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2015 MPS Dealer New Year’s Resolutions – Part 2

Posted by Gary Willert on Wed, Jan 28, 2015 @ 04:41 PM

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Thanks to people like you, we are pleased to share the remaining New Year’s resolutions we see MPS providers making this year.

If growth is on your radar, be sure to read Part 1 of this blog with the first 5 MPS growth commitments and try our FREE MPS PROFITABILITY CALCULATOR to quickly calculate your MPS earnings potential in 2015.  

Here are the remaining six through ten 2015 NEW YEAR's MPS Growth Commitments:

6.  MPS Proposals – You work so hard to get to the proposal phase of the MPS sales cycle, but are your proposals strong enough to sell for you when you’re not there, or separate you from your competition (in a good way!). Coming soon, we will be updating you on our 2015 MPS proposal templates – you won’t believe your eyes!

7.  Objection Handling – Basic blocking and tackling happens on face-to-face calls and over the phone, so why not be prepared? To help our dealers, we’ve created a whole video module on the TOP 5 MPS Objections and some of the best responses from top salespeople throughout North America. If this were a movie, it would be a “must see” for sure!

8.  Print Assessments – Selling the assessment, completing the assessment and determining the current TCO from an assessment are all critical cornerstones within a successful MPS sales cycle. Work here will yield you more print assessments, more qualified prospects and more money in your pocket. We can help you improve your next assessment – ask your LMI representative how.

9.  Remanufactured Toner – The days of customers demanding OEM toner seem to be fading quickly with a new level of quality and performance in monochrome and color toner. OEM quality combined with longer than OEM yields should make aftermarket toner a “no brainer” on your 2015 to do list.

10.  More Color  If you’ve been in the imaging business for more than a week you know that selling more color pages is the fastest way to grow your top and bottom line. Combining an LMI remanufactured printer with an LMI remanufactured color toner cartridge will make you grow even faster. If the majority of your pages under contract are still black and white, ask an LMI representative how many of North America’s top MPS providers are growing exponentially with our brand new line of Color Toner Cartridges built specifically to impress your customers and grow your bottom line.

Do you have a New Year’s resolution you’d like to share? Please tell us about it!

Happy New Year to you and hopefully when you’re thinking MPS this year, you’re thinking LMI. 

Click here to download the MPS Sales Compensation Guide today and leverage the experience of hundreds of Managed Print Providers in one document!

 LMI MPS Sales Compensation Guide

2015 MPS Dealer New Year’s Resolutions – Part 1

Posted by Gary Willert on Mon, Jan 19, 2015 @ 10:28 AM

 resolutions (1)According to a recent study conducted by managedprintconsulting.com in the fall of 2014, 80% of imaging dealer revenues still come from traditional hardware and MFP service contracts. The same revenue sources that existed before the rise of managed print and the rumored decline in printed pages.

For most dealers the writing is on the wall that the need to transition from a hardware to services led business model has never been more crucial for the long term sustainability of your company.  

Assuming Managed Print Services is on your “2015 TO DO LIST”, here are 5 of the TOP 10 MPS initiatives we’re hearing at this year’s sales kickoffs. So, if you too are looking to make the shift from selling hardware to selling printed pages, maybe there’s a few tips in here for you!

TOP 10 (not in order) 2015 NEW YEAR'S MPS Growth Commitments:

