LinkedIn Tips for Managed Print Providers

Posted by LMI Dealer Content Team on Wed, Jul 24, 2019 @ 08:57 AM


Social media and Internet marketing have made it easier for small to medium-sized Managed Print providers to compete with larger organizations, but simply having a website presence isn't enough. When you consider that LinkedIn currently has over 575 million users, (mostly made up of business leaders like CFOs and CIOs you want to sell to) it's easy to see why it is considered such a valuable resource to accelerate your marketing reach to more people you want to know about you.

The benefits that await your MPS business:

• Increases AWARENESS – People that are aware of what Managed Print is and that you provide MPS.
• Boosts CONSIDERATION RATES – When people are in the window considering a Managed Print solution, you will be considered as a potential vendor.
• Generates SALES LEADS – If the target customer is aware and considers you, they will likely contact you in the form of a sales lead.

LinkedIn Tips for MPS providers to sell more pages under contract:

1. Deliver Timely Content - Aim to deliver content that your target audience wants to hear by joining groups that they belong to. Take the time to read what they are posting about and provide solutions to the problems they are facing. In doing so you will establish yourself as a trusted and valuable resource and strengthen your reputation. 

2. Showcase Your Community Spirit - Post relevant content that shows your involvement in your community, including pictures and videos. Showcase your relationships with local customers as well as any charitable or community events which your company may sponsor or attend. 

3. Tag Connections - Use this feature sparingly, placing the "@" symbol before the person's name to alert them to your post. Tag your connections only when you are posting relevant content that helps to solve a direct problem they may be having. 

4. Stay Visible - Cast a wider net by inserting keywords into your profile that will help your audience find you whether they are using a search engine or a direct search on LinkedIn. This is an under-utilized technique to engage people in posts! 

5. Post Regular Updates - Stay active and keep your audience engaged by posting content that shows a problem, solution, and outcome to make your subject matter more relatable. The good news is, everybody has a printer so they will likely be able to relate to your posts!

6. Highlight Your Greatest Assets  - Your employees have a unique insight into your business, and most typically have a much greater social reach than the company they work for. By allowing them to post content and sharing their best posts on LinkedIn you can take advantage of their connections to further your brand and reach a wider market. 

According to HubSpot, LinkedIn is 277 percent more effective at generating leads than Facebook or Twitter, making it a vital component of any marketing strategy.

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