6 Tips to Make Your Website a Recruiting Powerhouse

Posted by LMI Dealer Content Team on Thu, Jun 20, 2019 @ 12:01 PM

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It’s one thing to post an employment ad, or set up a nice display at a job recruiting fair, but at some point, the right candidate is going to visit your website as part of their evaluation process. 

To make sure your website is ready to make the best first impression, here are 5 tips to help you convert an interested candidate into an employee with your company. 

  1. PROVIDE A VIDEO TOUR – A video tour can help visitors see beyond your website and get a peek into your actual work environment….and it can also be a great asset for prospects you’re selling to as well! Some suggested stops along your tour might include an exterior shot of your building, reception, sales area, demonstration room, awards your company has won, customer service, your service area and your warehouse or distribution area. If you have the talent to do so, including interviews with executives can add a lot of personalization and promote key messages. Need help with a custom video? Contact your LMI representative

  2. SHOW AWARDS OR CERTIFICATIONS - Think of the recruiting page on your website as a proposal to a customer...but this time, the proposal is for someone looking to join your company! 

  3. EXECUTIVE INTERVIEW - Candidates like to see and hear what the leadership have to say and what they believe in, what the ideal candidate looks like, and the opportunities for advancement. This can be done with a video or in a text Q & A format with the executive’s picture beside it. 

  4. SHOW A JOB DESCRIPTION - Most websites simply show a job title and lack a descriptive explanation of the specific requirements and opportunities for the ideal candidate. Showing this information will help candidates filter themselves, and help you interview a more selected set of people whose talents are aligned with your needs. 

  5. OFFER A SCREEN SHARE INTERVIEW - If you’re a Technology Reseller, why not use technology as part of your interview process? FaceTime, for example, will let you see and hear the candidate and set shorter micro interviews (less than 30 mins) to determine if the candidate is worthy of a face-to-face meeting. Today’s millennial is more than ready for this type of interaction. This technique has proven very productive for many tech companies in the Silicon Valley, so why not join the movement?

  6. MAKE SURE YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA IS UP TO DATE - This could be the biggest gap and the first spot candidates will look at to see if you are “current”. If your last post was Season’s Greetings in 2017, you could be sending the wrong message - especially if you are advertising yourself as a tech company. 

Maybe it’s time to take a look at the current recruiting page on your website. Ask candidates what they thought of your website to identify areas where you can improve the candidate experience. And don’t wait; make the changes you need to support all the upstream work you are doing to attract the right people to join your team. You know your people are your greatest asset, and now may be the time to rethink how you are recruiting the next generation of workers that will represent you in front of your customers. 

Ask your LMI representative about our exclusive website and digital marketing support services that you can leverage to help strengthen and improve your chances of recruiting the next superstar considering your company!


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