  1. Compensation Model  – salespeople are coin operated and will focus on selling whatever makes them the most money. Make sure your 2015 sales compensation plan is properly weighted to encourage the behaviors and results you want. Looking for new compensation models? Check out our FREE Sales Compensation Guide showcasing some of the most popular comp models in North America.
  2. Sales Competency  – with an average of 50% turnover in the imaging industry, the need for practical MPS sales training has never been greater. Getting back to basics of role playing and testing for understanding is always a good idea. Remember when you started, how did you learn?
  3. Sales Tools  – Shockingly, very few managed print salespeople have a professional presentation to show and sell their managed print value proposition. Back in 2010, LMI introduced the industry’s first MPS Site Seller and we’ve just released a hardcopy and mobile app version for dealer reps to look professional. If you’re still selling managed print out of a manila folder, maybe 2015 is the year to step it up a bit?
  4. Website Content  – as a business leader in 2015, you know how important your website is. Stats from the Gartner Group suggest 90% of buyers do research online before engaging a salesperson so your website needs to work for you not against you. Getting found on Google and having lots of managed print content on your site including videos and interactive widgets is always a good idea. If you need help, check out our new MPS Peak Performance System full of marketing enablers you can use right away!
  5. Remanufactured Printers  – every time you install a brand new printer you are empowering the OEM to control your print margins. Using remanufactured printers provides you with the same performance guarantee, a stronger sustainability story and a lower cost per page because you can save on the hardware and you can immediately use remanufactured supplies.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of the Top New Year’s resolutions we see MPS providers making this year.

Are you looking for an easy way to calculate your managed print earnings potential? Click here to try our free MPS Profitability Calculator. 

 Profit Opportunity Calculator

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The LMI News! Year-In-Review Now Online!

Posted by Gary Willert on Thu, Nov 06, 2014 @ 10:44 AM

LMI News

NOW PLAYING!.....Click below to view the LMI NEWS, a quick 2 minute video recap of 2014 activities and events that will give you an unfair advantage over your competition as an LMI partner.  Enjoy – we’d love your feedback on this new medium!

Read the LMI News!

Hello I’m Shannon with the LMI News. It’s been a positive year of growth for the company and our dealers this year starting in January with the launch of our all new MPS Peak Performance 2.0 system. A turnkey MPS Sales Training and Marketing system that’s now trained almost 3,000 sales people and helped hundreds of LMI dealers to generate more leads, win more deals and make more money.

In March, LMI was awarded an elite level of R2 certification that’s helped LMI dealers differentiate themselves when selling to MPS prospects and vertical markets now demanding advanced sustainability and zero landfill recycling services.

In April, LMI was the proud recipient of INTEC’s "Supplier of the Year" and as you may recall June and July was when LMI President Gary Willert formally announced the acquisition of Global Printer Services and Printersdirect, arguably two of the most respected printer remanufacturers in North America positioning LMI as the industry’s first manufacturer direct relationship for top quality remanufactured printers and consumables.

To meet the increase in dealer demand, LMI responded in September with a new state of the art distribution center in the Chicago area to serve dealers and their customers faster than ever before.

And in October, LMI continued to demonstrate their commitment to partner success with the recent launch of the brand new partner website at RayMorgan.com. Recognized as a national leader, RMC has immediately improved their ability to get found by today's online buyer and convert those site visitors into potential customers that will grow their business.

And that’s the LMI News. I’m Shannon signing off now. Thanks for joining us!

Click below to get your 7 Myths vs Realities Remanufactured Printer Whitepaper or find out about our MPS Peak Performance 2.0 - Training & Marketing Solutions.

7 myths vs realities                 What is PPS 2.0?


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3 Scary Office Printing Realities

Posted by Gary Willert on Tue, Oct 28, 2014 @ 04:35 PM

halloween (1)Halloween is here so it’s the perfect time to highlight three of the most frightful office printing realities that many companies face. Many of your clients and potential customers are probably already aware of some of these scary facts—each one stemming from the fact that most offices don’t have effective print rules in place.

A good Managed Print Solution could solve these printing issues, but without one in place, many companies face the scary realization that:

1.    Every time someone hits “print”- they make a buying decision

2.    17 % of printed pages are never used – avoidable waste

3.    Up to 80 % of print cartridges go into the trash - more landfill

Let’s start by investigating the first frightful reality.

End users make a buying decision every time they press print
Unless your customers are managing their print environment, it’s likely they have no idea how much they’re printing or spending on a daily or monthly basis. So every time someone in their company hits the print button, that person is essentially making a buying decision between a penny to a dollar a page depending on the coverage in monochrome or color.

