apparent when you add up all the elements of TCO (Total Cost of Ownership): hardware cost, toner and service costs. Offer both options and let the customer decide.

Do these 6 presentation ideas make sense to you? In our next blog, we will share the remaining 6 Top Tips to presenting remanufactured printers.

Do you have a question or suggestion on how to leverage remanufactured printers? Please share it with us!

See video below to find out how LMI's remanufactured printers can help you grow your MPS business and your bottom line!

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Remanufactured Printers – Why Use Them In Your MPS Program?

Posted by Gary Willert on Thu, Sep 06, 2012 @ 11:08 AM

Refurbished Printers- are they a fit for your MPS Program?

If you haven’t quoted an MPS deal that included remanufactured printers yet – you’re not alone. Talking to as many MPS providers as we do, it’s nice to be able to help you and your business get in on the latest shortcut to fleet profitability next to the explosive growth we’re seeing with our new Delta E aftermarket color toner series.

Before we get started with the information you need to know, here’s a common definition of what a remanufactured printer is:

“A remanufactured printer is a print device (normally laser) that has been restored to its original condition and performance capabilities. All necessary parts and components are repaired or replaced to “like new” standards before undergoing stringent testing and quality assurance checks. All customer facing panels are thoroughly cleaned or painted to offer the appearance of a “new” printer. Most remanufactured products are fully supported with a replacement guarantee to ensure satisfaction at the dealer and end user levels.”

Although the definition and quality of the remanufactured printers may vary, the benefits of including them within your MPS strategy remain consistent.

Here’s why many of North America’s top MPS providers have already jumped on the on the remanufactured printer band wagon!

  • The Environment – over 85% of printer components can be recycled and this can lead to a very compelling value proposition for sustainability driven prospects and tenders positioned as part of a “Greener Print Strategy”.
  • MPS Profitability – most of the top MPS providers in the country would agree a remanufactured printer (ex HP 4000 series) running an aftermarket cartridge like  Max-Life Cartridges could be the most profitable combination on the planet. Next time your prospect tells you that your cost per page is too high, remember what you just read here and give us the chance to help you win.
  • Full Warranty – your customers may ask for product warranties but normally that falls on your shoulders when you bill an all included cost per page in mono or color. The good news is that each of our remanufactured printers comes with a full warrantee so you and your customer are covered.
  • Parts & Service Availability – you know the aftermarket industry tries hard to keep up with the latest OEM product and consumable releases, but have you ever thought about your poor technicians? Perhaps the biggest benefit is the comfort level in knowing there are plenty of parts available on previously enjoyed models. Plus, you’re service personnel or 3rd party service providers tend to be very proficient working on many of the popular models now remanufactured. If you look into the remanufactured models we provide LMI dealers, you’ll quickly see that those problematic models that didn’t perform in the field didn’t make the cut for obvious reasons.
  • Consumable Selection – just like the vast availability of parts for remanufactured models, you should expect the same readiness when it comes to fulfilling consumable orders. No stock outs, no waiting for another boat to cross the ocean, no more apologizing to customers. From a toner manufacturer’s perspective, the HP 4000 Series continues to be the most demanded line of toner cartridges even though those models have long left the showroom floor.
  • Fleet Consistency – imagine a world where every printer your customer walks up to has the same user interface. The same paper access areas and the identical cartridge for them to store and you to ship. You get the picture? Less end user confusion, simplified inventory for them, and a whole lot less work for you. For those MPS clients who place a value on end user productivity, the opportunity to offer staff the same device at all locations can be extremely compelling.
  • Ink Jet Replacement – if you’ve sold managed print services for more than a month, you’ve already figured out that you need a replacement strategy to unhook those nasty ink jet printers form the arms of end users claiming they need their own device. One dealer told us if you filled the gas tank on your car with ink jet liquid toner it would cost over $30,000. Yes, that’s right there were four zeros in that number. So the question becomes, what will be your strategy to replace the next profit eating ink jet that shows up on your print assessment? With the new low cost of remanufactured, field proven laser printers, now you can afford to bundle in an upgrade and start enjoying the benefits listed above.

Did you know LMI now offers Remanufactured Printers? Yes, we admit this is a shameless plug at the end of such an informative blog, but why keep something so good for your MPS business a secret? Take a moment to familiarize yourself with our full line of performance guaranteed remanufactured printers.

Preview this video to learn about our line of top quality refurbished printers!

Do you have a blog topic you’d like us to comment on? Share it with us and we will reward you with 20% off your first order or our new DELTA-E Color Toner Series!

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