6 Ways to Reenergize Your Managed Print Salespeople

Posted by LMI Dealer Content Team on Fri, May 05, 2017 @ 10:21 AM


Even great sports teams or elite athletes suffer the odd lull in their performance. The same may be true with your Managed Print program. If so, here are six ways to relight the flame that fires up your Managed Print salespeople.

1. Review Your Sales Compensation Plan – As it’s often been said, salespeople are "coin operated" and the way they’re paid will determine their performance.

2. Create a Campaign – Put together a customer-facing theme, give reps handouts, showcase it on your website and promote it in email campaigns, your social channels or on a larger scale digital marketing campaign.

Here’s an LMI video one of our dealers used as the lead messaging in a recent Earth Day campaign: 


3. Target Specific Verticals – Repetitive activities within a vertical market will force you to learn the customer profile and how to sell to them. Our Vertical Market Attack Packs can help with this.

4. Link the Service Technicians in Some Way – Maybe it’s financial spiffs for leads or introductions with the salesperson. Often the technicians have good relationships with the MPS decision maker.

5. Host a Webinar – They’re easy and inexpensive to market, create and deliver. Plus, you can see who attends and also archive your webinar to play around the clock and sell for you.

6. Set a Goal – Make it realistic and achievable with a payout or bonus at the end. Then measure and communicate progress on a frequent basis to keep it top of mind. 

Whether you’re enjoying the growth happening in the Managed Print market right now, or you’re rethinking your next move, perhaps one of the above ideas can complement your MPS sales strategy.

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