“Not having a print management program in place is like having a gas pump in your employee parking lot and hoping that people adhere to the honor system and only take what they are supposed to.”

17% of printed pages are never used
YIKES – that’s a lot of unnecessary waste, expense and trees! Having print rules in place can eliminate this frightful fact by ensuring that only certain types of documents can be printed. With a managed print program, your clients would be able to establish greener print rules and digital strategies to eliminate avoidable waste in their office. 

60-80% of used print cartridges go directly into trashcans
This is a scary fact for your clients and for our planet, too. Instead of being properly recycled, between 60 and 80% of print cartridges get put in the trash can and are sent directly to landfill sites. Once there, it can take over 1000 years for a print cartridge to fully decompose. As an alternative, why not offer your customers our complimentary Zero Landfill Recycling services?

Managed Print Services - help your clients avoid these scary realities
As a managed print provider, you can provide a much needed managed print program that will help your customers eliminate all three of these wasteful and costly truths. Watching what you print and how much you are spending on office printing is simply smart business. Recycling used cartridges instead of just throwing them out is the right thing to do. If you think about it, there’s no trick to it, the right managed print solution can make office printing a real treat for your customers!

Ask us about eliminating these scary office printing realities for your customers with our turn key approach to growing your business and your profits with a managed print program you can brand your own!

Thinking MPS? THINK LMI.

 zero landfill

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3 Reasons Not to Miss the 2014 Executive Connection Summit!

Posted by Gary Willert on Mon, Oct 20, 2014 @ 01:16 PM

LMI ECS (1) resized 600Trade shows can often be a lot of hype with little to show for attending, especially in terms of your return on investment.  Well, this year’s Executive Connection Summit, sponsored by LMI Solutions and being held at the Hotel Valley Ho in Scottsdale Arizona from October 27th – 30th isn’t a trade show.  As advertised, it’s a networking summit and the perfect way for elite executives in the imaging and managed service industry to meet and make new connections.

With a ticket price of $599 to attend, this isn’t the traditional trade show where “tire-kickers” stop by your booth to chat you up for some free swag.  This show is for senior movers and shakers in the industry. Imagine having dinner with the president of a large OEM, or best practice sharing with one of the top 10 dealers in the country. It can happen here! 

3 Reasons Not To Miss This Event

If you are looking to grow your customer base, and meet new connections to help grow your business, here are three reasons to head to Scottsdale next week!

• CONNECT with the leaders of our industry. Hear what these elite minds have to say about the industry, where we are and the biggest upcoming opportunities to grow your business!

• SOCIALIZE with your peers and fellow executives in a warm relaxing setting that fosters sharing and encourages new relationships. Meet people you might otherwise not have a chance to spend time with.

• VALIDATE your current business plans for 2015 and beyond. You’ll have the time to meet, listen to and learn what OEMs, IT Service Providers and Imaging Dealers are doing so you can adjust your plans to meet the changes coming in the industry.

If you’ve never attended the Executive Connection Summit before and you’re not sure if you should attend, ask someone who’s been there. Expect them to tell you why they’re coming back this year!  If you’re asking us – we suggest you take advantage of our 10% discount using the promo code below and book your seat today. 

click here to receive the discount, and we’ll see you there!

7 Myths

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How Are Dealers Using Remanufactured Printers?

Posted by Gary Willert on Wed, Oct 08, 2014 @ 10:00 AM

remanufactured printersLeveraging remanufactured printers as a part of your hardware strategy is a great way to achieve your full profit potential. Surprisingly a full 98% of imaging dealers are missing the boat on the affordability and sustainability advantages versus buying and installing new OEM hardware.

Whether it’s simply habit or lack of understanding, most dealers continue to lead with new printers that tend to cost up to 50% more than a comparable remanufactured device that comes with the same, or even better, performance guarantee. This begs the question:

Are your customers buying a printer or the pages the printer produces?

