LMI Advantage Core Program

Lmi advantage core program


The LMI Advantage Core Program is the industry's easiest, hassle-free, competitive fuser core exchange program offered. We want to empower our dealers to focus on selling more fusers and stop worrying about returning them. This cutting edge program allows our customers to purchase fusers at a competitive cost while eliminating unnecessary administrative tasks.

Program Highlights:


No RMA Tracking Required 

Unlike competitor exchange programs, you no longer need to track, manage, and return core RMAs. It's time to refocus your staff on managing sales not returns.


Great Pricing & Availability 

Competitive pricing without the core bill! We provide the best pricing available, eliminate the hassle and increase your product availability.


No More Core Bills 

Unlike advanced exchange programs, we won't bill you for the cores that were not returned. All we ask is that you keep your return rate above 80%.


Quality Like No Other

We stand by our products and their superior quality. Our reliability is unsurpassed, providing products you can count on every day. 



How do we get started?

When you purchase fusers on the Advantage Core Program all we ask is that you return above 80% of your cores in that same period. Each box will come with a Core Recycling label and a prepaid shipping label making the returns effortless.

What if we don't return our cores?

Do your best! Each core that is not returned significantly impacts our supply chain and increases our core costs, ultimately increasing costs for everyone. Keep your core returns above 80% to receive the most aggressive price schedule and guaranteed product availability.
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How do you calculate my returns?

The math is easy! We track, manage, and record all cores returned to us and compare it to the total amount of purchases you made in the same period. Keep your rate above 80% and continue to buy, sell, and return effortlessly!

How does it work?

You receive readily available product at the most competitive price. Buy, sell and return as many eligible products to keep your exchange ratio above 80%. This will maintain product availability high and your prices low!

What about my program today?

Cut ties with it! If your staff returns fusers on the old program we will credit them towards your return percentage on the Advantage Core Program. If you have a fuser we need, return it to keep product availability high and your prices low!

How do we return cores?

All cores that apply to this program come with a prepaid shipping label and a Core Recycling label. Place both on the outside of your box, or ship it via pallet! We take care of the rest!

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