What many dealers seem to forget is that the minute they install a new printer, they have immediately cut into their post sales margins because the dealer and the end user is forced to pay a premium for OEM toner. This happens because there are no aftermarket supplies available for the first six months to a year after a new device is released. And for those of you looking at declining fleet margins, remember that your cost of toner typically makes up approximately 60% of a dealers cost per page.

Economic Reality = Opportunity

In today’s challenging economy, most customers are buying cost savings. From the feedback we received from a recent dealer roundtable, the adoption of remanufactured printers is now following the same acceptance curve we saw a decade ago in the remanufactured toner arena. And if we may politely nudge you at this point, look what’s happened there. Like toner, the quality of the product has come leaps and bounds and that’s exactly why LMI Solutions recently acquired Global Printer Services – the industry's undisputed leader in producing top quality monochrome and color devices.

Take a walk through the warehouse of the TOP 10 most profitable dealers in North America and you will find GPS printers in stock.  They, like you now, know that a GPS printer looks like a brand new printer and comes with the same warranty, or better, than new.

Here are 5 ways smart dealers are using remanufactured printers right now:

1.  Winning Cost Conscious Customers – The savings of going with a remanufactured device can be as much as 67% per page over a normal 36 month term when combined with an LMI high yield cartridge.

2.  Service Hot Swaps – Dealers have an inventory of remanufactured printers ready to swap when a customer’s device goes down. This keeps the customer operational and allows the tech time to diagnose and fix the problem back in their service area and not in the customer’s office. Win – win.

3.  Fleet Profitability – New software allows dealers to identify printers that are expensive to operate or repair. By the time you send a technician out to fix a 7 year old printer with new parts, you may as well have just replaced it with a remanufactured device. By installing a remanufactured unit the customer sees tremendous value, and as a dealer you can protect your profitability.

4.  Device Standardization – Rather than customers using different devices that require a mix of print drivers, consumables and service issues, dealers can install remanufactured devices and allow the customer and the service team to become more efficient with one standard make or model. This makes it easier for customers, streamlines inventory needs and reduces technician headaches.

5.  It’s Greener! – Customers are now demanding sustainability. With 80% of a printer capable of being recycled it’s a compelling green alternative to buying new. Think of how green your new value proposition could be when you combine remanufactured printers with remanufactured toner and our exclusive Zero Landfill cartridge recycling services.

Of course there are endless ways you can leverage the quality, affordability and sustainability advantages of adding remanufactured printers to your hardware or managed print strategy. The question becomes, if you believe your customers are really buying pages and not printers, how long should you wait to educate yourself on the industry's latest breakthrough that delivers sustainable profitability on new and existing fleets.

If you’re currently one of the 98% not yet selling remanufactured printers, maybe now is the time to turn the tables on your competition with a greener print strategy that helps your customers save money and the environment.

To learn more, click below for our new report on “The Common Myths vs. Realities of Remanufactured Printers.”

myths vs realities

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Remanufactured Printers – 9 HUGE Benefits for MPS Providers!

Posted by Gary Willert on Fri, Jun 20, 2014 @ 02:48 PM

reman printer

Still wondering if remanufactured laser printers are right for your business?

Since we acquired Global Printer Services, our team of industry experts has scoured the managed print marketplace to provide you with some real world insight as to why so many of the nations top MPS providers are leveraging remanufactured printers as a strategic component to secure more pages and more profit on their dealerships P&L.

Click here to see how printers are remanufactured and here are 9 reasons you may want to consider including remanufactured printers within your MPS strategy:

  1. The Environment

On a recent RFP for an MPS contract in the education marketplace, the customer placed 20% of the decision criteria on the vendor’s ability to deliver a “greener print strategy”. With the ability to recycle 85% of printer components, remanufactured printers can lead to a very compelling value proposition for sustainability driven prospects and tenders vs. buying new. Add in our Zero Landfill recycling services and you could be ahead of your competition!

  1. MPS Profitability

Most of the top MPS providers in the country would agree that one of our LMI remanufactured printers (ex HP 4000 series) running our LMI MaxLife Series print cartridges could be the most profitable combination on the planet. Next time your prospect tells you that your cost per page is too high, remember what you just read here and give us the chance to help you win the deal.

  1. Full Warranty

Your customers may ask for product warranties but normally that falls on your shoulders when you bill an all included cost per page in mono or color printing agreement. The good news is that each of our remanufactured printers comes with a full warranty so you and your customer are covered.

  1. Parts & Service Availability

You know the aftermarket industry tries hard to keep up with the latest OEM product and consumable releases, but have you ever thought about your poor technicians? Perhaps the biggest benefit is the comfort level in knowing there are plenty of parts available on printers that have been around for a few years. Plus, most dealers tell us their service personnel and/or 3rd party service providers tend to be more proficient fixing the older models because they have worked on them before.

  1. Consumable Selection

Just like the vast availability of parts for remanufactured models, you should expect the same readiness when it comes to fulfilling consumable orders. No stock outs, no waiting for another boat to cross the ocean, no more apologizing to customers. From a toner manufacturer’s perspective, the HP 4000 series continues to be the most demanded line of toner cartridges even though those models have long left the showroom floor. That’s a fact!

  1. User Interface (UI) Consistency

Imagine a world where every printer your customer walks up to has the same user interface. The same paper access areas and the identical cartridge you to ship and them to store. Can you picture it? Less confusion, simplified inventory, and a whole lot less stress for you and the end users. For those MPS clients who place a value on end user productivity, the opportunity to offer all staff the same device at all locations can be extremely compelling.

  1. Ink Jet Replacement

If you’ve sold managed print services for more than a month, you’ve already figured out that you need a replacement strategy to unhook those nasty ink jet printers from the arms of end users claiming they need their own print device. One dealer told us if you filled the gas tank on your car with ink jet liquid toner it would cost over $30,000!!! Yes, that’s right! So the question becomes, how do you replace the next profit eating ink jet that shows up on your print assessment? With the new low cost of remanufactured, field proven laser printers, now you can afford to bundle in an upgrade and convert that ink jet volume to profitable pages on your laser devices.

  1. Hot Swap Readiness

Because of the low cost and high perceived value of having a “back up printer’ ready to go, many dealers are now including “printer hot swaps” as part of their MPS value proposition. They do this by storing extra remanufactured printers on the customer’s site or their own site to be quickly delivered to replace a problematic printer. High perceived value at a low low cost.

   9.  Single Vendor Accountability

In case you missed the breaking news about our recent acquisition of Global Printer Services, here's a video below showcasing you newest advantage as an LMI Partner.

You know your customers and your MPS business best. These just seemed like some pretty compelling reasons other MPS providers shared and we thought you would like to know when dealing with today’s value driven customer.

For more information on how other dealers are winning with quality remanufactured printers, ask an LMI representative today!

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Official Managed Print “Win Rate” Checklist - How Do YOU Stack Up?

Posted by Gary Willert on Thu, May 15, 2014 @ 09:55 AM

lmi checklist1 resized 600

In today’s tough economic climate, your business needs to stand out from all of your competitors. There are a lot of companies selling Managed Print Services, what makes your company different? Here’s a breakdown of five areas that are often overlooked, but play a huge role in making your business shine!

1.  As more business now begins online, you’ll need a strong website.

Today, your website is your new storefront. Study after study has found that 80% of customers search online before engaging a seller. Customers have already researched and formed a strong opinion before ever engaging. If you’re selling MPS, it needs to be prominently placed on your website, noticeable and easy to find on your home page.

2.  You need to have a persuasive presentation online and off.

Today’s consumer is more savvy and educated than ever before. You need to convince them that you have the solution to resolve their pain point. Keep the message simple avoid text laden PowerPoint slides. Explain the benefits of Managed Print Services and offer to schedule a print assessment.  You are your presentation, your props, your voice, your body language and your message. This combination leads to success!

3.  Be prepared for objections, be ready to respond.

Is your sales team ready for objections? Practice makes perfect. Try teaming your sales reps for a little role playing. Have one assume the role of customer and hit the other with the real life resistance that they’d encounter on a pitch. How did they do? Prepare your team to deal with objections.

4.  Put your suppliers in place. Have manufacturers access to high-quality remanufactured cartridges.

The cornerstone of any Managed Print Services program is access to high-quality, low-cost toner supplies. Toner is only one aspect of consumables in a managed print services program, but it makes up to 70% of cost per page and 70% of your profit opportunity as well.  Your toner partner is critical to your profit. High-quality cartridges can minimize service costs due to poor quality toner.

5. Provide an easy to use cartridge recycling program.

You can provide added service and encourage sustainability by putting a recycling program in place. Selling green can be the game changer. Out position your competitor with a turnkey recycling program. Studies have shown that 60 – 80% of all cartridges end up in landfills where they can take up to 1000 years to decompose.

When selling your Managed Print Services program against your competitor, think less about what is different, or what you think is special. Become customer-centric. Think about what they value during all stages of their buying process. Understand and address their pain points. Start by making your website catch their attention and provide them with value. Then prepare a persuasive sales pitch, be prepared for objections, make sure your suppliers are on board and offer value like a turnkey recycling program. If you take these steps, you’ll see your results soar!

Click here for your free e-book on how to jumpstart your MPS sales in 30 days:

Jumpstart MPS sales




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Why Remanufactured Print Cartridges are the Superior Choice

Posted by Gary Willert on Tue, Apr 29, 2014 @ 11:09 AM

LMI Reman2

Every year more than 350 million printer cartridges end up in landfills worldwide. While we may never completely stop this flow of cartridges into our waste system, the remanufactured toner print cartridge offers a positive alternative to avoid this issue.  As many of us wait for the paperless office to arrive, the print consumables market continues to swell as a multi-billion dollar industry with annual worldwide revenues now exceeding $75 billion. Still only 15 % of toner revenue come from remanufactured cartridges.

With millions of new print cartridges produced every year, using a remanufactured toner print cartridge makes more sense than ever before. Technology advancements in both monochrome and color remanufactured cartridges now offer OEM quality and performance at a much lower cost. Better yet, for every remanufactured cartridge purchased, one less new cartridge needs to be produced.  That’s also one less cartridge in landfill while conserving the natural resources and energy needed to produce a new one.

Sustainability, Performance and Cost Saving Advantages

Awareness of sustainability in the workplace has been growing in recent years. As we all strive to make our offices greener, recycling needs to play a larger role in our day-to-day corporate culture. Most remanufactured cartridge manufacturers offer advanced collection and recycling programs. Depending on the cartridge, some offer R2 certified remanufacturing procedures that ensure maximum reuse of core components and zero landfill as a result. All while maintaining considerable savings over new OEM cartridges with the durability and reliability end users demand.

In fact, the average remanufactured toner print cartridge lasts longer and offers a higher page count per and lower price per page since they have up to 20% more toner than OEM cartridges. Longer yields provide better value and a smaller carbon footprint.

While many OEMs claim that non-OEM cartridges can damage your printer, there’s little chance that a toner or ink cartridge could ever affect your printer or fax machines functionality. If fact, many remanufacturers offer guarantees to repair any damage caused by a faulty cartridge; an offer they almost never have to honor!

Remanufactured Print Cartridges are a Wise Choice

Here are a some reasons why buying remanufactured cartridges is a wise choice;

  • Remanufactured print cartridges tend to cost 30 to 40% less than OEM cartridges and are capable of delivering better performance.
  • By buying a remanufactured cartridge you are supporting small businesses employing workers from local communities.
  • Remanufactured cartridges are good for the environment - they save limited landfill space, save natural resources, and reduce pollution.
  • Remanufactured cartridges save up to 1/2 gallon of oil for each new cartridge it replaces.
  • Reusing print and toner cartridges can save energy. It takes significantly less energy to remanufacture a cartridge than it does to make a new one. This not only reduces the use of natural resources, but also significantly reduces greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Unlike recyclable plastic water or shampoo bottles, the average cartridge contains three to four pounds of non-recyclable plastics. This material takes more than 1000 years to fully biodegrade in a landfill.

Remanufactured Cartridges are the Superior Choice

Remanufacturing is a superior choice both environmentally and economically.  Toner cartridges are difficult to recycle because they use several different types of plastic and need to be disassembled and sorted. In addition, they tend to be dirty with toner and contain non-plastic components that may not be easily recycled. In too many cases, these non-recyclable components are shipped to third world countries, incinerated, or sent directly to landfill. This is why so few companies are prepared to speak to the entire life cycle of their remanufactured print cartridges.

Educating yourself on which remanufactured toner print cartridge offer you and your customers the most value and the smallest environmental footprint is a worthwhile exercise.

Before you order your next OEM print cartridge, maybe now is the time to request remanufactured toner cartridges as the superior choice for your business and your customers!

Thinking Recycling? THINK LMI.

 zero landfill

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How GREEN is Your Managed Print Program?

Posted by Gary Willert on Thu, Apr 10, 2014 @ 01:42 PM


With Earth day fast approaching on April 22nd, now may be the perfect time to revisit the sustainability attributes of your company’s Managed Print program. Without question, a well managed print environment complimented by a robust Zero Landfill Cartridge Recycling process can be very appealing to SMB and Enterprise clients.

By now you’ve probably delivered the sustainability advantages of your MPS program on more than a few sales calls. How is it going? If you don’t seem to be getting the responses you’d like, maybe now is the time for a look in the mirror to objectively evaluate how compelling your sustainability sales pitch really is.

 To support the need for your MPS business to prosper with a strong sustainability value proposition, here are some recurring comments we hear from other managed print providers on a regular basis.

 “The higher the level of our contact in an account, the higher sustainability rises in the buying criteria”

Studies show that the higher the level of contact you’re selling to within an organization, the greater the importance of partnering with responsible partners that can complement a C-Level leaders carbon footprint reduction strategy.  Conversely, when you sell to the mid to lower level stakeholders within an organization, price focused discussions tend to supersede a vendor’s ability to help the prospect “go green”.

So our first green question would be - Are you and your reps calling high enough in accounts for your MPS sustainability pitch to stick?

“In addition to cost savings, our ability to present a greener print strategy wins us a lot of deals”

From what we see in the field, today’s economy absolutely demands price competitiveness to win monochrome and color pages under contract. That being said, a strong Managed Print value proposition that includes the combination of a fair price, quality service, ease of doing business, vendor accountability and a compelling sustainability program seem to be a winning formula for many of our dealers.

So our second green question is - Do your MPS proposals showcase specifically how you will reduce a prospect’s carbon footprint once your managed print program is implemented?

“More and more RFPs require imaging vendors to articulate the sustainability attributes of their MPS programs”

If you’re like most successful MPS providers, you’re approaching larger accounts that use a formal tender process to evaluate potential vendors. When we assist our dealers responding to RFPs; we consistently see specific language asking the dealer to describe and validate how their managed print solution can help reduce an organization’s carbon footprint.

So green question number three is – Do you have MPS sales collaterals such as videos, brochures and case studies to showcase your sustainability story?

With few exceptions, here are the top 4 business benefits your business will enjoy with an effective sustainability component within your MPS value proposition.  

Benefits of a Greener MPS Program

  • More C-Level Engagements
  • Competitive Differentiation
  • Higher Margins
  • Quantifiable Carbon Footprint reduction

Are you looking to make your MPS program greener? With Earth Day quickly approaching, maybe now is the time re-evaluate whether or not your current managed print offering is as green as it can be.

Thinking MPS? THINK LMI.

 zero landfill

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